• Take Me Back There...

      Me - “Hey Babe, do you remember that time when we had that really brilliant gazpacho? It was just the essence of tomato, the whisper of bell pepper and slutty with vibrant cucumber? I remember a swirl of sherry vinegar and maybe some super-savory, wee little croutons that were stained with garlic and olive oil.

      Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 2 readers -
    • What Time Is It?

      “Between 4:00 and 6:00 AM” the somewhat whispering, but still reassuring sound of my own voice bouncing off the emaciated wad of squish that used to be my brain, alerting me that there were still several hours before I had to lug my giant frame from the comfort of my bed and prepare for the day.

      Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 3 readers -
    • Can You Be Here With Me, Just For Tonight

      Deep breaths I find myself trying to collect my thoughts, plan my next move and pull myself together in between a series of increasingly deep breaths. Almost like in those seconds when I’m standing still, that warm bubble of air stretching my chest, all the noise around me is hushed by the sucking in and letting go and that’s my time to steady my legs, hear myself…try an ...

      Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 3 readers -
  • Not Sinking

    “Have you seen Mouse?” I could just make out the shape of her shoes. The woven slightly darker than tan braided leather slip on dress moccasins, the shimmery knee highs that encased her regularly bare skin. Her voice dripping with longing as she searched for the one other person in the room that knew how badly she wanted to rip those leggings and fancy shoes off.

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 2 readers -
  • Belonging, Part One

    “I’m working the graveyard shift Friday night if you can come by, maybe bring something for dinner and we can eat together on my break?” my boyfriend at the time flashing me that smile that only he could, the one that made me vibrate, like from the balls of my feet, in a way I was just beginning to discover was even possible.

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 2 readers -
  • Now I....

    "Lay thee down to rest" Said that 2 years ago today.... Gave up one partner and companion for the love and happiness of another Turns out I ended up falling even more in love with being strong enough to end a relationship full of desire but also full of sickness, decay and panic inducing dependency. I got out.

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 1 readers -
  • Better Still (Newsletter/Champagne

    It seems that each year the interest and therefore the demand for small production, grower Champagne gets more and more feverish. I was actually in Champagne this year in April when all the small growers were putting on trade events, (like 4 a day for 3 days) and the crowds were rather astonishing, not to mention the comments from winemakers telling us that they have never ...

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosagein Pinot Noir Chardonnay- 3 readers -
  • Seeking Burgundian Fruit (Newsletter)

    “It’s not like all the Burgundy lovers all over the world are just going to start drinking Oregon Pinot Noir or Bordeaux” my response to a rather worried faced Burgundian that was, timidly explaining why prices are going to take a spike upward and availability on our beloved wines from the region is expected to be, for lack of a better term, tight.

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosagein Pinot Noir Chardonnay- 3 readers -
  • You Can Score With Me...

    Do you remember that night The one where I spent hours discovering you My eyes never leaving you The tips of my fingers softly brushing against every inch of you Each raised bit of worn flesh Each bent hair looking to be shepherded or smoothed, reminded where it fit Hours, weeks, months and years worth of time spread across your frame The delight in finding deeply satisfying perfectio.

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 3 readers -
  • It's Not The Lie, It's The Loss Of Believing

    Trust is earned And can quickly be destroyed. “But, but he promised” Jeremy when he was about eight years old, in tears and completely heartbroken. A close friend of his had promised him something or other and reneged or backed out leaving my sweet son in utter disbelief and dismay. I remember scooping him up on my lap, resting his head upon my chest so he could feel a ...

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 2 readers -
  • Strange Magic

    I smelled you yesterday. Just for a brief second but it was you…. I’d been rushing about the shop, stacks of new value Bordeaux sliced open, the “tick-a-tack-a-tick-a-tack” of my price gun spitting tiny rectangular stickers upon the shiny new bottles. Running up to the front to answer the phone, answer a, “what would you pair with this?” question and scan purchases into ...

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 6 readers -
  • I've Got Your Square Hole

    “It’s just nice to be home again. Feels so good I think we should do it every year” up late the other night watching some lame chick movie. One of those deals that crosses from the current to back in time as we watch how our young pod of best girlfriends spend a coming of age summer, one that would showcase their differences, the differences that would send them spiraling apart, ...

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage -
  • Sliding Down Below

    “This is Jim, Josh and Samantha” Aline’s sweet but confident voice doing a roll call of sorts as our not-quite-worse-for-wear crew poured out of our self-assigned car ride seating and extended our arms in the direction of a trim smiling gentleman. I tucked the windblown hair behind my ears, tugged at my already wrinkled and poorly fitting shirt.

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 6 readers -
  • Um, You Might Just Be Lame...

    So after a couple days of mulling it over I have come, to the careful conclusion, that this Not only makes more sense, but would likely taste far better than these.... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anneli-rufus/professionals-tips-on-pai_b_5605993.html http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2014/07/rose-wine-mister-softee-pairing What the fuck?! I swear my fa ...

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 9 readers -
  • Pulling Me Back

    I’ve worn your scent all day Could smell you with each shift of my shoulders… My arms Every move I made had you shimmying back to the front of my mind Your scent Now all over me… Each tiny bit of you that slithered beneath my skin Made my flesh go bumpy and gave me that “Damn I remember you” shiver The one that makes my breath leave my chest whispering raspy memories on its way out Your scent No.

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage -
  • Safe In The Insecurity

    “If you can overcome the fear, you have nothing to worry about. It's a matter of wanting to do it, and believing that you can...and taking the risk.”- My Dear Friend Thomas Nearly A Year Ago... Thomas’ words swam around in my head as I drove home from work tonight. His staunch support, mild irritation with my reluctance and gruff exterior covered bits of hope, all swishing about ...

    Samantha Dugan/ Samantha Sans Dosage- 1 readers -

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