Kaena & Beckmen: One winemaker, two stories

    After #GoingRogue with Tercero, it was time to meander down the road a bit to Beckmen Vineyards, were the #QBP had a barrel tasting arranged with Keana and Beckman winemaker, Mikel Sigouin. I first met Mikel last year at Rhone Rangers in San Francisco, and when I mentioned that some wine bloggers were going to be in his neighborhood, he eagerly invited us to taste through his wines.

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    A cool dry place – Avalon Bay Wine Cooler

    A cool dry place – Avalon Bay Wine Cooler With summer finally arriving here in Northern California, it’s good to know that my wine is stored in a cool, dry place. While it’s only ooccasionallyover 80 degrees in San Francisco proper, there are plenty of days outside of the city limits that can stretch well in to the 90s.

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    Sonoma Wine Country Weekened!

    The dust has mostly settled, and the clean up has begun. If you have not yet heard, we had a fairly large earthquake in these parts on Saturday night / Sunday morning, and while there was no damage here in the city of San Francisco, there was significant building and property damage in Napa.

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    Things are a little yeasty in there

    After meandering over to Alta Maria, it was finally time to meet my #QBP – Queen Bitches Posse over at Tercero Wines, around the corner in Los Olivos. As I had somewhat secretly clandestinely arranged this day of pre-WBC shenanigans, I was looking forward to being able to relax and enjoy my free day before the conference officially got under way.

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    Alta Maria Vineyards: Stop in and stay a while in Los Olivos

    now, on to something completely different! This year marked the 7th edition of the North American Wine Bloggers Conference, which I will heretofore call the Wine Whatever Conference to avoid any confusion about who attends, what we do and what happens during it.

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    To your health! Cocktials as health food

    I love a good cocktail as much as the next gal, but did you know some cocktails can be good for you?  Taking a cue from the elixirs, tinctures, and tonics of yesterday, and putting a new twist on them, the new book Apothecary Cocktails delves in to the history of some restoratives libations, and creates new recipes for today’s trendy bartender.

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    ZAP goes on the road!

    As summer winds down, or maybe just gets skipped over, the foggy nights and cool morning remind me of why I love Zinfandel so much.  Zinfandel is a wine that has as many flavors and styles as there are ways to make BBQ sauce.  Zinfandel is also the perfect summer party, and BBQ wine.

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    Roaming the El Dorado Hills: Pleasant Valley Wine Trail

    It was a warm Spring weekend, when I took my new car out for it’s first road trip, up to El Dorado County, and some delicious Rhône style wines. The Pleasant Valley Wine Trail, just outside of Placerville, California, is a sleepy little road, meandering through gold country and rough and rugged mountain landscapes.

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    A King of Cabs

    There are few grapes that are as well known in Napa Valley as Cabernet Sauvignon.  Most every winery makes at least one, and every sub appellation vies for the best, the most unique, the most impactful, fruit to make this king of wines out of. Faust celebrates an ongoing, and renewed, passion for Agustin Huunees, that a great wine must be a reflection of a great vineyard.

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    WITS: On changing technology in wine

    Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to attend my first WITS – the Wine Industry Technology Symposium.  While i have often wanted to attend, my work obligations prevented it.  Until now.

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    East Bay Vintners Alliance – Urban Wine Xperience

    What are you up to this weekend?  If you’re in or around the San Francisco Bay Area, Saturday is your opportunity to check out the bustling East Bay urban wine scene at Jack London Square. The East Bay Vintners Alliance hosts the 9th annual Urban Wine Xperience at Jack London Square Ferry Lawn, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 2nd.

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    Rosés of Summer – Tribute to Grace Grenache Rosé

    Angela Osbourne is a special woman, with a long history obsession with Grenache.  A native of New Zealand, she now makes her home in the Santa Barbara Wine Country, where she sources unique vineyards for her variations on the beauty that is, Grenache. You can read more about her story here, and I highly recommend that you get on the mailing list; now!  no, not tomorrow, not later, NOW.

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    Rosés of Summer: Casey Flat Ranch, past and present

    In land far away, on a hill steeply above the valley, lies a secret place in Capay Valley called  Casey Flat Ranch.  Located at 2000 feet above sea level in the Vaca Mountains, between Napa Valley and the Central Valley, the area was originally settled in the late 1850s during the Gold Rush.  Now, a new rush is on – both for sustainable organic produce, and wine.

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    Viva Espana!

    Summer is in full swing, and so is Spain!  Do you like paella?  Dancing?  Wine? Join Gloria Ferrer at the Catalan Festival on Saturday & Sunday, July 19th & 20th for a party benefiting Sonoma Valley Education Foundation.

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