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  • This is NOT like one-of those foreign-emails you probably get

    Jo's World,Wine A day in the life of a wine publicist… Hi, I came across-your contact over the-web and wanted to-share a brief note. I think a few-changes, aesthetically and/or SEO-wise, can make your site-convert more-visitors into leads-and also get it placed-higher in the organic search-results, for a few of the select terms.

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  • Tuscany + Wine = Romance

    Wine Fall Tuscan Values Tuscany, bring on the romance… Castello di Monsanto Monrosso DOCG 2011, a Chianti Classico Docg, bring on the Sangiovese… and, ...

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  • Off beat and darned happy to be… Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah

    Alameda,Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah®,Dark & Delicious™,Petite Sirah,PS I Love You,Wne and Food The premier tasting event for Petite Sirah lovers in-the-world continues to celebrate Petite, with its Ninth Annual Tasting, on February 20, 2015. Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah® again features a varied selection of Petite Sirah styles, and delectable foods that pair well with Petite.

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  • Is living on principles a good thing, or am I holding myself back… from NoteStream?

    As it turns out, I’m not holding my self back, when it comes to principles, and I may have helped the current writing condition take a teeny tiny step forward. I have my principles, and I thought that I may just be stubbornly holding myself back… But then, I’m also not looking to conquer the world, the way my great grandfathers did (Charlemagne and the Kings of Scots… Yeah, ...

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  • Asteisms ~ Ingeniously Polite Insults

    Asteisms… Yes, it’s a TGIF kinda day… My own ignorance is totally eclipsed by own dumbfounded curiosity. Four years ago, I heard the word “asteism” defined, after hearing a great insult. I actually began this blog story at that time, so I could use this story one fine day, like today. I’m sorry to tell you that I do have a sarcastic side, inherited from my witty, yet humor ...

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  • Scandal continues to amuse in its wine Chateaux Du Bolet ways

    Chateaux Du Bolet… I have a wine friend who’s equally fascinated with the television show called Scandal. Her website is called Grapefriend, and Jose just found her for me, in a very amusing way, as I was contemplating another blog about this show. We were watching and enjoying Scandal. As the new Season 4 opens, the main character Olivia Pope is embroiled in a love affair ...

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  • Cement Suitcase ~ A Wine Sojourn

    Cement Suitcase is a comedy – tragedy about a character named Franklin. He works at a winery in Yakima Valley, and has to deal with life’s blows. It’s an award-winning, independent film about a tasting room manager and his humorous attempts to get control of his life. If you love independent films, and you love wine country, this one will make you feel like you’d enjoy going ...

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  • Are Genetically Modified grape vines ever going to be good for wine?

    Let’s consider if Genetically Modified grape vines are ever going to be good for us… In order to do that, we have to look at studies that are being done independently, many of which are happening outside of the United States, as regards other crops. It’s also important to note that a study handed off to a university through a grant program by a corporation might as well rea ...

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  • Petite Sirah, The John Wayne of Grapes, Is Our All-American Legend

    Petite Sirah,PS I Love You,Wine As regards Petite Sirah being The John Wayne of Grapes… Imagine, if you will, being plucked from your homeland shortly after being born. (Some would argue that you were ostracized.) You’re brought to the Atlantic, where you board a steamship headed for America. You land in New York, are put onto the next train headed to California, and you never look back.

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  • Have you ever thought about Making Your Own Wine at Home?

    Making your own wine is done by a lot of home winemakers. And, if you’ve ever thought about making your own wine, right in the comfort of your home, there’s a great new book on the market. Written by Lori Stahl, and published by Fox Chapel Publishing, Making Your Own Wine at Home is a no nonsense book that’s a practical, how-to beginners’ guide.

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  • Nine years of wine blogging, should I have just written a book?

    I’m reflecting on nine years of wine blogging this morning… having started just about this time nine years ago, in terms of thinking I should, and then getting Jose to build a site for me. I’ve had about four wine blog sites in the process. In 2005, WordPress wasn’t even born yet, so he had to do it from scratch, as I eagerly waited to write that first story.

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  • Melting Pot Cooking: Joyce Goldstein and Petite Sirah

    Renowned chef and cookbook author Joyce Goldstein excitedly applauds the new food craze of “melting pot cooking” and her experiments with Petite Sirah. “Petite is a niche variety perfectly matched for this cuisine,” stated Goldstein at the Tenth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium. Concannon Vineyard, the first winery in the world to varietally label Petite Sirah, hosted this ann ...

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  • Napa Valley Wine Academy, from near and afar, you too, can learn more about wine

    The Napa Valley Wine Academy wants you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of food and wine in the heart of wine country. While their courses are taught at some of Napa Valley’s best wineries, they’re also located in Tampa, Florida, and you can take courses online. After having immersed my own self in the last 22 years, I understand the excitement that goes along with ...

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