Tasting notes

    Yes, I do still write them, though lately they have been almost as rare as these lapis lazuli champagne coupes. . . From various wine lists and also some of the wonderful enomatic machines to be found in London (The Sampler) and Paris (Lavinia). Domaine Ballot-Millot Meur...

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    Arion ater

    I'm not normally impressed by the sight of a slug. . . apparently these can grow to 20 centimetres and as my daughter now tells ...

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    Postcard: Hogweed

    Everywhere it seemed, but especially along the motorways (M1, M3, M4, M25, M40) and country roads around the Cotswalds and Bath, I kept seeing these tall umbelliferous plants. At first I assumed they were Queen Anne's lace, but the umbels were too large, the seeds too big a...

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    As a child I knew a chestnut tree, spiky green balls, all for show, with very few nuts. I think my parents lost patience at this lack of productivity, or more likely they finally grew tired of raking the leaves and so the tree was no more. The memory, imperfect, has remaine...

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    Bone Daddies

    31 Peter Street, Soho. To arrive on foot usually means walking up Rupert street, past the Gielgud theatre and then Walker's court with all its porn and furtive men in coats looking at their boots as they dart in and out of the adult stores; the smell of urine is pervasive. ....

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    Postcard: Poole harbour oysters

    From the Borough markets in Southwark (don't pronounce the w), London. Jet lagged and sleepy, but very hungry I needed something to put me in my place, to tell me about my location. Thankfully my arrival was on a market day and my first mouthful was o...

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    I've been away for a little more than three weeks, making the most of someone else's summer, trying in vain to keep the sorrow and relative darkness of another Perth winter at bay. En route a flyover Iraq and the floodplain of the two great rivers. One of the birthplaces of...

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    Mitolo G.A.M Shiraz 2005

    I don't usually taste wine that reminds me of jam; it's not a positive in my mind, it means things have been taken too far and left for too long. Of course they can charm and disarm, but ultimately I (now) want something less sweet and attention seeking. Polished, bold and...

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    Roasted veg with a chickpea puree and dukkah

    I guess it's a form of obsession, the ability to picture and taste a particular meal again and again long after the actual event. For me it happens only a few times a year, curiously and in contrast to my wine flashbacks it's often something humble that I then tinker with, ...

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    In passing

    Tyrrell's 4 Acres Shiraz 2011. More weight and texture than before, but it still seems premature and curiously spritzig. Banana bread, metal and mulberry, and an almost tempranillo leafiness in the mouth. It's pleasing how much flavour fits into such a light frame. Old Cat...

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