Morgan Neufeld talks about WSET Level 3 from the Texas Wine School

    Amy met Morgan Neufeld one Wednesday morning in June at Camerata at Paulie’s where she was attending Banfi’s Cru Artisan College. Friendly and bubbly, Morgan was in the middle of her Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 certification course and attending the “College” to learn more about the Luxury Selections of the Banfi portfolio from the artisan winemakers who crafted them.

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    A Writer’s Response to Intimidation

    In political writing, investigative journalism and satire, the subject of the story is often cast in a light he or she does not like. If the piece is outrageously untrue, as often happens in satire, a good-natured subject, while irked, will respond with humor. It takes the heat off, diffuses whatever power the writing may have and puts the subject in a positive light, showing she is a good sport.

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    Just the Facts (and a Mea Culpa)

    My earlier post has generated some negative comments, many of them well-deserved. As is typical with this kind of dust-up, there are people who agree but don’t want to roll around in the mud. Although not as many as usual. All of this points to one thing; I was wrong. When Amy compiled these numbers we felt that if we just published the charts as-is they would be too dry and would be ignored.

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    WBC 2014 and the Wine Blog Awards – Part 2

    “And as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end That bullshit is bullshit, it just goes by different names” – The Jam, Beat Surrender The Wine Blog Awards, otherwise known as The Tom Wark Friends and Family Reach-around and Mini Sausage Breakfast Plan, had its annual Sally Fields Impersonation contest one evening during the recently concluded Wine Bloggers Conference.

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    Napa wineries take stock, assess damage after 6.0 Quake

    Napa Valley wineries report diverse assessments as a result of last Sunday morning’s magnitude 6.0 earthquake that shook residents from their 3:20 a.m. slumber. The ‘South Napa earthquake,’ so named by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), was the largest to hit the San Francisco Bay Area since the October 1989 magnitude 6.

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    Dishing with Jameson Fink at Grape Collective

    Recently Jameson Fink asked us to be his very first wine blogging duo interview for Grape Collective’s Speakeasy feature. A mix of journalism and commerce, Grape Collective is the brainchild of Publisher Christopher Barnes. In addition to Barnes and Fink, the site features a number of other writers like Wall Street Wine columnist, author and Senior Editor Dorothy J.

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    Bancrott Estate 2013 “Flight Song Pinot Grigio

    August 18, 2014 Brancott Estate 2013 “Flight Song” Pinot Grigio Brancott Estate 2013 “Flight Song” Pinot Grigio from Marlborough, New Zealand is a bit of a surprise. A color of pale young straw and a nose of pear, lemon citrus with a hint of kiwi, it is rounder than I expected in a wine labeled “Naturally 20% lighter in calories.

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    Be a Swinger, or Divorce Your Wine Guy!

    People love to ask about our favorite local wine merchant. Truth be told, we do not have many. In fact most of our wine is shipped to us. So it is pretty safe to say our favorite wine usually comes via FedEx. When I wrote a version this post back in 2010, we did not have a favorite wine guy. Or girl, in Houston. Then our good friend Iris Allen invited us to a hidden gem in Rice University Village.

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    The Trouble with Wine “Super” Stores

    You are a sophisticated wine consumer. You are looking for wine from a particular region. If it’s Old World, then that’s pretty easy. Need a French Pinot Noir? Head to any wine shop’s Burgundy section. Cabernet or Merlot? There’s the Bordeaux section over there. Sparkling? Look for the bottles with a shiny foil-covered round cork — those you can spot from over the tops of the aisles.

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    Not your Grandfather’s Wine Blog

    Wine blogs are in a flurry in response to comments made here, and elsewhere to the print writer panels’ critique and advice to bloggers on wine writing at the recent annual Wine Bloggers’ Conference. Several blogs authored by both females and forward-thinking males call for more diversity in presentation panels.

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    WBC 2014 and the Wine Blog Awards – Part 1

    Before we begin… Later in this post I mention that some of my fellow bloggers might be too genteel to express themselves the way that I tend to do. If I had to pick one person that I know to apply that word to, it would be my fellow Texas import, Melanie Ofenloch, otherwise known as DallasWineChick. As far as I know, I’ve never done this before, but I would like to dedicate this post to her.

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    Top 10 Things I Learned at WBC 2014

    The 2014 Wine Bloggers’ Conference co-mingled about 150 citizen bloggers and 200-plus wine and related industry personnel with wine makers and producers from all over the world last week at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott in Buellton, California.

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    Summer of Riesling VII in Full Swing

    Paul Grieco is at it again, and swears this one will be his last season. Wines of Germany and Grieco are again partnering to celebrate one of our favorite grapes of many expressions in the 31 Days of German Riesling.

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    Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarships: From Donor to Recipient

    Many of my friends, and much of what I know about wine started with the first Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Rosa, California in 2008. Sure I had taken a few seminars through University of Toledo’s own wine expert, Professor John A. Barrett, and we had traveled once to Sonoma on our own as a post American Bar Association Annual Meeting.

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