The Station St Markets

    have become a weekly ritual, I love the small stores populated by owners serious about their food and produce. There's an energy and chaos that all good markets share, that sense of community and connection and of course passion.

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    Lomo embuchado

    An Australian pork tenderloin (450g), a zip lock bag from Ikea and 200g of salt, 100g of sugar, 3 tablespoons of smoky paprika and a tablespoon of partially crushed fennel. Seal the bag and put in the fridge, turning the bag daily for three days. (I think next time I'll use some crushed garlic and cut out the sugar) ...

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    Keller Von Der Fels Riesling 2012

    A Brilliant wine. $A59. I must be growing weak, I had a lot of difficulty in removing the cork and in the end I had to rummage for my Ah-So. I knew this would be mostly dry, but it does smells sweet - blossom and pollen, freshly struck flint. . . It's like a jolt in the mouth - a sting of purity - it's lean, tight, intense and quite amazing ...

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    400 grams of pearl barley, rinsed and then cooked in a pot of boiling water till puffed and tender (30 minutes) ...

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    I had plans for something larger and more protein based, but I foolishly left my wallet on the kitchen table ...

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    William Fevre Montée de Tonnerre 2009

    Somewhere in the middle of the promenade plantée, where the narrow path becomes an open park and Parisians can be seen in various states of undress, I saw a dozen men of various morphology, all in underpants of various colour Greco-Roman wrestling. . . Of all the recent images I've taken, I think this more than any other captures the spirit of the wine.

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    A beef bun

    I'm tempted to make my own Taiwanese gwa bao (steamed sandwich buns), it looks fairly simple and as usual, I have ideas and preconceptions which really need to be challenged by reality ...

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    Pio Pio Chenin blanc 2013

    The last bottle of Margaret River chenin I tried was disappointing, there too much oak and obfuscation and not enough focus on the essence. I like my chenin to have a sting. Thankfully this is much better, it's elemental and free of make up and half the price ($A22). Floral - acacia and honey suckle; and sappy, with a modest level of tartness and bite in the mouth ...

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    Red cooked duck breast

    I've been using the same master stock for eight years, it has a pleasing deepness and smoothness and I love the notion of keeping it suspended in my freezer. With each use I add some more dark soy and rice wine and whatever aromatics I have on hand - coriander root, ginger, star anise and occasionally spring onion. Ordinarily I poach a chicken but tonight a pair of duck breasts.

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    Yabby Lake Block 2 Pinot noir 2012

    Rows 1- 37, Clone MV6, Bottle 111 of 3914, screwcap, approx $A100. Perhaps this is just too young - for it seems awkward, clumsy and wrong in emphasis, but after two days of sipping and poking, I suspect all of these traits are in fact intentional and destined to persist ...

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    Aux Tonneaux des Halles

    Our final dinner in Paris. We arrived shortly after the early evening rush, snaffled the final table and then watched the lone waiter try to take orders and serve food to the whole room and street.

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    Racines 2

    Around the corner from Spring and just off Rue Saint-Honore. The room is modern and open, and when I visited almost entirely filled with tourists, in contrast to the neighbouring and more casual wine bar - Le Garde Robe. The menu is short, a single black board, four entrees and three mains ...

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    The shape of wine retailing 2014

    A quick skim of the latest annual reports for Coles and Woolworths and a few observations. Woolworths has 1402 retail outlets in Australia (186 Dan Murphy's and 1216 BWS). Coles has 831 stores. I have no idea what this means in percentage terms, but in 2010 they already had > 50% of the market. For FY2014 liquor sales for Woolworths = $7.4 billion.

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    You know there will be crowds, but still it comes as a shock to see such a mass of people trying to catch a glimpse of this small and whimsically beautiful painting ...

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