Must a wine be true to or representative of its type?

    Lettie Teague’s 10/23/14 Wall Street Journal article on Pinot Grigio—specifically the high quality, northern Italian producers—brought to mind an experience I had some time ago with a California version of Pinot Grigio. After swirling, sniffing and sipping, I quickly checked the label to verify what I just tasted.

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    Wine drinkers are getting screwed.

    When it comes to marketing wines, producers need to consider which details are important to the ultimate consumer. While I often poke fun at the “prettiest label” phenomenon, it is clearly an effective motivator. Surely, if the bottle’s label is appealing to the eyes, its contents should also be pleasing to the palate.

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    Early morning breakfast of Sauvignon Blanc and creamy scrambled eggs

    I recently endured the unforgettable joys of recuperating from total knee replacement surgery. During the many weeks of therapy, I had numerous opportunities to explore the essential and intriguing aspects of wine appreciation. One morning while my wife was off to the golf course in pursuit of perfection—which that the sport firmly denies—I had this pre-coffee urge to enjoy a br ...

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A very personal account—a kind of oenophile’s diary—of experiences and observations while exploring the fascinating world of wine appreciation.

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