Use Your Words—Whether Whining or Writing on Wine

    Use Your Words—Whether Whining or Writing on Wine Posted by Tom Wark on Sep 17, 2014 Every now and then I use “big words” both on this blog, on my other media endeavors, and in my work as a publicist. There is and always has been a debate among marketing professionals as to what level of vocabulary ought to be employed in order to properly deliver a marketing or promotional or sales message.

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    Finally, Something New in the World of Wine

    Finally, Something New in the World of Wine Posted by Tom Wark on Sep 16, 2014 As far as I can tell, there is only one reason to understand the vocabulary of wine; those words and phrases that attempt to describe the experience of tasting a wine: To be able to communicate with others about the experience.

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    Alcohol, Anti-Federalists and the Failure of the 21st Amendment

    Alcohol, Anti-Federalists and the Failure of the 21st Amendment Posted by Tom Wark on Sep 12, 2014 I’ve been enjoying of late a review of the politics and ideologies of the American Revolutionary period. This period of our history has always been my favorite.

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    A Grape Harvest in Full Swing and How You Can Help

    A Grape Harvest in Full Swing and How You Can Help Posted by Tom Wark on Sep 10, 2014 The Northern California grape harvest is in full swing now according to most reports and my talks with folks. And when I say “full swing” I mean to say there are all sorts of shenanigans going on during this year of the early and quick harvest.

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    Behold…The Rational Wine Consumer

    In March, after a multi-year political battle, the Governor of Texas did not sign a law allowing sales of wine in grocery stores. Instead he signed a bill allowing cities and counties to vote on whether to sell wine in grocery stores.

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    Abraham Lincoln Was Right About Wine Laws

    A Pennsylvania lawyer was recently sentenced to probation and community service. His crime? Obtaining fine wine outside of the Pennsylvania state liquor store, then selling a portion to a small list of other wine loving individuals who, like the lawyer, were unable to obtain these wines locally. They were operating on the Black Market.

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    Sexism, Wine and Politics

    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett finds himself in hot water for what is being deemed a sexist statement about women and wine.

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    The Napa Earthquake Strikes

    I think I slept through the first 5 seconds of the earthquake. But that’s all. Upon waking I was confronted by the duel familiarities of the most unnatural sound of cacophonous rumbling and crashing and the feeling of the floor moving beneath my feet. Even in the pitch dark of my bedroom I knew what was happening. I also knew immediately that my wife and child were not next to me.

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    The Rise of “Natural” in Wine Marketing

    Back in 2008, a study by Minitel found that “All Natural” was the second most frequently used claim on new American food products. A more recent study found that the term “100 Percent Natural” was consumers most popular claim to read on a food label. Marketers have figured out that “Natural” sells.

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    Wineapalooza Paws It’s Way Onto The Napa Valley Scene

    Think of it as a Mini-Napa Valley Auction. Or maybe as a chance to contribute to the cause of animal rescue work in the Napa region It could be seen as a chance to sample some of the Valley’s most celebrated wines. It’s WINAPALOOZA and it’s coming to Napa Valley September 20th.

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    Sober Advice From Two Wine Publicists

    What is the value of courting the media if you are a wine industry participant? To whom in the media ought wine or product samples be sent? Should winery owners express and publicize their political positions? What constitutes “news” in an industry built around producing a beverage that will get you drunk? When should you offer a member of the media an exclusive story? Is there ever a good reason.

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    Opportunity Knocks in the City of Napa

    I’ve lived in the town of Napa at the Southern end of Napa Valley for only four years. I cam from Sonoma and still feel like a Sonoma Boy. Napa just doesn’t feel like home, yet.

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    A Little Responsibility in Wine Journalism Please

    The other day I was making the point, emphatically, that a great deal of responsibilities lies with those who are attempting to communicate something of substance to the media. Their responsibility is in providing good, true, honest information.

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    I Want Happiness, So Give Me My Damned Wine!

    Despite news over the years concerning the positive health effects of drinking wine and the positive association wine drinking has with other healthful pursuits, the rage against alcohol from many quarters is constant. Entire organizations, associations and government agencies are founded for the purpose of reminding us how bad alcohol is and to getting us to drink none or less.

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