Dog Days in the Vineyard… loveable and creative promtion

    Dog Days in the Vineyard is really creative title for an event that brings wine and dog lovers, their dogs, and an event that benefits a non-profit rescue foundation all together in one nice little bundle. This one's novel, too, because so many wineries don't even want to see your dog at their facilities.

    18 readers - By Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog

    Cork … It’s what’s for dinner

    Cork is one of my favorite subjects. I got a recent email about it, from Jeff Lloyd, of Sitrick And Company in Los Angeles: By way of introduction, we are working with the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) to help communicate the advantages that cork stoppers have over artificial closures. Please check out our Web site for additional information on our campaign.

    9 readers - By Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog

    PRIMER FOR BLOGGERS: Winery flow chart for story lines

    Pros, it's another platform. Connoisseurs, because it's fun to share their thoughts, and maybe... just maybe... it will turn into later creds... like Robert Parker did for himself. Hobbyists are writing about their experience, simply because they enjoy the beverage, want to share with family and friends, and are at ground zero for understanding how a wine company actually operates.

    6 readers - By Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog

    Starting a legal winery? Here are things to consider

    Starting a legal winery has to be a daunting task, most especially for the people who've never been connected to the wine industry. I know that I segued from radio into wine, and it took me at least three years before I was really on any real sure footing. I was contacted by Danielle Rodabaugh, the chief editor at SuretyBonds.

    12 readers - By Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog

    When the Dust turns to Silk – 2011 Rutherford Cabernets

    It was a beautiful summer's day, when we all gathered to taste the 2011 Rutherford Cabernets, at Francis Ford Coppola's Inglenook Winery. I need to immediately segue into the late 1990s. I was sitting on a panel for the American Wine Society in Cleveland, Ohio, I believe it was. I was invited to talk about Cabernet Franc as a variety.

    5 readers - By Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog

    Wine scores and reviews: those who write them and those who need them

    Wine scores: This was one of my very first stories on my wine blog... It was written on February 5, 2006. And, it was a very daring move for the time, because I knew it could enrage a few people. I wrote it, because I was so frustrated with salespeople who wanted to just take orders and not really hand sell the wine... their job, by the way. So, I wrote the following.

    20 readers - By Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog

    Living in Sonoma County, I find myself dreaming of Sea Ranch Lodge

    I need a real vacation, because this wine publicist's house is under siege with repair people. Yesterday I posted about a flood happening in our upstairs bathroom. With water fans blowing 24/7, the "loud" white noise is now really setting in. I need a couple of days at the ocean... and again, I find myself dreaming of Sea Ranch.

    4 readers - By Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog

    Avalon Bay saves my day, right when I needed Calgon to take me away

    I was asked if I would review a wine refrigerator for Avalon Bay, a home appliance company; their Avalon Bay AB-WINE12S 12 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, to be exact. Sure, why not? I have another Air & Water wine refrigerator in our kitchen. When I get samples in my office, I occasionally lamented that I don't have a convenient storage unit right here for wh ...

    4 readers - By Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog

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