• Help Ferguson

    I think America must see that riots do not develop out of thin air…. A riot is the language of the unheard. – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In recognition of the mourning our nation continues to face after the Ferguson verdict, this week’s column has been postponed until next week. May we all find within ourselves the courage, calm, and compassion needed to face these challen ...

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  • In Defense of Natural Wine

    The Challenges of Natural Wine One of the criticisms regularly leveraged against the so-called Natural wine movement is its lack of definition. Critics of the phenomenon repeat the point as a central proof of the movement’s lack of legitimacy. Some writers, however, have also asserted that lack of definition could be an advantage.

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  • Biodynamics Posters Now Available!

    Biodynamics Posters by Hawk Wakawaka! You people are sure nice. I finally got pushed into figuring out how to have posters printed, as well as how to sell them cause people kept pestering me. Geez, I’m slow sometimes. So, by request — Biodynamics Posters now available! 13″ x 17.5″ on matte white poster paper. $3 ...

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  • Hawk Wakawaka Interviewed at The Alaska Native Studies Blog

    Alaska Native Studies Interview by Thomas Swensen how meta. A screen capture of a site with a screen capture of my site. Thomas Swensen is a professor of Ethnic Studies at Colorado State University, having done his graduate studies at UC Berkeley. His family originates from Kodiak Island, a place my mom returns to often as her great grandmother’s family originates there as well.

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  • Autumn Cocktails with Nonino Grappa

    Nonino Grappa Cocktails the bar at the Gritti Palace, Venice Fall’s cooler weather, and aromatic breezes proves a perfect time to shift to warming aromatic cocktails. Part of the Nonino project instigated by the three daughters has been working with mixologists around the world to create unique cocktails using the Nonino distillates.

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  • Giannola Nonino: Behind the Success of Nonino Distillers, Friuli

    Listening to Giannola Nonino A year ago a few of us were lucky enough to share two days with the Nonino family. The Noninos are the most well known grappa producers in Italy, known for a series of innovations in production that succeeded in raising the status of grappa worldwide. While Benito Nonino distilled the grappa, his wife Giannola developed many of the ideas, and pa ...

    Hawk Wakawaka/ Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews- 3 readers -

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