The emotional intelligence of wine blogging and its vitriol eruption

    OPINION: Recently, poop finally hit the fan for the wine blogging community. Everything that’s right with it and everything that’s wrong with it collided in the biggest mess I’ve yet to witness. I believe it’s finally hit a paradigm shift that’s been so needed, but not without its pain and suffering.

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    The many charms of a winemaker ~ Mark Beaman ~ During harvest, no less

    [Image borrowed from the Wines That Rock Website. Mark Beaman is in the middle of this image.] One of the many charms of Mark Beaman is that I got a winemaker profile during harvest. One would think that it’s pretty hard to do right now. Certainly I did. So I used a different technique than the meet n’greet interview process. I sent questions to him, and told him there was no rush.

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    Oregon Pinot Gris is getting it’s Gris On, Redux

    Event,Oregon,Oregon Pinot Gris,Wine Oregon Pinot Gris is once more Getting it’s Gris on, with a statewide tasting to celebrate this varietal wine. Oregon, Get Your Gris On!™ is wine and food nibble tasting event is consumers and is happening at wineries that want to join the fun, on Saturday and Sunday, September 27 and 28, 2014.

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    Salads with wine pairings? Seriously?

    You might ask, salads with wine pairings? Seriously? Yes, I’m here to tell you that it not only works, but it works really well. When I was working at a winery in the Sierras, we had a chef that worked there every day. It was he who turned me on to the fact that we can enjoy a wine with a leafy salad. I have to admit that I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t tried it. It works.

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    Looking for free wine writing content?

    Free wine writing, does this happen anymore? When wine blogging first got going, I got emails like this a lot, as a sign of the times… Bloggers wanting their names to become associated with wine sites, and they were willing to give away their content to build their credibility.

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    Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen and great wine pairings

    When Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen arrived, I wondered how limited the audience could be. Yeah… Not even. If people think that being vegan lacks flavor or excitement, think again. Jose and I have really pared down the foods that we do eat, and he’s come to have even more discipline than I have. For most of our 30+ years together, it’s been the other way around, when it comes to food.

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    Some common misconceptions about wine blogs + reality checks

    The following are some are common misconceptions about wine blogs, and I’m taking it a step further by presenting a reality checks to go along with each misconception. This is coming from a seasoned wine pro, who is also blogging. Additionally, I’m and very aware of the cadre of wine writers who’ve come before many of the next generation, which is priding itself on being up to speed.

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    99 Bottles of Wine On the Wall, it’s no longer a joke

    It’s easy to joke about 99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall, when you’ve got it going on. I’ve been doing it for years. We got this wine storage unit from a client as payment, years ago. I loved it when I got it… Who wouldn’t? In July 8, a pipe burst in our upstairs bathroom.

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    You can’t ride two horses with one behind + professional ethics

    blogging ethics,Wine,Wine Blogger,Wine Business Whomever said, “You can’t ride two horses with one behind,” never saw the circus act where the pretty, young girl is riding two horses while standing up. You can ride two horses, but you have to be on your feet to do it, not on your behind. That’s where I am… I’m riding two horses, and I’m standing on my feet.

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    What Labor Day Means to Me

    What labor Day Means to Me… is not what you might expect. It’s not a day to go boating for the last time of the season; or, heading off to the beach one more time, before I settle into apple picking. No BBQs for me today. Nay… It’s pretty sobering for me. It’s time to remember my grandfather Peter J. Bernier. He was my first hero in life.

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    Sunday Sojourn ~ The Man Who Cried + A Wine Journey

    Wine, popcorn, and tissues… The Man Who Cried. A story of a young, female refugee travels from Russia to England, to Paris, to America in search of her lost father the lessons of lost loves in the process are bitter sweet.. The Man Who Cried is a 2000 Anglo-French film, written and directed by Sally Potter.

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    Retailer With Beverage Education As A Priority ~ Total Wines & More

    I applaud Total Wines & More… Being on the inside of the wine business, I get to see things happening that let me know who’s who and what’s what. [Image: center is Ron Rubin, owner and president of The Rubin Family of Wines, greeting his guests.] I have been in the wine business for over two decades. I’ve not seen it all, but I’ve seen a great deal of it.

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