• Thirteenth Annual Pinot Noir Shootout

    To all of my wine pals, I don’t know anyone who works more tirelessly for Pinot Noir than Barbara Drady does. Her Affairs of the Vine annual shootouts are worth your time and energy. I believe in the process of a collective palate, just as I do for individual ones. Barbara’s panels are always worth their weight in gold, as a who’s who.

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  • Sur Lie aging versus aging Sur Lees

    Education,Twice,Wine,Wine Making A very common mistake that I see, over and over again (most especially by writers who are new to wine) is the statement of “Sur Lees Aging.” This is incorrect usage of the process. One “lie” Sur lie is a process of aging. It allows for a wine, when it’s finished fermenting, to sit on the lees while flavor is extract.

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  • Well, if you’re not a super palate, I don’t expect you to get it

    Super palate… yeah, if you don’t have one, don’t try to tell anyone who does how we learned to enjoy wine. There are rumblings out there about how people learn to enjoy wine. They break it down into their own scientific theories, and that’s just what they are… Theories, not a complete determination, because they exclude my super palate process… They fluff me off as… fluff.

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  • The Essence of Wine

    First of all, I have to apologize to Alder Yarrow of Vinography, regarding his book called The Essence of Wine. When he asked if I’d read it, I was ready. Then, Dharma stood me on my head and it’s taken from September 5 until now to get back onto my feet. Life does that… All the while remembering that I really wanted to read Alder’s book. He’s a great writer and I wanted to know his “story.

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  • Harvard… Hum… Brodiaea, Inc.

    Harvard University, by any other name in wine country, is now called Brodiaea, Inc. When Harvard gets involved, we’re just off the normal beaten path. It’s been my experience that the learning curve is very long and steep for this industry. Investors want their profits today. The old adage of, “If you want to make a small fortune in the wine industry, start with a big one, ...

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  • SEO and wine blog pitches – beware

    When I get pitched about things that surpass my HyperText Markup Language (HTML) 101 class, I turn to Jose. I know there are a lot of things that take down my blog, because I’ve had so many crashes. The good news for me is my IT person is living with me, and goes into immediate “fix” mode. Not everyone – most people, in fact – are as fortunate as I am.

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  • What some of today’s digital writers are being paid these days

    Web 2.0 launched; it opened the flood gates to digital writers. The playing field became a time lapsed frenzy on the field, like at the end of a Super Bowl. So many writers, almost free talent, if publishers are willing to switch off history for a while. That crashed many of those traditional jobs for now. Many of those who kept their jobs felt some seismic activity.

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  • No answer is an answer

    Public Relations,Wine,Wine Manners,Wine Publicist,Wine Writer No answer is an answer, if you don’t understand that yet. When “no” is an answer, it t can mean several things: The person is on vacation The person isn’t quite sure what to say and needs more time to think about it It’s a “no,” but the person is not even going to get back to you (not courteous, so you’re not lo ...

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  • Wine Country Artist Erin Hanson is an Impressionist

    Artist Erin Hanson is an Impressionist, which happens to be my favorite style of oil… Long the lover of fine arts, Impressionism is my favorite time in art history; both then and now. I appreciate how blending strokes come together to masterfully become visual experiences of landscapes. My Jose says this frequently: “Art is anything that elicits an emotion.” He’s right.

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  • The Warner Wine Guide

    This E-Mail intrigued me, because in the light of “something new everyday,” This one was new to me. And… it was graphic. I’m a visual learner. I can take an image and turn it into my own encyclopedia instantly, instead of reading every word over long periods of time. I get to shoot off and research everything that I’d like to know, in the order that I’m most curious.

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  • The loss of John Pedroncelli is deeply felt in wine country

    John Pedroncelli was one of those quiet leaders; you know them, they’re the most in tune with harmony. [The Pedroncelli family photo is borrowed from their Website.] The title read, “John Pedroncelli, prominent Dry Creek winemaker, dies at 89,” and my heart sank… We’ve lost a great one from Dry Creek Valley and from PS I Love You.

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  • The day Miles learned that we can’t turn back time

    Once upon a time, Miles learned that we can’t turn back time. That day was on January 3, 2015. It was the first day that Miles heard a timer go off, which had been set to 10 minutes. Nana had bought a timer for Miles, So that when Mommy said, “It’s 10 minutes before we have to leave Nana’s,” Miles would begin to understand how much time he really had left.

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  • 2015 Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah® updates of wine & food

    Education,Event,Food & Wine,Petite Sirah,PS I Love You,Wine,Wine Appreciation,Wine Auction,Wine Business,Winery,Wne and Food 2015 Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah® returns on February 20, 2015 at Rock Wall once again More details will be following about Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah ® 2015.

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  • Women for WineSense launches contest for Women in Wine event

    Years ago, when my friend and wine colleague Julie Johnson (today of Tres Sabores) was making waves in Women for WineSense, I went to meetings and was so impressed by her and the group. She had her finger on the pulse (and still does). At that time, little did I know that when she was going to Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, with my husband Jose, none of us knew that we ...

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