• A Halloween wine tale 2014

    “It’s alive….” Lightning flamed across the night sky, and the Baron saw the dark clouds piling through his laboratory skylight. A storm was coming. The electricity cut out for a couple of seconds, came back. The Baron took a deep breath. “It’s now or never,” he said, and he laughed, loudly, fanatically, and was more sure than ever that what he was doing was right, doing the o ...

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  • The wine business has much to answer for

    Whatever you do, don’t help me make an informed decision about what to buy. It was bad enough that the woman, standing in the Texas winery tasting room, proclaimed that Texas wine wasn’t any good, and that she suspected the Texas wine she was drinking came from California. What was worse was when she told the tasting room employee that she only drank cabernet sauvignon and ma ...

    The Wine Curmudgeon
  • Wine of the week: Faustino VII Tinto 2010

    When the Wine Curmudgeon started drinking wine, but before I started paying as much attention as I do now, a version of the Faustino was on store shelves. How old-fashioned, I thought, Roman numerals on a wine label. Which is why I appreciate the Faustino VII ($8, purchased, 13%), and even a vintage as old as this one (of which there is still quite a bit on store shelves).

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  • Winebits 357: Special Halloween edition

    Because the Wine Curmudgeon always gets a giggle when others try to turn Halloween into a wine holiday. • 31 Halloween wines: Seriously? Indeed, says GreatWineNews. All of the usual wines are there, like Phantom and Ghost Pines, plus some I’ve never heard of and some that seem like a stretch, including a rose.

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  • Expensive wine 68: Kelly Fleming Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

    In those long ago days before the recession, when price was no object for producers and their goal was to make Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon as over the top as possible, the Kelly Fleming cabernet sauvignon was not unusual. $90? No big deal. 14.8 percent alcohol? Nice, but not 15.1 percent. What makes the Fleming (sample) unusual and worth reviewing six years later is that it ...

    The Wine Curmudgeon
  • Christopher Kimball: “Wine is too hard”

    Good news for those of us who care about wine. The past decade’s enthusiasm for food and home cooking, which has given us the slow food, local food, and the farm to table movements, as well as consumers paying attention to how their food is made, could soon come to wine. “Someone needs to come along and make wine simple,” says Christopher Kimball, the proprietor of the America ...

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  • Wine of the week: Moulin de Gassac Guilhem 2013

    The Wine Curmudgeon is a sucker for wines made with less known grapes from less known parts of the world. That’s because the revolution in winemaking and grape growing technology over the past 20 years has allowed these regions to improve quality with grapes that aren’t in great demand. Hence, a much better chance of quality wine for less money. The Guilhem ($12, purchased, 12.

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  • Winebits 356: Big Wine edition

    Because it’s always worth knowing what the six companies that control 60 percent of the U.S. wine business, plus their biggest competitors, are up to: • The biggest producer you’ve never heard of: Delicato Family Vineyards makes 5 million cases of wine a year, almost all of it Great Wall of Grocery store stuff, and almost all of it in anonymity.

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  • Two UNT classes and one very important wine lesson

    You can always trust a man in a hat who talks about cheap wine. This has not been the best of times for the Wine Curmudgeon, as anyone who has visited the blog over the past three or four months may have noticed. The posts have been a little crankier, my patience has been a little shorter, and the supply of quality cheap wine has seemed ever smaller.

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  • The difference between cheap wine and wine that is made cheaply

    Quality? Who cares about quality? It’s not enough to advocate cheap wine; consumers need to know how to tell the difference between cheap wine and wine that is made cheaply. The Wine Curmudgeon was reminded of this yet again when I struggled through the 2014 five-day, $3 wine challenge, where the producers cared more about price than they did about quality.

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  • Redd’s Wicked Apple: “Let’s make fun of wine”

    Far be it for the Wine Curmudgeon to criticize a multi-national company and a marketing campaign devised by people who are brilliant enough to work for it, when I’m just a guy at a keyboard who writes about cheap wine. But a recent Redd’s Wicked Apple commercial reminded me how creatively bankrupt so much of post-modern media is: “Let’s sell our product by making fun of wine!” ...

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  • Wine of the week: Milagro Vina Fuerte 2011

    Aldi’s Vina Decana, one of the great cheap wines in the 20-plus years I’ve been doing this, has apparently gone, leaving us almost as quickly as it appeared on the grocer’s store shelves. This is not unusual in wine, though I’ve never quite grown used to it. Wine can’t be made like a car, with a new model every year; there are too many vagaries of production, the supply chain, ...

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  • Winebits 355: Underage drinking, lawsuits, drunks

    • You can’t learn from me: A study reported at the Partnership for Drug Free Kids found parents can’t teach their children responsible drinking. The catch? One definition of teaching responsible drinking is parents buying the booze for a beer bash. Sigh. How about parents letting their children have wine with dinner, to show them it’s not something unusual or forbidden? The stud ...

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  • Wine to drink when the power goes out, 2014 edition

    The Wine Curmudgeon has entirely too much experience cooking like this. Who knew, after last December’s ice storm and four days without power, that the Wine Curmudgeon would get to do it again — and only nine months later? Ain’t electricity deregulation grand, TXU? We lost power for 2 1/2 days at the beginning of October after 30 minutes of rain and high winds.

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