• WITS: On changing technology in wine

      Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to attend my first WITS – the Wine Industry Technology Symposium. While i have often wanted to attend, my work obligations prevented it. Until now. Why was I so excited about this event? Primarily because, and if you’ve been reading this blog for some time you know, at long last technology is successfully and measurably crashing in to wine industry.

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    • Alta Maria Vineyards: Stop in and stay a while in Los Olivos

      now, on to something completely different! This year marked the 7th edition of the North American Wine Bloggers Conference, which I will heretofore call the Wine Whatever Conference to avoid any confusion about who attends, what we do and what happens during it. Arriving in the area several days prior to the conference to take care of some family obligations, and a general ne ...

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    • Ballard Canyon – Syrah Incubator

      Wrapping up my week in Buellton at the Wine Bloggers Conference, the focal tasting seminar on Ballard Canyon and its Syrah was the highlight of the conference for me. One of the newest AVAs, Ballard Canyon was established within the Santa Ynez Valley in 2013. Long known as an excellent source for Grenache and Syrah, the area is a long, thin canyon running north to south in a curving line.

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  • Truchard

    When you step out of your car, in the small makeshift parking lot that is really the vineyard, you are immediately transported to a rural setting a scant 10 minutes from downtown Napa. The iconic redwood barn and farmhouse stand proudly as sirens to Truchard Vineyards, straddling the Carneros region close to San Pablo Bay.

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  • School Daze – Further Adventures in Wine

    As you may have read, here on le blog, last fall I was studying for my CSW certification (Certified Specialist of Wine) through SF Wine School. Recently, I learned that I didn’t make the cut; unsurprisingly, with only 65% of first time test takers passing, I narrowly missed my pass rate. After my initial fury at myself for missing 9 itty questions for the required 75% passing r ...

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  • Holman Ranch: A step back in time

    Holman Ranch was established in 1928, well before the rush of wineries started to populate the rural and bucolic Carmel Valley. When one thinks of Carmel Valley, you might well think Carmel (by-the-Sea), but in teh short 10 miles up the narrow valley, Carmel by the Sea dissolves away in to Carmel Valley, where horse ranches and vineyards dot the rugged hillsides that once hous ...

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  • Experience America’s Heritage Grape!

    Experience America’s Heritage Grape! Jan 6th, 2015 by winebratsf. It’s that time of year again, time for the annual Zinfandel Experience! Attracting Zin lovers from around the world, Zinfandel Experience is celebrating its 24th anniversary with three days of wine tasting events with zins from all over California, as well as unique corners of the world! A classically Americ ...

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  • Now back to life as we know it…

    2015 is finally here! I think I join a large contingent of people that agree, good riddance to 2014 and it’s bumps, bruises, pitfalls and elated highs. Phew. Good bye, and good night! With the new year, thoughts of new goals, new ideas, and new inspirations run through my brain. While I’m certain that I cannot attain all of them at least I know that the challenges faced las ...

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  • Last Minute Wine Gifts

    It’s the 5th day of Hanukkah, and Christmas is only 4 days away. Whatever you might be celebrating at this time of year, if you’re like me – you are scrambling for some last minute gift ideas for the wine lover on your list! Soiree - in bottle aerator. This is my go to wine aerator, and the pretty bottle topper makes any bottle festive.

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  • Kickin’ it with Kitchit!

    How is it possible that there are only 4 days left until Christmas? For those of you celebrating other holidays around this time of year, like Festivus, or the 8 days of Chanukah, or any other celebration – you are, no doubt, in the thick of things. This time of year, we often realize that we have forgotten to shop, whether it be for one specific person or for several hard to ...

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  • Celebrate with Franciacorta!

    During the holidays, more often than not, we celebrate with something sparkling. For some it might be the old classic Champagne; others, California Sparkling. But have you tried Franciacorta? Franciacorta, the DOCG region in Lombardy, Italy, is known for it’s excellent sparkling wines made in the traditionally method – meaning, the secondary fermentation occurs int bottle and ...

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  • Quinticentually Quintessa

    Earlier this year, before I embarked on a somewhat fool-hearty mission of getting my CSW credential, I visited the Napa Valley estate of Quintessa. Tucked away, hidden from the Silverado Trail in Rutherford, the unique gravity flow moistly underground winery pokes out from the hillside. When the Huneeus family took ownership of the land in 1990, they could see that though the l ...

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  • 7 Stills for 7 Cocktails: Don’t be bitter!

    A few years ago, at my first Craft Cocktail Carnival here in San Francisco, I was fortunate enough to meet Tim Obert and Clint Potter of Seven Stills Vodka. Masters of the craft cocktail movement, I was fortunately enough to taste through some of the unique creations that Tim had lurking in his cabinets.

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  • Uncommonly good gifts from Uncommon Goods

    It’s that time of year again – when people scramble to find just the right gift for their wine friends. I like to find unique items that you won’t always find at the big box stores, and my friends at Uncommon Goods came up with some terrific ideas to fit the bill. Uncommon Goods was founded in 1999, and features unique gifts and handcrafted items that are particularly kind t ...

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  • Hello stranger!

    I’m here, hanging on, muddling through what is theoretically Fall. Given that it’s in the high 70s/low 80s, it’s tough to stay inside and stare and the computer, but I’m trying. You might be wondering why I’ve been so silent recently: well I’ll tell you. Earlier this year, I took the California Wine Appelation Specialilst (CWAS) class offered by San Francisco Wine School The t ...

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  • Writerz Block…I haz it!

    It’s funny how life can take a turn sometimes. This year has been one of major change, a crazy work schedule, a bit of life’s most unhappy moments thrown in for good measure, and pure mayhem. Somewhere on the way, I lost my focus and my passion for th ...

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  • Refugio Ranch – a hideway for the stars

    After the mayhem of the Wine Bloggers Conference had subsided a bit, the #QBP (and token Joe) decided to stick around a bit longer an enjoy the relative peace of Los Olivos on a Sunday afternoon. As luck would have it, fearless leader Melanie had arranged for a visit to Refugio Ranch Winery for some tasting and tweeting.

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  • VinEdge

    It’s that time of year again – when gadgets and gifting items hit the shelves, and all sorts of new technology is released for the holiday gifting season. One of these gadgets is a new preservation device called the VinEdge, which is new tool to help you save that leftover wine. Yes, I know, generally speaking leftover wine is an hilarious joke in this house, but occasionally, ...

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