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    Panko Avocado + Havarti Pesto Recipe Paired with Rose Wine

    A Taste of Summer I think the last of the cold weather is finally behind us, and now we can breathe a collective sigh of relief and finally enjoy the beginning of summer. For me, the best part about summer is the refreshing culinary delights. There’s so many different re...

    By Natalie MacLean

    Best LCBO Wines: Vintages Release August 2

    You can access the 71 wines that I reviewed for August 2 as a text wine list with my complete tasting notes, scores, food matches and the stock for each bottle in their closest LCBO stores. You can also see my wine reviews for July 19. You can add my wine picks to their cus...

    By Natalie MacLean

    Four Arrogant Frog wines

    Finding quality cheap wine from France is not as easy as it used to be. The weak dollar is the main reason, but a change in focus for French producers, who price wine to sell to the Chinese because they can’t think of anything else to do, hasn’t helped, either. Save for exc...

    By The Wine Curmudgeon

    Review: Ardbeg Auriverdes

    Earlier this summer, iconic Islay distillery Ardbeg released its annual “Ardbeg Day” limited-edition whisky release, Auriverdes. The name is from Portuguese and refers to the colors green and gold (Ardbeg’s classic color scheme) and is a nod to the Brazilian flag and the j...

    7 readers - By Christopher Null/

    Food Hack Friday – Oriental Chicken Salad

    You know those nights where you’ve come home after a long day and the last thing you want to do is cook but you don’t want to order a pizza either? Chances are you’ve got a couple of things you can throw together while making it look like a dinner you planned ahead of time....

    6 readers - By WineDineDIY

    Vacation Wine Diary - Day 24 - 1959 Volnay, A. Bichot

    Dear Diary With a perfectly (well, as perfect you can manage when you´re not in your own kitchen...) roasted chicken, I was in a mood for a well aged Burgundy. 1959 Volnay, A. Bichot As most old wines, it opens with a funky aroma that blows away with some air. It  then disp...

    5 readers - By Barolista

    2013 Crocker Starr Sauvignon Blanc

    Consistently elevating the overlooked or overused varietal (see their Cab Franc and Malbec), Ms Starr and Mr Crocker deliver another Sauvignon Blanc that delights, seduces and amazes... this new wine sources Oak Knoll and St Helena fruit and delivers a widescreen, juicy, explo...

    9 readers - By Wells On Wine

    My Problem with Pinot Noir

    There’s an unspoken protocol around the water cooler at work. Whenever someone starts extolling the glories of another Pinot Noir, they look around to see if I am near and whisper in hushed tones, “Don’t ever talk to him about Pinot Noir, especially from the Russian River Va...

    13 readers - By On the Wine Trail in Italy
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