• Top 10 Things I Learned at WBC 2014

      The 2014 Wine Bloggers’ Conference co-mingled about 150 citizen bloggers and 200-plus wine and related industry personnel with wine makers and producers from all over the world last week at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott in Buellton, California. This was the seventh year of the annual event started by Joel Vincent and Zephyr Adventures in 2008, and now run primarily by Zephy ...

      Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blog- 15 readers -
    • WBC 2014 and the Wine Blog Awards – Part 1

      Before we begin… Later in this post I mention that some of my fellow bloggers might be too genteel to express themselves the way that I tend to do. If I had to pick one person that I know to apply that word to, it would be my fellow Texas import, Melanie Ofenloch, otherwise known as DallasWineChick. As far as I know, I’ve never done this before, but I would like to dedicate this post to her.

      Joe Power/ Another Wine Blog- 21 readers -
  • From the Outside, Looking In

    For most of my life I have felt like an outsider looking in. Not way outside, because I am pretty good at standing on the edge of the circle and looking like I belong. The problem is, I just never feel quite like I belong. As a little girl, I was terribly shy and withdrawn. It drove my mother nuts. Once, when I was about 6, we were out shopping and saw a girl from my school.

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blog- 3 readers -
  • Only You Can Prevent Vegetable Abuse

    Vegetables often get a very bad name. Sometimes it is deserved, but more often than not it’s your fault. Yes, your fault! Mine too. Here’s one half of the problem; people like me make fun of vegetables, and probably even more reprehensibly, we make fun of people who eat them. Particularly so if that is all they eat.

    Joe Power/ Another Wine Blog- 2 readers -
  • Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

    If you are like me, you purchased your holiday gifts months ago. But if you are more excited by the idea of last-minute gift giving, you started shopping yesterday, and are ready to pay a premium for shipping. Looking for the perfect gift for your wine or spirits lover? If you have a friend into wine or spirits, purchasing the perfect gift can be tricky.

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blog- 4 readers -
  • The “F” Word and Mother Nature’s Lady Parts: VINTAGE 2014

    If you think you know what someone means when she says “the ‘F’ Word,” you probably have not spent much time with a winemaker. Talk of Lady parts and Mother Nature’s ass — it was not quite was I expected when Wil Fernandez sent me a sneak preview of VINTAGE 2014: the stories behind the vines. I have seen some of the initial filming, and the photography is stunning, but I was ...

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blog- 3 readers -
  • Vineyard Writing Retreats offered for Winter/Spring 2015

    If you are a writer like me, you need peace and tranquility to do your best work. A beautiful view is an added bonus. If you are looking for a retreat where you can put pen to paper so-to-speak, Writing Between the Vines is now accepting applications for Winter/Spring 2015 retreats. Five retreat locations are available for 2015, one in Texas’ Hill Country, one in British Col ...

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blog- 5 readers -
  • Good Texas wines honor Terroir

    Many Texas wineries exhibit the hubris Texas has become known for all over the world — with a swagger and a determination, they attempt to bend Mother Nature over and whip her into submission. If it works for oil, then why shouldn’t it work for wine? Those wineries making mediocre wines claim any ‘perceived’ flaws can be attributed to the terroir (a French word that refers t ...

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blogin Merlot- 6 readers -
  • Celebrate Champagne Day Oct. 24th!

    Friday, October 24th marks the Fifth Annual Champagne Day, a celebration of the sparkling wine from the only place from which “Champagne” is produced: Champagne, France. Sponsored by the Champagne Bureau, Champagne Day seeks to remind consumers that while they can drink lovely sparkling wines from anywhere in the world, only wine produced in Champagne, France is truly Champagne.

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blogin Pinot Noir Chardonnay- 7 readers -
  • Wines of San Juan, Argentina

    Wines of where? Puerto Rico? Nope, these wines are from the up-and-coming province of San Juan, Argentina, and they offer a pleasant reminder of the value that lesser-known wine-producing regions around the world can deliver. They also remind us that purity can equal quality in wines. Bonarda, Tannat, Syrah, Malbec and Torrontes are some of the main varietals coming out of th ...

    Another Wine Blogin Syrah Malbec Chardonnay- 4 readers -
  • Goldwater 2012 Pinot Noir

    Bright and delicate with none of those wet leaves’ flavors that often overpower some pinots, this Goldwater 2012 Pinot Noir hails from the famed Wairau Valley of Marlborough, New Zealand, where winemaker Stuart Marfell grew up “just next door,” (if you could call a 2,000-acre farm “just next door”) at his father’s sheep ranch near the small town Blenheim, population 500.

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blog- 2 readers -
  • Three-legged dogs, Jack Dempsey and Rye Whiskey

    Imagine music so good, so soulful, so gypsy, so nasty, so pure, that it gets into the very marrow of your bones, rips your heart out and washes it gently in the lazy waters of the Delta then puts it back in your chest, only to leave you wanting more. Imagine a transcendent voice, both gravely and smooth at the same time, weaving tales of three-legged dogs, Jack Dempsey and R ...

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blog- 7 readers -
  • Veuve Cliquot Mail Truck pops corks in Houston

    It appears on nearly every wine list in every major city’s restaurants across the nation; it pops up at nearly every “middle-to-high class” social event; its large yellow label is overtly displayed in nearly every retail outlet for wine, from independent liquor stores to huge grocery chains across the nation; it is the go-to “bubbles” for those who don’t know bubbles…and for those who do.

    Another Wine Blog- 4 readers -
  • Morgan Neufeld talks about WSET Level 3 from the Texas Wine School

    Amy met Morgan Neufeld one Wednesday morning in June at Camerata at Paulie’s where she was attending Banfi’s Cru Artisan College. Friendly and bubbly, Morgan was in the middle of her Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 certification course and attending the “College” to learn more about the Luxury Selections of the Banfi portfolio from the artisan winemakers who crafted them.

    Another Wine Blog- 13 readers -

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