A Visit to the Beer Diviner in Stephentown, NY (NY)

    So this last summer, there was a small wine and beers fest at The Beer Diviner. You didn't have to pull my arm to get me to go. The beer diviner is a funky place. Dr. Jonathan Post, a former English professor (you know I like him already) traveled to Africa and mad beer.

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    My Vermont Beer Trip - And Two Great Books (VT)

    Went to Vermont with the family, but of course had to turn it into a research trip as much as possible. One has to take advantage of his opportunities. I brought two books before we left. I wanted to be able to make informed decisions. That, and I love local beer books. The fir book I bought was the FarmPlate Vermont Beer Book by Kim Warner. It's part of the FarmPlate series.

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    Green Wolf Brewing - Saying, Doing, Brewing All The Right Things

    I first came across Green Wolf Brewing through my wife Dominique, who bought some for us to share at the Schenectady Green Market. I was very much intrigued. Dom is a tough customer, but she was impressed by their commitment to local, and was willing to take them for a test drive. Green Wolf Brewing says all the thing you want to here about when you here about small beer producers.

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    Orchard Hill Hard Cider (NY)

    So, I have a friend, Kelley Slagle, who owns Farm to Glass Tours, which takes people on personal tours of Hudson Valley wineries, breweries, and distillers, especially in Dutchess and Columbia Counties. Kelley is the real deal. She is a highly accomplished mixologist, and she has brought her prodigious talents to the Hudson Valley.

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    Bootlegger 21 Handmade Vodka from Prohibition Distillery in Roscoe, NY

    Bootlegger 21 Handmade Vodka, a Gluten free, 100% American corn grain, has a unique genesis. First off, I love the whole vibe of the package. It's a beautiful, stylish approach, with romantic reverence, to the Prohibition era of the 1920’s and 30’s. Just as the Bootleggers shrugged off the 18th Amendment making the transport and sale of liquor illegal in the U.S.

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    Catskill Distilling Company (NY)

    OK, so last year I went to the Bethel Woods Wine Festival, and after the first day, Bryan Van Deusen and I sent to Catskill Distilling. A little wind down you might say. I've told the story of Catskill Distilling Company before.

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    Paradox Brewery - A Quality Small Brewery

    OK, so I am behind in my reviews. So shoot me. I'm on a beer streak, so let's continue here. I love Paradox Brewing! There, I said it. I've been wanting to say it for a long time, but I hadn't got the chance. I tried them this early spring, at the Taste of Upper Hudson in Saratoga Springs, and I am way behind, if that doesn't give you the feel for how far behind I am, then there it is.

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    S & S Farm Brewery - Growing Beer in Nassau, NY - Troy Record

    I an repeating this article because I have not yet had a chance to sample any of their beers. But S&S Farm Brewery represents the next new wave of brewing - farm to glass craft beers. This will be the next new explosion in the craft brewing business. And it is both important to see this going on in the state as well as in he Hudson Valley. Very exciting stuff. - C.

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    Two Goats Brewing in the Finger Lakes (NY)

    There is an old saying in the wine business - it's a lotta beer to make wine. And it's true! And summer is a beer kinda time! So while we were in the Finger Lakes this past summer, trudging through yet another long, arduous day of wine tasting, we decided to stop in at what has fast become a new regional tradition - stopping in at Two Goats Brewing. Two Goats is on Seneca Lake.

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    Eagle Crest Rieslings - A Great Trio

      While I was at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, I decided to drop in on Will Ouweleen and Lisa Woodham of Eagle Crest Vineyards. And while I was at their stand, I tasted three outstanding Rieslings. Hemlock Lake is home to Eagle Crest and O-Neh-Da Vineyards, established in 1872, more than 140 years ago, offer natural, pure grape wines from locally grown Finger Lakes fruit.

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    Hermann J. Wiemer Still A Cut Above the Rest (NY)

      What is there left to say about Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyards that hasn't already been said? It is one of the most heralded wineries in the Finger Lakes. The first time I ever met Mr. Wiemer was in 1999 or 2000. It was late in the day. I had been tasting quite a bit already, and I was a little toasty. He was alone, and tasting his wines.

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    McGregor Vineyards Reds - Unique and Still Strong

      So, I was at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival 2014, and I thought to myself that I really should check out McGregor, because I am jonesing for a good red. And I think of McGregor as one of the better red producers in the region. The grapes they grow are a little funky, but hey, I'm a wine geek, so they are right up my alley.  The first one I tried was the Pinot Noir 2009.

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