• Garlic #1

      Each year I try, and each year a meagre reward. The pictured bulbs represent the finest (and one third) of my crop and were just enough to make some garlic bread for four. I've been planting too ...

      Wino sapien- 6 readers -
    • Alzaim kebabs

      Sometimes you go looking for trouble. . . I had read the reviews, all bad and all mentioning that the owner was pushy, rude and likely to judge and criticise your order. Instead of red lights I wanted to go and visit. Could this be Perth's version of the Soup Nazi? Perhaps I'm not the only one reading the bad reviews, ...

      Wino sapien- 4 readers -
    • Lamb prune and almond tagine

      It's a old and tested combination, but totally new to me. 1.5kg of deboned lamb shoulder - trimmed of fat and cut into smaller pieces Salt and Black pepper 2 small onions - finely diced 3 cloves of garlic - crushed and chopped 1 teaspoon of ground ginger / 1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon / 0.25 teaspoons of ras el hanout 1 generous pinch of saffron threads 1 small handful of fresh co ...

      Wino sapien- 2 readers -
  • Fanny Sabre Bourgogne 2013

    The final (and palest and cheapest) wine in my intentional cluster of pinot noir. 12.5%, natural cork, approx $A41. It is a curious wine. On the surface, it's the simplest and lightest of the trio, and presumably the least likely to please a crowd, but I found the scent the most elusive and difficult to characterise, and because of this I found it very appealing.

    Wino sapienin Pinot Noir- 1 readers -
  • Tout près by Farr 2012

    A striking wine with plenty of amplitude and movement. Pinot noir. Geelong. 13%. Sealed with Cork. The whole bunches are very obvious and in scent it is not unlike the Applejack from Giant Steps, though perhaps with less smoulder and more softness. I'm still not convinced that a stem can transmit place. . . Spice and sap, rhubarb and roots.

    Wino sapienin Pinot Noir- 1 readers -
  • Mount Mary Pinot noir 2012

    Pretty and tight, but safe and a little too squeaky. There's no exaggeration or fault and a pleasing lack of splinters; all the facets are in balance, with more fruit than wood, a suggestion of spice but to my nose it is not apparent if there are whole bunches. You can smell the restraint. It's pale and bright, not perfectly clear.

    Wino sapienin Pinot Noir- 5 readers -
  • A Moroccan Australian Irish Stew

    What's for dinner? Is always a loaded question in our house. Within those three words a multitude of subplots and queries - Who is cooking? What produce do we have? What ingredient do we need to use most urgently? What's in the garden? What cookbooks have you been reading? What food dreams have you been having? Is it any wonder that my reply is always drawn out and full of pauses and clauses. 1.

    Wino sapien- 1 readers -
  • Voyage Kitchen

    128 West Coast Drive, though from the two mirrored rooms it's difficult to see the ocean, you certainly won't see the front end loader moving up and down the beach smoothing out the sand. . . This is a place that is beautifully self contained and seemingly complete. A central corridor divides the space, to the left the newer room which looks more formal and abuts the open kitch ...

    Wino sapienin Sauvignon Blanc- 1 readers -
  • Breakfast

    The remains of my homemade bresaola were starting to test my courage, the surface was beginning to feel sticky, though it was still passing the sniff and taste test. I decided to slice away the outer coat and roughly dice what remained to make my versi ...

    Wino sapien- 1 readers -
  • Nine fine food

    I like almost everything about the Nine fine food dining room, except of course the back wall (unseen and to the right of this photo) which is part covered by wall paper so it looks superficially like granite blocks. The other portion of the wall features chalk boards mentioning they are available for functions.

    Wino sapien- 1 readers -
  • First impressions

    We form them with extraordinary speed, and mostly I think they have validity, they certainly linger and colour our subsequent thoughts. . . I drove past this wall recently and had to stop to examine it in more detail, but even before getting out of my car, I had already reached some untested conclusions. The first time I tried a wine from Domaine Ostertag, I was struck by its perfume.

    Wino sapien- 1 readers -
  • Le Vietnam

    Tiny and charming Le Vietnam can be found at the bottom of the Bon Marche building on Barrack Street. It's a curious thing, but since its arrival, the Perth CBD is now sandwiched by Vietnamese funkiness and energy. Slightly older and larger Mama Tran is the other side of the bun, situated on Milligan street. The ...

    Wino sapien- 1 readers -
  • Tasmanian pepperberry

    aka mountain pepper. The berries are black, bilobed, fleshy and in texture and sharpness of scent they remind me of juniper. When crushed they release a purple pigment and in taste they are somewhere be ...

    Wino sapien- 1 readers -
  • Roadside scabiosa

    Spotted on a street in Fremantle, further back from the road hundreds of wild f ...

    Wino sapien- 2 readers -
  • forme fruste

    A month ago the first blossoms on my apple tree opened, I thought then it was overly optimistic to think of fruit, but now I can see a dozen small apples growing and colouring before my eyes. In size they are finger nails and thumb tips. I decided to remove some of the smaller fruit, to give the larger apples room to grow; the flowers had fiv ...

    Wino sapien- 1 readers -
  • Tom Rogers Syrah 2013

    A new label, which is very cute and clever and appropriate for the month of Movember; I wonder - is this what comes after the critters? From what I can find, Tom Rogers is the composite of Tom Hill and Jason Rogers. 14% alcohol, approx $A30. Yarra Valley, 35% whole bunches. I'm not completely convinced, finding this is a little too big and top heavy. . . Spiced and ...

    Wino sapien -
  • Breakfast at the Merrywell

    Mrs Crunchy on a stick with a pair of eggs for $15. Cute and effective, the bread is a little sweet, but I'm not complaining. In the background and very truncated is the New York egg sandwich (the egg was not runny and it felt dry in the mouth) which comes with an addictive serve of tater tots (grated, fried and heavily salted potato balls) and a ver ...

    Wino sapien- 1 readers -
  • Clos Marché Malabre 2010

    A new and very pretty label from a Cowaramup based duo, though curiously the bottle contains riesling from 2010 (single vineyard, Porongorup, 140 cases). It's a bold move, when everyone else is trying to sell something from 13 or 14, especially for unheralded label. . . The notable thing is th ...

    Wino sapienin Riesling- 2 readers -
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