• Natural Wine Warning

      A friend snapped this for me at P.J. Wine and Liquors thinking I would be amused. And I was. I posted to Instagram (@alicesari) and to Facebook, it ended up on Twitter (@alicefeiring) and created a bit of a stir. Some people were upset at the warning, a reaction that surprised me. Some thought it was not going to sell wines just increase the fear. I beg to differ.

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    • A new marketing arm for Vin de France--AniVile

      I've tried to write this post since October and just can't nail the voice, so I'm forgetting about the voice and in the old fashioned heritage of blogging, will spew instead. I felt ill when reading, "Watch out world, France is taking it's varietals back," announced in an article in a Fall issue of the trade rag, The Tasting Panel. Few articles have pissed me off in this particular way.

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    • Wine Service and the 1955 Cappellano

      A few weeks back I was out in NYC, on the town, you might say, with a couple of friends who wanted a good bottle. A really good bottle. Life was short and wine needed to be long, that sort of thing. We went to a resto, new for us. The wine list was great, hidden gems and great prices. We weren't going cheap, or rather my friend wasn't going cheap.

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  • Je Suis

    This is one situation where I feel lifting cartoon property for use in the blog is not going to be an issue. They all hit hard, this hit even a little harder. Words. Literature. Art. Music. Dance. T ...

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  • Queen Tamar of Georgia

    Researching for my next book, delving into the history of the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti , the home of one of Georgia's best-beloved rulers, the inspiration of The Knight In Panther Skin who lived here I came across this brilliant history lesson: When King Georgi III surprisingly crowned his 18-year-old daughter as the co-ruler of the Kingdom of Georgia in 1178 AD, he is said to have utt.

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  • Memorable bottles of 2014

    The year was made sweeter by these wine moments, inseparable from the people and place. From Renaud Bruyere & Adeline Houillon. There was one teensie sip left for me at a dinner table packed with Georgians in Angers last Feb. Dry farmed Beechworth, Australia gamay? Oh yeah! When Barry Morey asked if I would like to taste a gamay without so2, I said yes! Turns out it ...

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  • Stories I left behind, 2014

    Going over my 2014 moments to pull images to share I realize there were several stories I really wanted to write, about people and places who deserved to be written about, but I couldn't sell or wouldn't sell for the money offered. One of them was focused on a town in upstate New York where I earned my foraging chops years back.

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  • December Gift Conundrum

    The Gift Conundrum Wine gifting? That’s easy. This month is packed with ideas in the bottle section, but for something else? The important part is to side step the schlock. For example, I don’t know anyone who would appreciate bottle charms or an aerator or a device that instantly ages a wine. For myself? Books! Bottles! Glassware! And if someone were feeling generous, a big ...

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  • The 2014 Holiday Gift Packs!

    Here we go again: The Feiring Line’s Super Packs Call it a sampler, call it a lark, call it delicious, call it fun. Whatever you want to call it, get your orders in by DECEMBER 12th! These are our kind of classic wines. Organic/biodynamic, non-spoof wines with no to low S02, and all are very rare.

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  • Label Grand

    In Slovenia or Croatia this coming weekend? Then come at what will be a fabulous tasting--Label Grand Karakterre. I'll be there and will come back with my head swimming in thoughts of terroir and palate thrilled with tastes. The organizers have pulled this off with no sponsors. What that means is complete freedom. No one has an agen ...

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  • Subscribers/Members night; this Tuesday

    In the spirit of giving thanks to you all, we've planned the first ever TFL night. We'd love to see you, even if you're not a subscriber. When This Tuesday, December 2nd, 7:00-9:00pm. Where We'll be gathering in open-house style at Frankly Wines in Tribeca, New York City. Who Guest pourers will be installed. Among them? The sly charmer, Nick from Jenny & Francois.

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  • How to clean a qvevri

    During my last trip to Georgia, the country was in the middle of harvest and Iago Bitarishvili (Iago's wine) had a big problem. He needed help cleaning qvevri. This is one of the most important tasks when working with those big vessels. Without a proper and throrough cleaning the resulting wines would surely be a mouse bomb. But there were few takers to lend a hand.

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  • Vegan wines?

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  • Schist and Ray

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  • The last gift from a shtetl pessimist

    In my late fifties, it’s true that I certainly wasn’t beyond a dalliance, but I doubted my ability to feel attraction strongly enough to make regular room in my bed, or have the patience necessary to make room in my life. My brother Andrew had the same messed up upbringing—father bedding the neighbors—but his path took a different direction than mine, and like a good Jew, he ...

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  • Ingredients on the wine label. Absolutely.

    Last week three requests rolled in, "Alice, what is your position on wine ingredient labels?"Three requests meant that even though I have expressed my opinions in Naked Wine and in interviews, perhaps I best spell it out. For a long time I've been in favor of less government in wine instead of more, but in this instance I have to fess up that with so many additives allowed i ...

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  • Emergency kosher wines for the holidays

    Desperate for something good to drink for the New Year? I can help you out with a special Feiring Line Wine Society edition, because I know the pain. I gathered a few of my favorites, tried to find wines as natural as I could, and as terroir expressive as I could, and bundled them up for you. Save for the Champagne, all are non-meshuval, meaning they have not been pasteurized. Don't worry.

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