• Bottom Feeding Lawyer Goes After Wine Sellers in Illinois

      Direct to consumer shipping into the state of Illinois is about to get a lot more expensive for a number of wineries due to a guttersnipe of a lawyer and an attorney general who can’t see their way to putting a stop to this litigious tyrant they have publicly condemned. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are at state for wineries that will be ensnared in this ambulance chaser’s net.

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    • A Schooling in Wine Writing And Gender

      I’ve heard it said that where winemaking is concerned, women may have an advantage either because they may have a more acute palate or because they are more natural nurturers. I don’t know. It’s an intriguing and not altogether outlandish set of ideas. However, I’m wondering if there is such a substantial difference between male wine writers and female wine writers that it is ...

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    • Something Sneaky Happened On the Way to Direct Wine Shipping in Massachusetts

      Something interesting happened on the way to direct shipping in Massachusetts. And no one knows who is responsible for it…..Riiiiiiight!!! Here’s what happened. The new direct shipping law in Massachusetts that lets consumers have American (but not French, Italian or any other foreign wines) shipped to them from out-of-state was put into the Fiscal Year 2015 budget, which passed.

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  • They Key Message Behind the New Wine Direct Shipping Report

    Last week ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines released their annual Winery Direct Wine Shipping Report. It told of a 15.5% increase in the value of the winery to consumer shipping channel to more than $1.8 billion. At the same time, Wines and Vines reported that in 2014 off premise (retail) sales of domestic wines (the same category of wines that were the subject of the Direct ...

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  • Unreported Responses to New Anti-Alcohol Study

    There is a brand new study published in JAMA Pediatrics journal being discussed in the media. The study concerns the impact of alcohol advertising on children and young adults. According to Time Magazine’s reporting on the study, researchers have shown that “Alcohol advertising that reaches children and young adults helps lead them to drink for the first time—or, if they’re exp ...

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  • The Old School Wine Critic Is As Important as Ever

    The last few years has seen a great deal of talk about the demise of the traditional or “Old School” wine critics, their power and their relevance. Those offering this view mean the Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, The Wine Enthusiast Magazine, etc. The observation is usually coupled with reference to the power of peer reviews, blogs and social media. I have a story to tell.

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  • Wine & Spirit Wizards of America

    Say what you will about wine and spirit wholesalers, but you now can’t deny their magical powers to divine guilt and innocence. In fact, with their special and wizardly abilities to determine who is guilty and who is not, it’s downright difficult to understand why we even keep and pay for a functioning judicial system. Just ask the wholesalers if they are guilty.

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  • When Wine Is Really Nothing More than Wet Sugar

    “66% mix wine with fruit or fruit juice” This according to the findings in E. & J. Gallo Winery Consumer Wine Trends Survey. And to be a bit more accurate, this is the finding among wine drinkers aged 25-40. The folks at Gallo see this disclosure by the 25-40 year-olds they surveyed and interpret it this way: “seemingly unbound by traditions that have often governed wine.

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  • Top 5 Predictions for Wine in 2015

    I am notoriously average when it comes to making successful predictions. All that means is that I have to keep trying. So, here are my top five predictions fort what’s coming in the world of wine in 2015. Note that there are, as there have been in the past, no predictions concerning the three-tier system or wine blogs. Read into that what you like. 1.

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  • Background on the Bottom Feeder Attacking Wine

    As a follow up to my recent post on the bottom feeding attorney in Illinois who is suing wineries and retailers for no other reason than to make a buck, I wan to alert to you to two other articles of importance on this issue: Illinois Qui Tam Lawsuits—Private Enforcement Of a State Claim: A Bonanza For A Plaintiff’s Lawyer And A Rip-Off Of Retailers Hinman & Carmichael’s BOOZE RULES Are Sh.

    Tom Wark/ Fermentation- 4 readers -
  • Consumer Wine Tastings in Jeopardy in California

    If the California Board of Equalization (BOE) gets what it wants, some of California’s best consumer wine tastings may find themselves in great jeopardy. One already is. Pinot Days, the annual tasting of Pinot Noir produced by Lisa and Steve Rigisich’s Bay Area Wine project is all of a sudden, after 1o years conducting this non-profit tasting, being told that they are responsi ...

    Tom Wark/ Fermentationin Pinot Noir- 5 readers -
  • Top 10 Reasons Wineries Hate Their Wholesalers

    In examining the latest Wine Conditions Survey published by Silicon Valley Bank, WineBusiness.com noticed something interesting and asked, “What’s behind that?” What WineBusiness.com noticed was that wineries’ satisfaction level with their wholesalers has declined significantly from just two years ago.

    Tom Wark/ Fermentation- 5 readers -
  • Thoughts After A Decade of Wine Blogging

    Over the last ten years this wine blog has published 2,873 posts. This equates to 1.1 posts per week day since November 2004. So, I can say, at the very least, that I’ve achieved the “Daily” part of this blog’s name: FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog. I can’t say for sure what else I have accomplished. I never set a goal for this blog at the outset or since.

    Tom Wark/ Fermentation- 3 readers -
  • Grapes, Not Wines, Are Impacted by AVAs

    There is a good case to be made that when comparing the French Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) system with the American Viticultural Area (AVA) system, it is the American system of delineating grape growing regions that is far more invested in the theory of terroir than the French AOC system.

    Tom Wark/ Fermentation- 3 readers -
  • A Best-of-Its-Type Wine Book

    There are all sorts of examples of books that just keep appearing, edition after edition after edition. There are really only two ways of looking at this phenomenon: 1) The book is old hat, but they just keep putting it out because it’s well-known and that’s good enough for the publisher, or 2) The book remains among the best of its type. There is no fine line here.

    Tom Wark/ Fermentation- 2 readers -
  • Hogwash!

    I recently had the good fortune of being interviewed by ReasonTV on the subject of laws that harm wine consumers. In the brief interview, I outline many of the ways in which various state laws, supported by various actors in the wine industry, harm consumer choice and consumer access to wines. However, what I did not do is address the most common ways these laws are defended ...

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  • The Stupidest Alcohol Law in All the Land?

    I’ve been accused, unfairly, of mocking Mormons. What I’ve actually done is mock citizens and lawmakers in Utah. I’m certain there is a difference. However, with the release of this new poll, I will refrain from mocking Utah citizens and simply focus on lawmakers. It appears that a new poll shows that nearly two-thirds of those polled favor taking down the “Zion Curtain” that, ...

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  • Wine and Tom Wark’s Failure at Predicting Elections

    Yesterday in Tennessee 78 different counties and municipalities voted to determine if wine should be sold in the same stores where food is sold. The proposal to put wine in grocery stores won in all 78 counties. I have to admit that I was wrong about this move to use the ballot box to finally put wine in grocery stores in Tennessee.

    Tom Wark/ Fermentation- 1 readers -
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