• Daily Glass: Wonderwall Pinot Noir

      I had to settle for this simple title of the post after a few futile attempts to be clever. “Don’t judge the wine by the first sip”, “Give it some time”, “Patience, the most important virtue of Oenophile” were all contenders, but none of them where hitting the spot, so I went for a simple, not catchy title for this post, just with the name of the wine.

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    • [Wednesday's] Meritage – Wine Quiz Answer, High Tech Gadgets, Wine in Numbers and more

      Cvne Rioja Monopole Meritage time! Yes, I know it is a Thursday, but… Let’s start with the answer to the wine quiz #114Grape Trivia – Viura / Macabeo. In this quiz, you were supposed to answer 5 questions about white grape called Viura in Rioja region of Spain, known as Macabeo through the rest of Spain and in Roussillon in France.

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  • My First Can of Wine

    No, I didn’t lose it. The title of this post actually makes sense. To the date, I had the wine from the bottles of all forms and sizes. I had the wine directly from the stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. I had the wine dispersed by the machine. I had the wine from the keg. Yes, I had a boxed wine (and it was just fine). But – until yesterday, I never had wine from the can. Yesterday I did.

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  • My #ZinfandelDay experiences – [mostly value] Zinfandels

    I like to celebrate grape holidays in a close proximity of my wine fridge – there is always a good chance that I have a good bottle of the appropriate celebratory wine. So if I would’ve been next to my cellar for the #ZinfandelDay, I would be able to chose between Turley, Carlisle and St. Francis – not too shabby, right? Only I wasn’t. I was traveling, so it was the whole different game.

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  • Restaurant Files: Oyster Bar, One Of The Best Hidden Dining Secrets Of New York

    Let me ask you a question – do you think trains and freshest possible seafood have anything to do together? Here is another question – thinking about train station, what kind of food would you expect to find there? Does the word “gourmet” easily associates with the train station? Of course I’m not talking about an average train station in the town with population of 10,000.

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  • Pleasures of the #GrapeDay – Delicious Tempranillo

    Once again I’m confessing my love for the “grape holidays” – knowing that the day has a special dedication to the specific grape variety makes selection of the wine to drink a much easier process. It also creates a feeling of the “special moment”, thus forcing you to open that-special-bottle-saved-for-the-special-occasion.

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  • Month in Wines: October 2014

    Ahh, the ever accelerating pace of the days, weeks and months flying by like a runaway train, as we are getting closer to the holidays… Another month becomes a history, and as usual, it is the time to summarize the wine experiences. Typically, this is not a very difficult task with may be 12 -15 wines which would be typically mentioned in this “month in wines” posts.

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  • Few Last Words About Washington Wines

    All the good things come to an end – so did my trip to Washington and the series of the blog posts about Woodinville wineries (if you missed the series, here is the link to the first, “MWWC-award-winning” :) post – you can explore it from there). What is my main outcome of that trip? First, at the “duh” level – great wines are made in the state of Washington.

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  • Woodinville Wineries: Mark Ryan Winery

    This post is a continuation of the series about my winery experiences in Woodinville, Washington. Here are the links for the first four posts – introduction, Elevation Cellars, Pondera Winery, Des Voigne Cellars, Sparkman Cellars, Guardian Cellars and Fidélitas. …walked towards the tasting counter, only to find out that the tasting room was closed for the day.

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  • Mini Quiz Answer and #MWWC13 Theme Announcement

    Happy Halloween Friday! Last Wednesday I had a small “what is it” quiz where you were supposed to figure out what was that object in the picture: What Is It? Well, somehow it happened to be a difficult question ( or may be it was just boring). Anyway, here is the answer – this is “The Original Lancashire Bomb” – a cheese, produced in Lancashire in UK.

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  • An Unexpected Monday and A Thank You

    An Unexpected Monday and A Thank You When my phone chimed today in the morning with the WordPress notification about one of my posts being linked, I noticed that it was linked to the post about Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. For those who might not know – the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge is a brainchild of Jeff the drunken cyclist, a monthly (or so) wine writing competit ...

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  • Woodinville Wineries: Fidélitas

    This post is a continuation of the series about my winery experiences in Woodinville, Washington. Here are the links for the first four posts – introduction, Elevation Cellars, Pondera Winery, Des Voigne Cellars, Sparkman Cellars and Guardian Cellars. … and I arrived at a small shopping plaza (also known as strip mall in some part of US), only with wineries instead of shops.

  • Saju Bistro – Great New York Midtown Dining Without Breaking the Bank

    Dining in New York is tricky. Well, if you are on an unlimited expense account, it is pretty straightforward – New York has no shortage of amazing chefs, so your only hurdle might be scoring the reservation, and then you are almost guaranteed an amazing experience. It is a bit more complicated if you don’t have an access to that wonderful “no holds barred” source.

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