Bilancia La Collina Syrah 2008

    A heavy bottle with a deep punt. 14.5%. Diam. Approx $A110. I remember the last bottle of la collina very clearly. Someone else was paying for the meal and I spent the night sniffing and luxuriating in the wine while my work companions talked shop. The talking came to nought, but the memory of the wine has remained. . . I remember the scent being impossibly beautiful. . . I ...

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    Moss Wood Cabernet sauvignon 1999

    The last two bottles I tried were from a warm cellar, in contrast this bottle has been in my wine fridge since purchase. The cork was crusted with tartrate crystals and mostly I thought the shape was better, though in end my opinion was unchanged. The opening few minutes is the most convincing. The nose in particular is deep and ...

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    October books

    Treachery in Bordeaux. Book one of a wine maker detective series. The protagonist Benjamin Cooker is a wine maker, critic, buyer of modest works of art / wine paraphernalia and part time detective. He spends sleepless, tortured nights struggling over his tasting notes (?!) and he even writes harsh words about his own wines (the slings and arrows).

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    Lamb tagine with seven vegetables

    Somewhat belatedly I've invested in a tagine and heat diffuser. Till now I've been making do with my trusty Le Creuset cocotte. . . I suspect the difference in the meals I cook will be fairly marginal, but the sounds and smells of my imaginary Morocco already seem clearer. Seven, the magic number. In summary - brown the meat and while doing this prepare the spices, vegetables a ...

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    Keller S Riesling 2012

    A recipe for gado gado. 1 portion of satay sauce / 3 large cubes of firm tofu (approx 600g, cut into 5mm slices, each slice deep fried till golden and then sliced into batons) / 6-7 medium potatoes (peeled, cut into 2-3cm cubes and boiled for 9 minutes in salted water) / 2 medium Chinese cabbage (wombok, sliced and cleaned and then blanched in boiling water for 1 minutes, then ...

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    I started off with a 450g pork tenderloin, after salting it was down to 340g and now after a month of drying, in the controlled environment of my spare fridge, which doubles as my white wine store, the meat weighs 260g. It is acceptable. I was concerned it might be slightly sweet from the sugar in the cure, but it's mostly salt and paprika and ...

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    Mint (soft tips only) from the garden, feta (marinated) from Kytren of Gidgegannup, sugar snaps (blanched in boiling water and split open) from the market and ...

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    Early morning

    I dare not hope for apples, but both sides of my grafted tree have now produced flowers, though a few weeks apart. I don't want to pressure them or the bees, that se ...

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    Giant Steps Sexton Chardonnay 2012

    I think this is stylistically closer to the Arthurs Creek than the Tarraford. There's more stone than creamy augmentation and something green springs from the glass. . . The mouth is greater than the nose. . . The sensory impact on the tongue more telling and demanding than the scent which seems to belong something else. It's bitter and pith like, with grapefruit, grip and length.

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    Prawn cutlets

    I made too much Marie Rose sauce and so it was back to the fish shop to purchase more prawns. I wanted to share a childhood memory with my own children. My Father would cook a batch of cutlets and we would devour them, I can still remember the fizz as the prawns hit the oil. . . I bought a score of Jumbo kings, may be 70 grams a piece, then - removed the shell, taking care to l ...

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    Helping hands

    A mostly successful rendition of this recipe for feta stuffed flat breads; though my daughter, hand pictured, did managed to eat much of the feta before it could be placed into the bread. My dough was a little too watery and sticky, and not the easiest to handle, so the resultant 'flatbreads' were several inches thick. . . For future reference.

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    Bresaola day 1

    So far - A 610g piece of beef tenderloin, rubbed and covered in a salt/sugar/spice/herb mix (2 tablespoons of flaked salt, and the same of sugar, 1 tablespoon of chopped rosemary, the same of thyme leaves, 7 juniper be ...

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    Vasse Felix Cabernet sauvignon 2001

    They say you spend the first half of your life visiting and the last revisiting. I imagine myself moving in ever smaller circles until I'm back at the start. . . This particular wine was one of the first I wrote about in 2006, I tasted it again in 2007. The first tasting note a list of words, with a small grainy picture of a cork on a keyboard, by 2007 a marginally better camera ...

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    Post card. I was looking for the tall and skinny bronze by Giacometti, I kept looking in the spots I thought it should be. . . I wanted to see it again, to examine its curiously soft profile and then the stark and elongated full frontal. Instead I found Gaston Lachaise's Standing Woman. She's comparatively squat and broad; fertile and ample as opposed to cachectic and alien.

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    Fried chicken skin, complete with the odd feather, for $6.90. Its screaming out for beer and without this lubrication, it's hard to have more than a few pieces. . . Papparich is an alcohol free venue offering the standard playbook of Malaysian favourites. The food is very good, though of co ...

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