Argentina – A Reach For Higher Ground

    Interestingly, Argentina’s wine history and culture began about the same time as our’s here in the U.S. Arguably more interesting is the fact that it began with the same impetus – Italian immigration. Today, Argentina has become known as the world’s largest purveyor of Malbec. Another thing that singles out Argentina – some of the highest altitude vineyards in the world.

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    Vineyards of Southern California – with Dolin Malibu Estate

    When one hears the name Malibu, one usually thinks about surfing, the beach, and fun in the sun. But, if you’re into wine, the sight of the Malibu Hills can cause your mind to wander and begin thinking about grapevines. That’s what happened to Elliott Dolin. Elliott and his wife bought the property in 2001, and began renovating it.

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    Retrospective – Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the 1990s

    Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the 1990s are coming into their own now. The obvious question is – are they ready to drink now? And if not now – when? Join us as we talk about our tasting of eight wines from the 1990s to see how the wines are evolving ...

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    Wines of the Mosel – with St. Urbans-Hof

    Viticulture has been taking place in the Mosel since the Romans brought cultivated grapevines here two millennia ago. It turns out the region’s unique geologic and climatic conditions are perfect for growing great Riesling along the Mosel and its tributaries, the Saar and Ruwer.

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    Vineyards of Sonoma County – with Charles Heintz

    Located in the Occidental region of Sonoma County, the Heintz Ranch has been owned by the Heintz family for nearly 100 years. Charlie’s grandparents purchased the land in 1912, and Charlie’s father farmed here. Apples remained in production until their first Chardonnay vineyard was planted in 1982. The family still maintains about 8 acres of apple orchard today.

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    Wineries of Oregon – with White Rose Estate

    Greg Sanders will easily admit that he doesn’t do anything half-way. So, it didn’t seem like a big deal for him to venture to Oregon to buy some land. But then the land turned into a vineyard, and the vineyard into an Estate…and then there was the winery.

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