• Jacqueline Bahue 2012 Red Angel

      Here is another selection I received from Naked Wines. I was mildly surprised with the Jacqueline Bahue Rosé I reviewed a couple of posts ago. And I’m not a real big Rosé fan but hope to try this one again in the summer while out on the deck. Well, back to this red blend and I’m not sure what this wine’s blend varietals are but I’d guess it contains the major varietals we a ...

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    • Domaine Mas Du Bouquet 2009 Vacqueyras

      This Grand Vin de la Vallée du Rhone red blend of 60% Grenache, 30% Syrah and 10% Mourvedre sells for $16 and has an ABV of 14.5%. The Domaine Mas Du Bouquet 2009 Vacqueyras was a nice surprise as I had no preconceived notions when I purchased this wine – I’m getting better at this as I get older & wiser.

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    • Ghost Pines 2011 Red Blend

      I received this as a Christmas gift in 2013 (yeah I know – what took me so long?) and has a delectable blend of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Sirah, Merlot & Sangiovese grape varietals from Sonoma County (56%), Joaquin County (23%) and Napa County (21%) which yielded a deep garnet color with an alcohol by volume of 14.5%.

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  • 3000 BC 2009 Luscious Scarlett

    3000 BC 2009 Luscious Scarlett Summer has finally arrived here in the Northeast. Mother nature certainly took her time – but I’m grateful. Although many believe a clean, crisp white wine fits the bill for a sipping wine while relaxing on the deck with the ideal temperatures and humidity, I still like my reds.

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  • L’Immortel

    L’Immortel Foreign movie – French (2012). L’Immortel (22 Bullets is the English title) begins with Charly Mattei (Jean Reno) with one of his children and after letting his son off to view a street vendor, Charly, a former French crime boss enters the underground garage. It is here that his childhood friend, Tony Zakia, has ordered a hit on him.

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  • Apothic Rosé 2012

    Apothic Rosé 2012 The 2012 vintage of the Apothic Rosé Limited Release California ‘First Cut’ was a mild surprise and one I didn’t expect. But then again, I never know what to expect from a bottle of wine I’ve never tried before. I picked this up due to the fact I really enjoy the Apothic Red Blend and figured I would like to try this to see how it would compare to other Ro ...

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  • Small and Small At Large 2012

    Small and Small At Large 2012 Not the strangest name I’ve heard and yes, this is another selection from NakedWines. Again, this has a screw top closure and has an alcohol content of 14.2%. Actually the six bottles of wine I received were all screw tops – what is the wine industry coming to? Although I do recognize the dilemma wineries face with cork and the possibility of l ...

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  • Jacqueline Bahue Rosé Lodi 2012

    Jacqueline Bahue Rosé Lodi 2012 The Jacqueline Bahue Rosé Lodi 2012 has an ABV of 12.3% and is the second of six bottles I received from NakedWines. Still a bottle of wine with a screw top closure (will I ever see a cork again???), at least I didn’t have to search for the corkscrew – like that’s really a problem huh? Anyway, this had a fruit punch color but stopped there as ...

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  • A Late Quartet (2012)

    A Late Quartet (2012) Christopher Walken plays Peter Mitchell, who has recently been diagnosed with a medical condition that will end his tenure as the Fugue String Quartet’s cellist and leader for the past twenty-five years. The ensuing story is one that sees Peter as a paternalistic figure struggling with emotions about his own life as well as the quartet’s.

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  • Jim Olsen Fair Angel 2012

    Jim Olsen Fair Angel 2012 Seeing as the holidays are over and might be some of the best and worst times of the year. Shoppers abound with good intent only to come home frustrated and tired with little to show for their efforts. Crowds are at an enormous level testing the small amount of patience we have left after we cannot find a parking spot – and we haven’t even started shopping yet.

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