A Schooling in Wine Writing And Gender

    I’ve heard it said that where winemaking is concerned, women may have an advantage either because they may have a more acute palate or because they are more natural nurturers. I don’t know. It’s an intriguing and not altogether outlandish set of ideas. However, I’m wonderin...

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    Wine Bloggers and Their Awards Deserve a Change

    This blog was recently honored with “Best Industry/Business Wine Blog” at the 2014 Wine Blog Awards. That achievement made me very proud. I’ve spent nearly a decade working fairly diligently at FERMENTATION. In many ways spending almost a decade pondering, writing and general...

    14 readers - By Fermentation

    What it Takes to Grow the Direct To Consumer Wine Channel

    In a recent editorial at Wine Industry Advisor, Brian Rosen, former CEO of SAMS,, a large wine retailer in Chicago, and now head of the consulting firm Rosen Retail, said the following: “The DTC movement is not what you think it is and will not provide the added revenue tha...

    12 readers - By Fermentation
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