I like grappa. I often drink it after a nice meal as a way to relax and to help me to digest. I put a few drops in my espresso, for what Italians call caffè corretto. I drizzle grappa on my lemon granita and other flavored ices and even have it with chocolate. A number of years ago Michele and I wrote and article for Gourmet Magazine called “Cooking with Grappa.

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    A Guide to Drinking Wine at Home- Eric Asimov

    DINING & WINE Very interesting article by Eric Asimov on drinking wine at home Wine as the Supporting Player in an Ensemble Cast at Home SEPT. 22, 2014 Photo The Pour By ERIC ASIMOV People who love wine generally consume more of it at home than anywhere else.

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    IL Marroneto: Traditional Brunello at its Best

    Often when I go to a wine tasting, people will recommend that I taste this or that wine and say, “it is your style.” At a recent tasting of the wines from Montcalm imports, everyone I met seemed to be telling me to taste the wines at table #13. A friend even went so far as to bring the winemaker/owner from table 13 to me to introduce him saying, “you must taste his wine.

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    Best Italian Wine Awards 2014

    September 19, 2014 · 10:20 am Here is a list of the Best Italian Wine Awards for 2014 selected by a panel composed of Luca Gaedini. Andrea Grignaffini, Daniele Cernilli and Tim Atkin among others. There are no surprises and of the 50 about 20 would have made my top list.

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    Now for Something Completely Different: DUBLIN

    Every time we mentioned that we were going to Dublin, our friends would respond the same way: “Why Dublin?” The answer was simple, we wanted to go someplace we had never been before and Dublin sounded perfect. The Famous Penny Bridge across the Liffey River The hotel was stayed in was the Fritzwilliam and it was right in the center of town.

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    The Wines of Tenuta Villanova

    This is the last article about my visit to Friuli as judge for the 2014 Pinot Grigio Challenge and subsequent visit to some of the winemakers. After the Challenge ended, I went to the Lis Neris Winery and tasted wines from Lis Neris and Ronco del Gelso, which I have already written about, and Tenuta Villanova.

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    2014 Vintage in Friuli

    When I visited Lis Neris winery in early June I asked the owner Alvaro Pecorari about the 2014 vintage in Friuli. He said we would have to wait and see what the weather conditions would be during the summer before he could give me am answer. A few days ago I received the answer to my question from him in an e-mail. This is what he said about the vintage.

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    We spent my birthday weekend in the Hamptons at the home of our friends, Ernie and Louise De Salvo. Louise is an excellent cook and Ernie and I have the same taste in wine. We started with lunch on Saturday with zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies in a batter and deep-fried. This is one of my favorite foods and I have it whenever I am in Rome.

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    Metodo Classico Lambrusco and Negroamaro

    This week I tasted two sparkling wines made with what the Italians call metodo classico, the Champagne method. One was a Lambrusco, a wine I am very familiar with but this was the first time I tasted one made in this way. The other was made with Negroamaro, a familiar grape variety, but not as a sparking wine and certainly not by the Metodo Classico.

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    Franciacorta’s Bellavista

    It can be argued that that Italy’s best sparking wine made in the classic method comes from Franciacorta. One of my favorite producers from this area is Bellavista At a Bellavista tasting and lunch at Del Posto in NYC, I noticed immediately that the labels on the entire line of wines were different.

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