• Bodegas Ordonez Triton Tinto de Toro 2011 Wine Review (NW)

      Tasting notes: Bouquet that's bold with dark berries and cocoa Full bodied on the palate Juicy dark berry finish, slightly tannic, with coffee and spice Summary: This is a lot of wine for $14-a value Tinto de Toro for sure. Made from Tempranillo, wines from this region of Spain are generally modern and full bodied. Prices are starting to creep up, so value wines like these are a good find.

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    • Robert Hall Syrah (Paso Robles) 2011 wine review by (PB)

      Black Cherry hue with aromas of mulled blackberries with Christmas spice, and a touch of cherry cream. Palate--Tightly wound at the moment with woody smokey presence and austere plum and dark berry fruit. I don't remember what I paid for this but I am sure I bought it because it was on sale. Reference price seems to range about the $18 mark so I probably found it for $12 or so.

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  • Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2014 Wine review by (PB)

    Purple hue with bright aromas of spicy cinnamon, candy apple red coating, subtle notes of milk chocolate, gentle grape,(go figure) strawberry and a touch of raspberry. Wow! This may be the best bouquet of Nouveau in memory! Palate--light and lively red berries with strawberry note and a minerally steely finish.

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  • Jean-Francois Merieau Le Bois Jacou Gamay 2012 wine review by (PB)

    Daffodil, lots of spices, white pepper hint, with big "tequila" aroma, with cherry,strawberry fruit, and grapefruit! (unique) Palate--subdued fruit with big white pepper and spice flavor, on a steely finish. Wow--this "Touraine" Gamay I would ever have guessed was a Gamay. Unlike any Gamay I have e ...

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  • Beaujolais Nouveau is coming!!! wine alert by (PB)

    Remember this Thursday (Nov. 20) Beaujolais Nouveau is released all over the world. Nouveau is made from the Gamay grape and sent to market only 6 weeks after harvest! It is fresh, straightforward, and simple wine drinking at its best. In France, it is the cause for a national celebration observed annually on the third Thursday of the November with the wine being out for sale a ...

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  • Buehler Chardonnay (Russian River) 2012 wine review by (PB)

    Pale gold hue with aromas of apple and pear, melon and creme brulee with sweet vanilla bean. Palate--a citrus beam runs right down the middle with mouth watering acidity, tropical fruit, vanilla and touch of oak in the finish. The finish of this economical Chard hangs on for a good while. I paid $11 for this ...

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  • Chusclan "Les Genets" 2012 wine review by (PB)

    Cranberry jelly hue with aromas that are rustic, with a touch of forest floor, fresh cherry and cherry cream. Palate--Lively mouth feel with vibrant acidity that makes my mouth watering, leaving a moderate wake of tart red fruit and a fleeting finish. This blend of 5 Rhone grap ...

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  • Ghost Pines Red Blend 2012 wine review by (PB)

    Deep black cherry hue with aromas of chocolate covered red fruit, with loads of red berry and blueberry hints, plenty of rustic spice, tart red raspberry. Palate--Supple texture solid structure, bold, full bodied, berry fruit with hints of cocoa, and a finish that leaves your mouth tingling. This is a Gallo partnered production sourced from grapes of Sonoma, Napa, and San Joaquin Counties.

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  • Perez Cruz Carmenere Limited Edition 2012 wine review by Billy

    Nose: light notes of plum, cherry and a hint of mushroom Palate: Firm tannins and moderate acids play with each other until the tannins win. Strong characteristics of loam and charcoal. Pleasant dry mouth feel. Finish: Vegetal and long but subtle. Overall: We paid $26 for this at a local wine shop. We also decanted it for 30 minutes or so before tasting it.

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  • Concha Y Toro Serie Riberas Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 wine review by (PB)

    Substantially pigmented rich, dark cranberry jelly hue with aromas of over the top vegetal bouquet on opening that gives way to big, dark fruit, ripe plum, baker's chocolate. loads of forest floor and cedar with more fruit behind. Palate--Bold, full bodied,vibrant, rich intense berries and other dark fruits with a sharp cocoa beam with a lengthy finish of spices, subdued fruit ...

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  • Ravenswood "Beseieged" (Sonoma County) 2013 wine review by (PB)

    Pigmented, dark garnet with aromas of deep pomegranate, blackberry, Plum, blueberry, Palate-- Big, 30 megaton fruit bomb with rich, deep black berry and dark plum with heavy flavors and plenty of wood; big spicy flavors and black tar. This is a blend of 5 grapes I believe from the Raven ...

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  • Dr. Loosen Riesling 2012 wine review by (PB)

    Pale lemon hue with aromas of creamy sweet mandarin orange,tropical fruit galore with a powdery creme brulee and sweet pie spices abounding. Powerful assaulting tropical fruit compote with a moderate acidic foundation leaving a thickish cream coating on your tongue. Gentle cinnamon and Chinese five spice garnishes the melange of ripe sun kissed citrus, leaving a finish that is ...

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