Radar Redux and the change of seasons

    Radar Redux Our second visit, and long overdue, since we loved it so much the first time. But life sometimes gets in the way of your life. Radar is just as lovely the second time around, from our smiling hostess to the busy guys behind the kitchen bar to the mixed crowd that quickly fills up all the seats and tables.

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    Duende in Oakland: Pure Spanish Delight

    Duende also has a great cocktail programWalk into Duende and you can feel the vibe immediately. It's a big sprawling place with a colorful, vibrant restaurant on one side and a bodega/wine bar/wine cellar on the other. It is lively, chatty, noisy but not irritatingly so, and the service is prompt, friendly and well-informed.

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    A Perfect Day Trip through the heart of Armagnac

    The Four Musketeers at Cathedral St. Pierre, Condom If you’re planning on traveling in France---and if not, why in the world aren’t you?---it is possible you might be overwhelmed by tourists with the same idea. But it’s not necessary if you plan wisely and well. And one of the wisest decisions you’ll make is to go to Armagnac.

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    Giacosa and Antinori, Barbaresco and Brunello at Bistro Don Giovanni

    Had a brief flirtation with Napa again (slightly pre-earthquake) on a quickie zip from the Bay to see some friends, and went to one of our favorite restaurants, Bistro Don Giovanni, partly because it’s one of our favorite restaurants, partly because we’ve had so many good meals there, and partly to give requisite honors to the passing of Donna Scala who founded and presided over the place.

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    The Martini: Eight +1

    The Martini remains one of the most fascinating cocktails around. This became evident with the response to both my earlier post (shared on the Wine Lovers Discussion Group---they also do spirits) and the subsequent tasting seminar at the Society of Wine Educators Annual Conference in Seattlelast week.

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    Elixir Vitae

    So I’m looking for an interesting topic for a tasting seminar and I see someone order a Martini.  I do love it when I get struck by inspiration at a bar. (And, yes, it does happen often. Both bars and inspirations.

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    Elixir Vitae

    If you peek over to the right of the blog page, you'll see a new addition to the links: Taste & Compare Academy.com. It will take you to one of my other beverage-driven ventures, the Taste & Compare Academy of Wine, Spirits and Food, a nifty and nimble little company composed of partner Chef/Sommelier Maxine Borcherding of the Oregon Culinary Institute and myself.

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    Cognac Glacé at Camus

    Cognac Glacé Here’s a radical thought: unstopper a sleek crystal decanter of your finest cognac, pour a modest amount of the precious nectar into a glass…and serve it up at eighteen degrees below zero! Sound a bit strange? That’s exactly what happened on a bright, sunny summer day at the Chateau du Plessis in Cognac.

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    Ungava Canadian Premium Gin: a unique gin from the Arctic Circle

    There’s a brand new gin coming that will wake up your taste buds with bright, lively and totally unexpected flavors. It’s available now only in Canada---and only three provinces of Canada at that (Quebec, Ontario and Alberta), but the plans are already in place for a rollout to other markets, so it will be internationally available soon.

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Elixir Vitae

Personal and idiosyncratic comments on some of the vital elixirs of life, primarily wine and spirits, but including whatever else I deem important or necessary, as the mood strikes me.

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