Sunday Sojourn ~ The Man Who Cried + A Wine Journey

    Wine, popcorn, and tissues… The Man Who Cried. A story of a young, female refugee travels from Russia to England, to Paris, to America in search of her lost father the lessons of lost loves in the process are bitter sweet.. The Man Who Cried is a 2000 Anglo-French film, written and directed by Sally Potter.

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    Retailer With Beverage Education As A Priority ~ Total Wines & More

    I applaud Total Wines & More… Being on the inside of the wine business, I get to see things happening that let me know who’s who and what’s what. [Image: center is Ron Rubin, owner and president of The Rubin Family of Wines, greeting his guests.] I have been in the wine business for over two decades. I’ve not seen it all, but I’ve seen a great deal of it.

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    This is a public service announcement (PSA) from the Napa Valley office of Wine Spectator… You know how you ask, “What can I do to help?” Yeah… it’s one of those moments. NAPA VALLEY EARTHQUAKE 2014 I just received this Email and know it’s importance, as I have samples that I’d like to send in this direction. As a result, I understand how important it is, in this time of turmoil.

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    Get On Up: James Brown moment + a lifetime memory + a befitting wine

    Get On Up… What a chant… It’s no secret that I have a rock n’ roll background, long before I moved to California and segued into wine. Our friend Corinne Reichel of Respite Wines just asked us, before seeing the movie Get On Up, “Did you ever meet James Brown?” Ask about most rock and roll artists, and the answer is a probable “yes.” Jose said, “No, but Jo’s got a good story.

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    Social Media Faux Pas, Reminder to Keep Your Social Media Local

    The Napa Valley Earthquake was very close to home. It was also quite a reminder for me how important it is to keep your business local; most especially your social media. Don’t expect someone sitting in Kentucky, for example, to understand the local geography. And, how can you even begin to measure someone’s emotional intelligence in the process.

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    Napa Valley Earthquake: Not too shaken, just a little stirred in Sonoma County

    I terrible pun, I know, but actually very true, about this Napa Valley earthquake, as it relates to outlying regions. Our hearts go out to all of the wine companies, their owners, and their employees, whose lives just got turned upside down. this is PR pro Mia Malm's office. While This is an office pick-up, the outside of Mia's building has a different story.

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    Writing you don’t see, revealed… Cadaretta’s Soil Composition at Southwind Vineyard

    Cadaretta Wine's Soil Composition at Southwind Vineyard is a story that I wrote for our client. Because it's for their Website, it's got a copyright on it and stories like this I never put onto my blog ~ like so many other internal documents that I produce daily. But this one has just stuck with me, I mean really stuck with me. I first wrote it, then ran it by Dr.

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    PR 101 ~ The Art of Diplomacy

    I'm a Sagittarian; and in astrology, we're known to be pretty blunt. This isn't a cop out for my being blunt, nor does it say that astrology is the be all to end all for supposed traits within that world... It's just my life's observations about myself, and the realizations that my bluntness has sometimes offended people.

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    The ‘Res Ipsa Loquitor’ mutual admiration society circumlocution

    What goes round and round and round again? The 'Res Ipsa Loquitor' mutual admiration society... [pronounced rayz ip-sah loh-quit-her (the thing speaks for itself)] On Sunday, August 17, PS I Love You and Kent Rosenblum (below, from Rock Wall Wine Company) hosted our annual volunteer and Groupies picnic. The following is a thank you Email that I got from Brian and Nancy Gillespie.

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    The state of the Petite Sirah grape – Harvest 2014 and where it’s at right now

    As I personally think about Petite Sirah for the 2014 vintage, in terms of this year's grape season, it's going down as the season of "bewitching fog" in my neighborhood. However, I'm in Russian River Valley and I'm seeing it from a very narrow band, I just found out. I decided to reach out to the members of PS I Love You, to get them to reply to me, in order to back up my thinking for this story.

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    Night Train to Lisbon with a fine Chardonnay

    Searching for my comfort film A Good Year, I fell upon Night Train to Lisbon. It's a film based on the novel of the same name. Written by Pascal Mercier in German, and later by Greg Latter and Ulrich Herrmann. It's a story of the constant intrigue and/or resistance of both the characters and the time during the Portuguese Fascist Resistance.

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    Throw Back Thursday for me: Women for WineSense

    It's been a long time since I've made it over the hill to attend a Women for WineSense event, but this might be the one I'm going to do. I was just invited by Marcia Macomber, and I had to write this Email of interest, but the caveat is great at this time. Not sure yet, Marcia, but I do appreciate your invitation. We're in the aftermath of a house flood ($35,000 worth of damages).

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    PR 101 ~ Personal emails are a true path

    I don't write a blog to elicit extensive comments on what I've put out there. Controversial stories always elicits emotions and that's when people jump right it. I write in order to distribute information. Then I tend to get private Emails on whatever the topic was, because there's a shared bond. And, this is actually a great set up for those PR 101 moments I'm looking for.

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    Wines of South America by Evan Goldstein

    More than Wines of South America being an important body of work, it's about the author for me. Please don't misunderstand me. This latest book by Evan Goldstein is just brilliant, but that's what I've come to expect from him; and, that's why he's even more important to me than the books he's producing...

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    Red Wine for delicious dishes

    Who doesn't love Red Wine, when it comes to pairing deliciously full red wine with the perfect foods? Raise your hands, everyone. This red wine called Trivento Amado Sur is translated literally into "South Love." About 6,214 miles away from their native land of France, grapes from the Old World encountered generous sunshine and laborious hands at the foot of the Andes.

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