• Wine for Us…WineZag for Me

      I learned some lessons about wine and blogging in 2014. Part of the education involved joyous consumption of interesting and delicious wines with good people. Just as much learning came from never sharing anything about those wine experiences here at WineZag. I have not written since last winter following five years of steady WineZag content.

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    • Kaleidoscope of Wine Styles and Jeremy Parzen

      A friend of mine that sells wine in Massachusetts has told me more than once he admires my openness and flexibility for enjoying varied styles of wine. Fresh, aged, brooding, bright, acidic, chewy, earthy, fruity, dense, leesy, steel, wood, white, red, rosé, brett, sparkling…no matter. He’s right; with the caveats of passable vintage conditions, good farming, and considered éle ...

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    • Choosing a Restaurant Wine List Over Food

      As the eight of us maneuvered on a street corner to hail two NYC yellow cabs, my son asked me why we were traveling from 66th and Central Park West to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for dinner. “Aren’t there any nice restaurants in Manhattan?” It was a fair question. I explained I had booked a table for ten at Reynard because “I wanted a shot at a restaurant wine list filled with the e ...

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  • Couly Dutheil Les Chanteaux Chinon Blanc

    Have you ever had a wine that haunts you? More explicitly, did you ever taste a wine where its form and impression continually manifest themselves long after the wine is gone? Maybe it stayed in your presence days and weeks after the bottle was killed; so much so that you suspect its afterlife form will never leave you alone again? If this sounds strange to you, give the ****1/2 $25 2011 Couly D.

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  • Ribelle in Brookline Gives Boston a Sense of Place

    Ribelle in Brookline has figured out what other Boston restaurants have not; deliver the quintessential dining experience embodying a Bostonian “sense of place”. Phraseology often finding its way into wine conversations, “sense of place” gives tasters insights and connections to region, weather, vineyard, culture, and overall terroir that begat their beverage.

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  • Gaillard Collines Rhodaniennes Syrah Fresh From the Northern Rhone

    Having style expectations for wines from specific regions, like the Northern Rhone as an example, is an unavoidable reflex after years of tasting. Planning to drink a Northern Rhone Syrah from AOP’s like Cote Rotie, Hermitage, Cornas, or St. Joseph requires some fortitude. For one, they are not cheap.

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