Keller S Riesling 2012

    A recipe for gado gado. 1 portion of satay sauce / 3 large cubes of firm tofu (approx 600g, cut into 5mm slices, each slice deep fried till golden and then sliced into batons) / 6-7 medium potatoes (peeled, cut into 2-3cm cubes and boiled for 9 minutes in salted water) / 2 medium Chinese cabbage (wombok, sliced and cleaned and then blanched in boiling water for 1 minutes, then r ...

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    I started off with a 450g pork tenderloin, after salting it was down to 340g and now after a month of drying, in the controlled environment of my spare fridge, which doubles as my white wine store, the meat weighs 260g. It is acceptable. I was concerned it might be slightly sweet from the sugar in the cure, but it's mostly salt and paprika and ...

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    Mint (soft tips only) from the garden, feta (marinated) from Kytren of Gidgegannup, sugar snaps (blanched in boiling water and split open) from the market and ...

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    Early morning

    I dare not hope for apples, but both sides of my grafted tree have now produced flowers, though a few weeks apart. I don't want to pressure them or the bees, that se ...

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    Giant Steps Sexton Chardonnay 2012

    I think this is stylistically closer to the Arthurs Creek than the Tarraford. There's more stone than creamy augmentation and something green springs from the glass. . . The mouth is greater than the nose. . . The sensory impact on the tongue more telling and demanding than the scent which seems to belong something else. It's bitter and pith like, with grapefruit, grip and length.

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    Prawn cutlets

    I made too much Marie Rose sauce and so it was back to the fish shop to purchase more prawns. I wanted to share a childhood memory with my own children. My Father would cook a batch of cutlets and we would devour them, I can still remember the fizz as the prawns hit the oil. . . I bought a score of Jumbo kings, may be 70 grams a piece, then - removed the shell, taking care to le ...

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    Helping hands

    A mostly successful rendition of this recipe for feta stuffed flat breads; though my daughter, hand pictured, did managed to eat much of the feta before it could be placed into the bread. My dough was a little too watery and sticky, and not the easiest to handle, so the resultant 'flatbreads' were several inches thick. . . For future reference.

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    Bresaola day 1

    So far - A 610g piece of beef tenderloin, rubbed and covered in a salt/sugar/spice/herb mix (2 tablespoons of flaked salt, and the same of sugar, 1 tablespoon of chopped rosemary, the same of thyme leaves, 7 juniper be ...

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    Vasse Felix Cabernet sauvignon 2001

    They say you spend the first half of your life visiting and the last revisiting. I imagine myself moving in ever smaller circles until I'm back at the start. . . This particular wine was one of the first I wrote about in 2006, I tasted it again in 2007. The first tasting note a list of words, with a small grainy picture of a cork on a keyboard, by 2007 a marginally better camera ...

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    Post card. I was looking for the tall and skinny bronze by Giacometti, I kept looking in the spots I thought it should be. . . I wanted to see it again, to examine its curiously soft profile and then the stark and elongated full frontal. Instead I found Gaston Lachaise's Standing Woman. She's comparatively squat and broad; fertile and ample as opposed to cachectic and alien.

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    Fried chicken skin, complete with the odd feather, for $6.90. Its screaming out for beer and without this lubrication, it's hard to have more than a few pieces. . . Papparich is an alcohol free venue offering the standard playbook of Malaysian favourites. The food is very good, though of co ...

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    An ectopic tree

    The sensible will tell you that the suburbs of Perth are too warm for an apple tree. . . In contrast to Dwellingup, 100 kilometres further south, where the apple trees were in bloom a month ago. I remember driving past and thinking how beautiful they looked in comparison to my spindly and mostly barren tree. I knew there would be no flow ...

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    Satay sauce

    There's palm sugar and then there's gula melaka. Cylinders of scent and flavour, the sweetness is almost incidental. In scent there's coffee and honeycomb, but also a trace of soy and fish sauce. It's round and warm in the mouth, and certainly good enough to eat on it's own. Satay sauce. To a thermomix add 5-6 small red shallots, 4 cloves of garlic and a pair of lo ...

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    Keller Pius Beerenauslese 2012

    A skinny half bottle, in the hand it's like a truncheon. 8%, Cork. A blend of rieslaner (child of riesling and sylvaner), sylvaner, scheurebe and pinot gris. It's very pretty - tangerine and nectar, sugar cane. A momentary sti ...

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    Domaine Cornu Cotes de Nuits-Villages 'Le Clos de Magny' 2010

    I prefer the the slightly more humble 2011 Hautes-Cotes de Nuits. It was sealed with Diam for a start and it seemed more emphatic and expressive. This is more modern and complex, but somehow less convincing. . . at least initially. To begin it seems over keen, with too much zip and cola even, the sour edge is clear. Pine needles, raspberry, something roasted, bay leaf, hide. . .

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