• Locations Wine I-1 ItalyRed Wine by Dave Phinney

      Naked Wine Review 155 Wine: Red Blend Producer: Locations Vintage: 11' Region: Italy Price: 13.00 Date tasted: 11/5/14 Place tasted: I was in a comforting bubble of soft blue light floating around a dusty naked moon and making up slogans for cocktail napkins... why, did you see me up there? Served with: It went wonderfully with a Frittata.

      Shawna L Watson/ Naked Wine Reviews- 1 readers -
    • Comoloco Monastrell 12'

      Naked Wine Review 154 Wine: Comoloco Grape: Monastrell (Mourvedre) Producer: Orowines & Gill Family Estates Vintage: 12' Region: Spain>Murcia>Jumilla Price: 12.00 Date tasted: 10/3/14 Place tasted: I was watching this goddess on a tigers back chasing down an evil tyrant. "Run kitty, run" I thought to myself. "MA DURGA MA! Ha Ha Ha", that tyrant was toast.

      Shawna L Watson/ Naked Wine Reviews- 1 readers -
  • les Moirets Cotes du Rhone 11'

    Naked Wine Review 152 Wine: les Moirets Cotes du Rhone Grapes: Syrah, Grenache Noir, Mourvedre Producer: Ogier Vintage: 11' Region: Spain>Rhone>Cote du Rhone>Controlee Price: 9.00 Date tasted: 9/22/14 Place tasted: The day had kissed the night at exactly the same hour as the night kissed the day. I think they are enchanted with one another.

    Shawna L Watson/ Naked Wine Reviewsin Syrah- 8 readers -
  • Honoro Vera Garnacha 12'

    Naked Wine Review 151 Wine: Honoro Vera Garnacha Producer: Bodegas Ateca Vintage: 12' Region: Spain>Calatayud Price: 9.00 Date tasted: 9/7/14 Place tasted: Saturated in full moon madness I was sitting in a bar with Ganesha drinking garnasha and eating ganache. All I could think was 'oh shit, if one side doesn't get me, the other one will'.

    Shawna L Watson/ Naked Wine Reviews- 5 readers -
  • Thorny Rose Chardonnay 11'

    Naked Wine Review 150 Wine: Thorny Rose Chardonnay Producer: Thorny Rose Wines Vintage: 11' Region: Washington>Columbia Valley>Prosser Price: 9.00 Date tasted: 7/27/14 Place tasted: It was a hot summers day and waves of sunshine were bouncing off a high mountain lake making it sparkle like glitter. All...

    Shawna L Watson/ Naked Wine Reviews- 7 readers -
  • Coronas Tempranillo Red 09'

    Naked Wine Review 149 Wine: Coronas Tempranillo Red Wine Grapes: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon Producer: Familia Torres Vintage: 09’ Region: Spain>Catalunya Price: 11.00 Date tasted: 7/25/14 Place tasted: I was floating on my back in a hot springs enjoying the Earths most sensuous element with calm surrender.

    Shawna L Watson/ Naked Wine Reviews- 8 readers -

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