Abraham Lincoln Was Right About Wine Laws

    A Pennsylvania lawyer was recently sentenced to probation and community service. His crime? Obtaining fine wine outside of the Pennsylvania state liquor store, then selling a portion to a small list of other wine loving individuals who, like the lawyer, were unable to obtain these wines locally. They were operating on the Black Market.

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    Sexism, Wine and Politics

    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett finds himself in hot water for what is being deemed a sexist statement about women and wine.

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    The Napa Earthquake Strikes

    I think I slept through the first 5 seconds of the earthquake. But that’s all. Upon waking I was confronted by the duel familiarities of the most unnatural sound of cacophonous rumbling and crashing and the feeling of the floor moving beneath my feet. Even in the pitch dark of my bedroom I knew what was happening. I also knew immediately that my wife and child were not next to me.

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    The Rise of “Natural” in Wine Marketing

    Back in 2008, a study by Minitel found that “All Natural” was the second most frequently used claim on new American food products. A more recent study found that the term “100 Percent Natural” was consumers most popular claim to read on a food label. Marketers have figured out that “Natural” sells.

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    Wineapalooza Paws It’s Way Onto The Napa Valley Scene

    Think of it as a Mini-Napa Valley Auction. Or maybe as a chance to contribute to the cause of animal rescue work in the Napa region It could be seen as a chance to sample some of the Valley’s most celebrated wines. It’s WINAPALOOZA and it’s coming to Napa Valley September 20th.

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    Sober Advice From Two Wine Publicists

    What is the value of courting the media if you are a wine industry participant? To whom in the media ought wine or product samples be sent? Should winery owners express and publicize their political positions? What constitutes “news” in an industry built around producing a beverage that will get you drunk? When should you offer a member of the media an exclusive story? Is there ever a good reason.

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    Opportunity Knocks in the City of Napa

    I’ve lived in the town of Napa at the Southern end of Napa Valley for only four years. I cam from Sonoma and still feel like a Sonoma Boy. Napa just doesn’t feel like home, yet.

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    A Little Responsibility in Wine Journalism Please

    The other day I was making the point, emphatically, that a great deal of responsibilities lies with those who are attempting to communicate something of substance to the media. Their responsibility is in providing good, true, honest information.

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    I Want Happiness, So Give Me My Damned Wine!

    Despite news over the years concerning the positive health effects of drinking wine and the positive association wine drinking has with other healthful pursuits, the rage against alcohol from many quarters is constant. Entire organizations, associations and government agencies are founded for the purpose of reminding us how bad alcohol is and to getting us to drink none or less.

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    A New Californian Takes a Stab at Cabernet

    If San Francisco Chronicle Wine Editor Jon Bonne didn’t exist he would have to be invented and placed exactly where he is: at the helm of wine coverage at the daily nearest America’s most important wine region. In the world of wine philosophy, Bonne could be accurately categorized as a New Californian.

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    The Romance of Terroir is Most Important…Not the Truth

    A recent article in Spirits Business concerning the trend among Vodka producers to sell their drink based on provenance (where it came from) should remind the wine trade of something important to their own marketing efforts: The importance of the concept of “terroir” is not in the connection between the taste of wine and its terroir, but in the imagery, romance and meaning of place to the consum.

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    Good Eat’in and Being Sustained By Friends

    In October 1979 the eat’in at the Wark house was the best it had every been, and all my life it had been pretty damned good. During that month, in every corner of the kitchen, filling every shelf in the refrigerator, and stacked in the freezer there were lasagnas, casseroles, baked goods and cakes of every kind. I don’t know how they expected my mom and I to eat it all.

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    A Schooling in Wine Writing And Gender

    I’ve heard it said that where winemaking is concerned, women may have an advantage either because they may have a more acute palate or because they are more natural nurturers. I don’t know. It’s an intriguing and not altogether outlandish set of ideas.

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