• Triple-A Formula for China Wine = Appetizing + Affordable + Available

      What are the major complaints I get from readers of this blog? One: they can’t find many of the Chinese wines that receive praise in contests and from critics. Two: those they do find tend to be dishearteningly expensive. This also goes for wine buyers in hotels, restaurants and bars who tell me of their difficulty sourcing good Chinese wines at good prices.

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    • 5A Formula for China Wines

      By Jim Boyce Finding good Chinese wines is tough. True, hundreds of producers create thousands of wines in this country. Also true, few of those wines offer an attractive blend of quality, price and availability. To illustrate my perspective as a consumer of Chinese wines, I created the 5A formula shown above.

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  • Selling wine in China: Bordeaux importer Helene Ponty on the Beijing market

    ~ By Jim Boyce I wrote an article about the Beijing market for an upcoming issue of Wine Business International. It includes insights from a half-dozen industry players who work for operations that span top-ten distributors to small retailers. One of them is Helene Ponty, who moved to Beijing nearly three years ago to handle the importing, marketing and sales of wines produced b ...

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  • Chile specialists La Cava add options from Spain, Portugal

    My local wine shop, La Cava de Laoma in Sanlitun Soho in Beijing, continues to expand the portfolio beyond its initial exclusivity with Chilean wines. While Chile, home country of owner Mariano Larrain, remains front and center, La Cava also stocks items from France and — as of last Thursday — Spain and Port ...

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  • Penfolds five: Pressing issues for Aussie wine favorite in China

    When chief winemaker Peter Gago of Penfolds visited Beijing last month to lead a re-corking clinic, it felt like a warm and fuzzy break in a rough and tumble stretch for this popular Australian brand in China. Alongside the ongoing drama of the sale of parent company Treasury Wine Estates – KKR looks like the suitor of the moment – there has been plenty of talk in the media and ...

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  • South African wine in China: Pinotage shifts its Sanlitun location

    By Jim Boyce The downtown Beijing branch of South African restaurant and wine bar Pinotage is on the move. With the venue in Sanlitun Soho slated to close as early as this weekend, the team has opened a new place above nearby Danish restaurant Royal Smushi House. The suburban branch of Pinotage continues as usual.

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