• Discovering Writer Mark Pendergrast

    [This photo is borrowed from Mark Pendergrast’s Website.] I enjoy introducing you to other writers in the wine business, or related to it in some seamless way. In this case, it’s a fellow writer whose expertise has earned him columns in Wine Spectator, which are related to coffee and evaluating it.

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  • The Claw Factor of Sauvignon Blanc

    What’s the Claw Factor? Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that has a fascinating range and it deserves its own rating system, in my humble opinion. On one end of the spectrum, there are the commodity Sauvignon Blancs. You know, the ones that have no character, no finesse, and something important is missing (like flavors).

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  • Wine is a civilizing beverage

    I was just reminded that “wine is a civilizing beverage” as I tasted through some wines of Turkey. This was my very first introduction to Turkish wines. What it also did was unite me with a person who I didn’t know, because I had written about the wines of his native homeland – Turkey. His name is Gence Alton, and he’s a neighbor, living in Santa Rosa, California..

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  • 1000 corks – two things about that

    Marketing,Retail,Wine,Wine Business 1000 Corks Does anyone need or want 1,000 corks. I’ve just emptied a wine barrel with over 3,000 corks and don’t want to just throw them away. If you pay for shipping for 1,000 of them, I’ll send them to you. 1,000 corks, the Website 1000 Corks, the offer Please email me: jo@diaz-communications.

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  • Weight of Wine Bottles and Being Unduly Impressed in a Time of Sustainability

    Marketing,Wine,Wine Business How do you feel about the weight of wine bottles these days? I know of one wine writer who, when the bottles began to take on the “Big Boy” effect, had serious issues right away. It’s only been within the last 10 years that wine bottles have put on the extra pounds… As part of the fattening of America, they’ve been super-sized.

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  • Holiday book recommendations for wine and food lovers

    Each year I like to share book recommendations for wine I’ve read in the past year, for those who like to up the ante on their family and friends’ wine libraries… The book library, of course. Here’s my list and a paragraph about each one for new books in 2014: Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt, The Compete History of Presidential Drinking, by Mark Will-Weber Mint Juleps wi ...

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  • Spot-Not for wine enthusiasts

    Gadgets, doodads, and fooferettes is where I’d categorize Spot-Not. I can be anal retentive about my wine glasses and decanters. I want them spotless. Did I want to dedicate an entire blog post to one product? No, how much can be said? Then… I read the bottom of the E-Mail from Julie Weber: “This Wednesday [in mid-November] we celebrate the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and ...

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  • The comma coma ~ writing wine press releases

    Education,Wine,Wine Blogger,Wine Writer One use of the comma Here’s how it works, just to make your press releases read as they should. Addressing Ann and Peter: Michael and Mary moved with their two children, Ann and Peter, to the San Francisco Bay Area, in the fall of 1996. Talking about Ann and Peter: Michael and Mary moved with their two children Ann and Peter, to t ...

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  • Holiday Coctails with NON GMO Zulka

    The NON GMO labeling of Zulka Morena Sugar is inspiring to me. I was asked to share a recipe for the holidays, and Zulka was an ingredient. When I learned what it was, I knew that I had to share. SIDEBAR: Mr. Shapiro, my seventh grade home room teacher helped my class to remember how to spell “conscience.” Mr. Shapiro said… “con” “science.” Interestingly, the prefix “con” means “with.

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  • Constructing a soil monolith with Vineyard Soil Technologies

    Amenities, Supplies, Services,Green Valley,Russian River Valley,Vineyards,Wine,Winery [Photo Credit: Lori Knapp, Rubin Family Vineyards and Winery] I just recommended Vineyard Soil Technologies in my story entitled, “Soil Monolith ~ a perfect wine gift for the winery owner...” The Rubin Family Vineyards and Winery has taken advantage of their soil preserved in a Monolith ...

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  • Current Issues in Vineyard Health to be held at UC Davis Extension

    Brought to you by the UC Davis Extension Department, the following is the day’s agenda and registration information for the ‘Current Issues in Vineyard Health’ course. It is going to be held this year in the UC Davis Conference Center, on December 2, 2014. According to Deborah Golino the director of the Foundation Plant Services Department, “We have a great slate of speaker ...

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  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    Holiday,I'll Drik to That,Wine Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Each year, once our family is about to have our Thanksgiving meal, we like to first say why we’re thankful. I, like most of you, have a lot of thanks for the people who have a great impact my life. I’m going to try to include you all here.

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  • Thanksgiving Wines ~ The Reds

    Today’s blog is about red wines for this coming holiday. Wines are a natural topic during this time of giving thanks, since I’m in the wine business… right? During this time of year, from one year to the next, I reflect upon who’s been there for me in the past cycle… entrusting me with their stories. This blog post is more about giving thanks than it is about Thanksgiving wines.

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  • Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt

    Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt, The Compete History of Presidential Drinking, by Mark Will-Weber, is a well researched and documented history book, the likes of which we’ve yet had revealed. Enlightening, frightening, and really captivating, This book will never be pried out of my stiffly clutched arms.

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