Beer and Wine Producer Belgium

    Picture: Belgian Beer in Antwerp Recently, on a trip from Zeeland in Holland to Frankfurt in Germany, I had a beer in Antwerp in Belgium. I am not a beer drinker, but being in Belgium, I thought I should have a beer with my salty waffle. In fact, I let my daughter Katharina Schiller order the beer for me.

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    Schiller's Favorite Oyster Bars and Seafood Places in Seattle, USA

    Pictures: Pike Market in Seattle I am not that frequently in Seattle, but from time to time I am. I already issued a posting about Schiller's Favorite Wine Bars in Seattle: Schiller’s Favorite Wine Bars in Seattle, USA Here are my favorite oyster bars and other seafood places in Seattle.

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    Schiller’s Favorite Wine Bars in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Pictures: Christian G.E. Schiller with Oliver Donnecker (Heimat) In Frankfurt am Main, when I just want to have a drink, I have 4 options. First, I can drive over to Mainz and go to one of the many excellent wine taverns there. Wines tend to be entry level wines from the region.

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    Emerging Wine Producer The Netherlands

    Picture: Typical Dutch Windmill in Ouddorp, South of Rotterdam in Zeeland I visited The Netherlands for the first time when I was 5 years old. My parents had decided to spend the summer vacation at the Dutch beach town Noordwijk aan Zee in the west of the Netherlands; I learnt to swim there.

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    best of riesling Competition 2014: The Winners, Germany

    Picture: Best of Riesling Competition 2014 - The Winners (Photo: Meininger Verlag) The best of riesling Competion 2014 took place earlier this year in Neustadt and der Weinstrasse in the Pfalz region in Germany. The annual best of riesling Competition is organized by the Meininger Verlag in Neustadt, with the Ministry of Wine of the Land Rheinland Pfalz backing the event.

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