• Wine Consumer Power

    Web 2.0 was supposed to give more power to the wine consumer. One could express oneself on forums, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Google+ and all social networks. One could get in touch with favorite wine producers while producers could answer disappointed consumers. The virtual world was considered the best friend of the wine drinker. Then reality struck back.

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  • 2013 New Trends in Wine Industry: Labels and Bottles

    Vinexpo is one of the many short cuts wine professionals can take to look at some of the latest industry trends. I spent four days talking to people, looking at packagings and tasting what was in the bottles of those new packaged wines, checking new wine brands and innovation. Europe is still the land of terroirs and geographical identity, which very often makes for traditio ...

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  • Threat to Wine in Europe

    Vinexpo is opening in Bordeaux in 2 days. The wine industry is as usual in that period under the scrutiny of international media since it is one of the strong events of the business. Weirdly enough two European governments chose this moment to announce new laws or reinforcement of existing laws in two countries, well known for producing great wines, France and Turkey.

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  • A Storm in a Teaccup, I mean Wineglass

    A Storm in a Teaccup, I mean Wineglass by Eve Resnick on June 7, 2013 in International Markets China and European wines were having a wonderful honeymoon until a few days ago when China threatened to fine European wines in retaliation of European taxes on Chinese solar tachnology imported to Europe.

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  • Is a post on Social Media advertising?

    Is a post on Social Media advertising? by Eve Resnick on May 27, 2013 in General This question seems ludicrous to a lot of American wine professionals if I believe what I read in the last few days about the new TTB guidelines. In Europe and mainly in France this question was answered years ago by the Evin Law: yes, talking and writing on social media and/or on the Net abo ...

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  • Is pink the new wine color?

    With weather improving everyday, pink wine is more and more visible on restaurant tables and in people’s homes. Is it the new wine color? For many years, in Europe, pink wines were considered as “non wines”, i.e. wines for people who didn’t know anything about wine. Then, it was considered as the “wine for women”, i.e.

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  • 400 American and Chinese Blogs under scrutiny

    400 American and Chinese Blogs under scrutiny by Eve Resnick on April 24, 2012 in General In 2011, The Wine Management Institute of Dijon, in Burgundy, France launched a 5-year study on international wine blogs under my direction with the help of our 40 to 50 students coming from all over the world. The first year (2011) was devoted to American and Chinese blogs.

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  • Celebrating Women Wine Producers and Professionals

    Celebrating Women Wine Producers and Professionals by Eve Resnick on March 8, 2012 in General March 8 is officially our day, Women’s Day. We should pay more often a tribute to those women, wine producers or professionals, who are often the source of interesting initiatives. This article aims at mentioning just a few of those ideas or different approaches on various wine related topics.

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  • Good news for consumers, bad news for producers?

    Good news for consumers, bad news for producers? by Eve Resnick on February 13, 2012 in General A recent study by Nielsen shows that the 2011 trend of decreasing prices for wine bottles will keep going in 2012. If this is good news for consumers, it is bad news for producers who would like nothing more than reversing the trend.

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  • Coming back on line with new thoughts

    Letting a blog silent for many months after years of writing posts several times a week and sharing thoughts with readers and/or friends was not an easy decision. Of course, I could mention the increasing pressure of work and of two teaching positions, speaking assignments in the US and Europe or the writing of a new book (in French – don’t get your hopes too high ) but it wo ...

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