A Variety of Tasting Panels at Feast Portland to Tempt You

    Feast Portland. The name about says it all. For a weekend full of OTT culinary madness, it's the event guaranteed to deliver. It's also less than two weeks away and if you haven't purchased tickets yet, many of the hot events have long sold out. But you're in luck because tickets are still attainable for some of the more affordable Tasting Panels.

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    Behind the Wine Label - Part 2

    Personality can be defined as the evident traits in one’s character as it impresses another. To say that every wine embodies its own personality would not be a bold enough statement. How each winemaker influences their wine’s personality is reminiscent of parent’s influence on some of the personality traits of their child ...

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    The Game is Afoot!

    Here's news of an event that might and should not pass under your radar. On Sunday, September 7, 2014, from 11:30am-4:30pm , a truly wild event will be taking place outside Portland proper.

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    Talk Wine with Me: Jason Brumley of Xylem Wines

    This new series of articles will expose a side of the winemaker you don't often see—their up-close and personal side. The purpose is for you to learn a little more about each winemaker's philosophy.

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    A Guaranteed Good Time in Wine Country - 10 Tips for Wine Tasting Success

    Like a gun shot starting a horse race, Memorial Day has officially kicked off wine tasting season in the Willamette Valley. I ran the following article on the now defunct Gary Vaynerchuk website Cork'd many years ago. The same tips still apply. Wine is produced in each and every one of the 50 United States. So, as wine making and wine tasting become more popular in the U.S.

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    Behind Every Wine Label Lies a Real Personality

    A label is only the surface-level story of the wine. A winemaker’s job, besides making the best wine possible with a given vintage, is often to be the face of the brand. Winemakers attend wine dinners near and far, and participate in market tastings to acquaint potential consumers with their wines. With so many bottles on the shelf to choose from, it’s not easy to develop brand loyalty.

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    The Dance of Wine: Elizabeth Chambers Pinot Noir

    Elizabeth Chambers Cellars 2011 Pinot Noir Cuvée $32. Elegant, complex and classic in style. Its dance is like a ballerina; strong, lithe, yet restrained and Old World. The first thing to jump out is the dark, blood red color. Though the wine is young, it is already showing a brownish tinge, signifying an age it did not yet possess.

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    11 Things You'll Never Hear a Wine Lover Say

    A wine lover says many things. He or she may talk of laying bottles down, aging wine, wine flights, wine keys or even wine sabers. The following however, are expressions you'll never hear the wineaux in your life utter. My list went on and on, but I limited to my favorite Top 11. Please add your own to the comment stream and keep the fun going. Cheers! I think this glass is too big.

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    A Taste of Syrah is a Taste You'll Remember

    Coming up next weekend is an event like no other. Yeah, it's located on the fabulous McMennamin's Edgefield property, which is always a plus, but The Celebration of Syrah event, features so much more than just delicious Syrahs from Oregon and Washington. It isn't just about Syrah.

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