• White Wines of Campania: Part 1

      When Tom Maresca, member sponsor of the event, sent me the list of Campania wines for the Wine Media Guild tasting and lunch at Felidia Restaurant, I could not believe the variety of wines that he had managed to put together. There were 14 white wines on the list and 14 reds ranging in price from $17 to $60.

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    • Best Italian Wine Awards 2014

      September 19, 2014 · 10:20 am Here is a list of the Best Italian Wine Awards for 2014 selected by a panel composed of Luca Gaedini. Andrea Grignaffini, Daniele Cernilli and Tim Atkin among others. There are no surprises and of the 50 about 20 would have made my top list. The Top 50 1 Dal Forno Romano – Valpolicella Superiore Monte Lodoletta 2008 – Veneto 2 Tenuta Sette Po ...

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    • GRAPPA !

      I like grappa. I often drink it after a nice meal as a way to relax and to help me to digest. I put a few drops in my espresso, for what Italians call caffè corretto. I drizzle grappa on my lemon granita and other flavored ices and even have it with chocolate. A number of years ago Michele and I wrote and article for Gourmet Magazine called “Cooking with Grappa.

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  • Brindiamo! and Moscato D’Asti

    Ornella Fado Ornella Fado, host of the TV show Brindiamo!, invited Michele and I to a preview of her first show for the new season. The program appears on WNYC Channel 25 in the New York Area. I first met Ornella a few years ago when I was consulting for Enoteca on Court in Brooklyn. Ornella taped a show there and interviewed me on wine and food parings and the Enoteca’s wine program.

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  • Remembering Philip di Belardino

    I first met Philip in 1981 with Antonio Mastroberardino, whose wines he then represented. It was the first time I tasted the legendary 1968 Taurasi. Over the years Philip and I became friends and saw each other often. The last time we got together was at a lunch at SD 26 that we planned in honor of Antonio Mastroberardino, who had passed away.

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  • The Aglianico Grape in Campania

    Aglianico is an ancient grape variety. It was first cultivated by the Phoenicians and later brought to Southern Italy by the Greeks 3,000 years ago when they colonized the area. In Italy, Aglianico was first planted near modern day Pozzuoli and from there it spread to other parts of Campania. Pliny the Elder (d.79AD) wrote about it in his Natural History.

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  • Do the French really do it Better?

    The following article appeared on Oct. 30th 2014 in the Internet Gourmet and I believe he makes a number of good points Why the French Do It Better#angeloperetti The title, “Why the French Do It Better,” Refers to wine. And only to wine. But, listen: I’ve been accused of being in Italy Francophile a when it comes to bottles of wine.

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  • The Unique Red Grapes of Campania

    The Campania region of Italy has some unique red grape varieties. The ancient Greeks originally brought many of these varieties while others that were thought lost during the phylloxera epidemic have been rediscovered. There is one that no one knows where it originated. These grapes make for very interesting wines At a recent tasting of the Wine Media Guild held at Felidia R ...

  • Understanding the Challenging Wine Market in the USA

    The following excellent article was written by Cathy Huyghe for Forbes Food and Drink. The article gives one of the best explanations of the “three tier-system of alcohol distribution in the United States. At Vinitaly, Ms Huyghe was on a panel discussing this topic along with Alfonso Cevola, and Jeremy Parzen (as moderator). I know these two men and greatly respect their opinions about wine.

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  • The White Wines of Campania Part II

    There were so many great white wines from Campania at the recent Wine Media Guild tasting and lunch that I had to write about them in two blogs. This is the second Campania has some of the oldest and most unusual grape varieties in Italy, such as Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Ginestra, Pepella and Fenile.

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  • Pizza and Hygienic Terrorism in Italy

    The following article was published by Jeremy Parzen on his Blog Do Bianchi Does Pizza Cause Cancer? Italy’s Big Pizza Kerfaffle by Do Bianchi Above: the last pizza I ate in Italy in Lecce in October 2013, a “napoletana” with salt-cured anchovies and capers. Every Italian food and wine blog that I follow posted yesterday on a controversy sparked by a Sunday evening news prog ...

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  • The Role of the Wine Critic

    DINING & WINE A Wine Critic’s Realm Isn’t a Democracy I agree with Eric Asimov on all the points he makes in this article. Readers of my blog know that I have my own opinions when it comes to the style of wines which I write about and drink. APRIL 21, 2014 CreditTony Cenicola/The New York Times The Pour By ERIC ASIMOV Heady discussions about the role of the wine ...

  • A Guide to Drinking Wine at Home- Eric Asimov

    DINING & WINE Very interesting article by Eric Asimov on drinking wine at home Wine as the Supporting Player in an Ensemble Cast at Home SEPT. 22, 2014 Photo The Pour By ERIC ASIMOV People who love wine generally consume more of it at home than anywhere else. And regardless of the quality of their glasses or the extent of their cellars, those who most enjoy wine a ...

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  • IL Marroneto: Traditional Brunello at its Best

    Often when I go to a wine tasting, people will recommend that I taste this or that wine and say, “it is your style.” At a recent tasting of the wines from Montcalm imports, everyone I met seemed to be telling me to taste the wines at table #13. A friend even went so far as to bring the winemaker/owner from table 13 to me to introduce him saying, “you must taste his wine.

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