Winebits 353: Special rose edition

    Because rose is no longer the province of cranks like the Wine Curmudgeon, but has become real wine celebrated by the wine establishment. • Making money with rose: South Africa’s Mulderbosch, whose rose is regularly featured here, has discovered that rose is profitable. Or, as a leading Winestream Media outlet put it, part of the “high-flying rose segment.

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    Mini-reviews 65: Taris, Gruet, Cabirau, Yalumba

    Reviews of wines that don’t need their own post, but are worth noting for one reason or another. Look for it on the final Friday of each month. • Chateau Taris 2012 ($6, purchased, 12.5%): This Trader Joe’s red Bordeaux, with some red fruit, some oak, and soft tannins, is worth exactly what it costs.

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    Wine of the week: Domaine du Tariquet Classic 2013

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee, Tariquet ($10, purchased, 10.5%), to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of being and ideal grace. I love thee to the level of every day’s Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light and I marvel at how refreshing this Gascon wine is when it has no right to be.

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    Winebits 352: Red wine, wine brands, three-tier

    • Bring on the red wine: Americans, apparently, drink more red wine than white. This is not news, though for some reason a writer at the Washington Post who doesn’t write about wine (and there seem to be so many of them) thinks it is. Red wine has traditionally outsold white, but a white, chardonnay, remains the best selling wine in the U.S.

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    Expensive wine 67: Brandborg Pinot Noir Estate 2012

    One of the controversies amusing the Winestream Media, which allows its members to toss cyber-objects at each other, is the state of expensive pinot noir. It’s convoluted beyond description; for our purposes, it’s enough to know that some of my colleagues are throwing a hissy fit because other of my colleagues want to drink pinot noir that doesn’t taste like cabernet sauvignon.

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    Winecast 22: Jerry Lockspeiser, wine guru

    Jerry Lockspeiser has done many things during his wine career in the United Kingdom — producer, negociant, consultant, salesman, and writer. Through much of it, his focus on been on cheap wine and what Lockspeiser calls the normal wine drinker; those of us who want to buy a bottle to have with dinner and who don’t want to mess with any of wine’s foolishness.

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    Carmen Castorina: When a legend retires

    The first rule of sportswriting used to be “Don’t god up the ballplayers.” Which meant that athletes were not necessarily better or worse people because they were ballplayers; they were just different, and you needed to keep that in mind when you wrote about them.

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    Wine of the week: Chateau Bonnet Rouge 2010

    Chateau Bonnet Rouge ($10, purchased, 14%) is the quintessential cheap red wine: • It tastes of where it’s from, in this case the Bordeaux region of France. That means enough fruit to be recognizable (mostly red); some earthiness so that it doesn’t taste like it came from Argentina or Australia (almost mushroomy for this vintage); and tannins that make the wine taste better.

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    Winebits 351: Wine glasses, wine laws, and economic growth

    • Do wine glasses matter? The answer is no, says the Vinepair website in a post that includes the sentence, “Any industry that marries the existence of experts, the spending of cash, and the words ‘acquired taste’ as exquisitely as the wine industry does is bound to intimidate the uninitiated.” Which was a guarantee the Wine Curmudgeon would write about it.

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    Cupcake wine review 2014

    • Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 ($9, purchased, 13.5%) • Cupcake Pinot Grigio 2013 ($9, purchased, 12.5%) Whenever the Wine Curmudgeon reviews Cupcake wines, I always end up writing as much about the brand and the company that owns Cupcake as I do about the wines.

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    Terroir as a brand, and not as something that makes wine taste good

    Does terroir — the idea that the place where a wine is from makes it taste a certain way and helps determine its quality — exist? This question has generated reams of cyber-ink over the past five or six years, pitting those of us who think terroir matters against those who think we’re bunch of old farts and that technology has made terroir obsolete (if it ever mattered at all).

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    Win two tickets to Grapefest

    Want to see the Wine Curmudgeon at Grapefest later this week? Want to attend the always popular People/s Choice wine tasting and judging? Don’t want to buy two tickets to the festival to do it? Then pick a number between 1 and 1,000 and leave it in the comment section of this post, and only this post.

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