Franck Balthazar: the Connery of Cornas

    Franck inspects his vineyard in prime Cornas Franck Balthazar, who looks like a slighter, younger Sean Connery, was getting me car sick. I had zipped down from Burgundy. For one day, I teamed up with my friend Amy Lillard, ofLa Gramièreand we were in Franck’s clangy truck, taking the curves, and heading up into the heart of the Cornas terroir, an amphitheater of vines.

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    Knish, In Search of the Jewish Soul Food

    I offer you this knish. Knish, In Search of the Jewish Soul Food,by Laura Silver, is coming out in May from Brandeis University Press. I was impressed. Silver's story begins on the one-year anniversary of her grandmother's death when she drove to Brighton Beach in search of her Grandma Fritzy's  favorite, Mrs. Stahl's. She was craving a memorial knish. The storefront was intact, but Mrs.

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    Postcard from Powelltown

    The first time I heard the name Alex Podolinsky was in Bordeaux. It was in 2008.  I was Michel Favard of Chateau Meylet. "You don't know Alex?" he asked. I admitted I did not. Alex had been his initial consultant and Favard was in awe.

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