• What I Drank Last Month (Nov 2013) Part 2

    By Nikki Lincoln Here is the second part of my post on November wines. Part one can be found here. Cline 2012 Ancient Vines Zinfandel This wine was a sample sent over a few months ago. I had wanted to hold onto it for a little while but I had been craving a good Zinfandel and decided to open the Cline Ancient Vines sample.

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  • What I Drank Last Month (Nov 2013) Part 1

    by Nikki Lincoln I had a very crazy November and although I didn’t have time to write, I definitely made sure to taste lots of amazing wines. I hadn’t realized just how many of the wines I had last month were truly spectacular until I had to back up all of my pictures on the eve of getting a new cell phone.

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  • Four Rosé Top Picks for the Holiday Table. Grab One This Week.

    Yes, I said rosé for Thanksgiving. Color me pink. One of the most joyous, fairly rapid transitions I have observed in wine consumer habits the last ten years, is the adoption of rosé by as a serious wine – and for this I am truly thankful. While the accident that a big winery had many years ago helped save many acres of old Zinfandel vines, it set palates and impressions ba ...

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  • TBD and AQ: Two Restaurants, One Memorable Dining Experience

    by Nikki Lincoln Courtesy of Thrillist.com When I signed on to write for this blog, one of the things I was really excited to write about was food and frankly, I haven’t really written too much about it at all. However, this week I had such a crazy dining experience that I decided it was time to take a break from your irregularly scheduled programming and tell you a story ...

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  • What I Drank The Last Few Weeks (Sept 23-Oct 27)

    by Nikki Lincoln phizer viagra unemployed Here’s another post with my recent wine reviews for your enjoyment! I’ve been trying to get some notes together on a few tasting nights I had recently had but for now, here’s my usual post of the interesting wines I’ve gotten to try recently. Townley 2008 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, The Shizzle, Napa Valley I had a lot to celebrate ...

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  • My WSET Level 2 Experience

    By Nikki Lincoln One of the things that William highly encouraged when asking me to join this blog, was for me to work on getting a couple of WSET awards. I had thought about taking Sommelier classes for some time so I decided to look into it. I was happy to learn that the Wine and Spirits Education Trust is more of a scholarly pursuit of wine and is fitting for someone who ...

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  • Tuesday August 27, The Rhone Rangers Ride into Napa for Art and Wine

    The members of the North Coast Chapter of the Rhone Rangers are joining together to offer wine aficionados a chance to taste Rhone wines from 15 wineries. The event is from 3-7 p.m. at the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville. Taste Through Rhone wines, Red, White, & Rosé This is your chance to taste over 45 wines from a 15 Rhone producers, from veteran icons to new and emerg ...

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  • What I Drank Last Week (August 12-18 2013)

    By Nikki Lincoln After a few weeks of traveling and then starting my new job, I feel like I'm finally getting settled into everything and ready to get back to my regularly scheduled blog posts. I'm pulling together several event write ups and things but in the meantime, I'm still working my way through the home collection as well and thought the best way for me to jump back i ...

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