• Garlic #1

      Each year I try, and each year a meagre reward. The pictured bulbs represent the finest (and one third) of my crop and were just enough to make some garlic bread for four. I've been planting too ...

      Wino sapien- 6 readers -
    • Stokehouse Brisbane

      Modernity and stuffiness on the river. . . Like all venues that are a destination in and of themselves, there are some issues. For a room so light and breezy, the staff are remarkably serious and detached. There are ...

      Wino sapien- 10 readers -
    • Moss Wood Cabernet sauvignon 1999

      The last two bottles I tried were from a warm cellar, in contrast this bottle has been in my wine fridge since purchase. The cork was crusted with tartrate crystals and mostly I thought the shape was better, though in end my opinion was unchanged. The opening few minutes is the most convincing. The nose in particular is deep and ...

      Wino sapienin Cabernet Sauvignon- 8 readers -
  • Les Héritiers du Comte Lafon Mâcon-Bussières 2009

    Harissa marinated chicken thighs. From Ottolenghi the cookbook. The ingredients are listed here. I deboned 8 thighs, leaving the skin on, but removing the most fat riddled portions. The harissa has a beautiful depth and less heat than my previous pastes (1, 2). It's mostly because of the roasted capsicum. . .

    Wino sapienin Chardonnay- 4 readers -
  • Tom Rogers Marsanne 2013

    Hard boiled perhaps, but at least complete. . . my daughter had some ideas for the face, it reminds me of a sleepy young Lenin. 14%, Yarra Valley. It's difficult to love, a little too fat and textured, too bitter and unctuous, too rich and burn ...

    Wino sapienin Syrah- 5 readers -
  • Papa Jacks

    A baby back of ribs ($28), just one of the many pricey guilty pleasure to be found at Papa Jacks. I thought the buttermilk fried chicken (3 pieces for $20) was over cooked, though of course these things are less noticeable when you have beer as a lubricant. . . I enjoyed my meal, it's hard not to be pleased with a plat ...

    Wino sapien- 3 readers -
  • Ahmets

    We arrived in number and without a booking, tired and hungry, and so perhaps our expectations were easily met. We just wanted comfort and food, quickly. The eating strip between Grey and Stanley is planned and competitive, tables spill onto the pavement and there's a wide choice of cuisines, the only thing missing is quirkiness and risk.

    Wino sapien- 3 readers -
  • A modified millennium falco

    My oven, electric, only reaches 240 degrees, and so try as I might my bases are always more bread than pizza, lacking that charred chewiness. The recipe for this wonderful pizza is from Roberta's cookbook, a copy of the ingredients can be found here. The book and recipes are brilliant and curiously precise - they suggest 43 grams of sauce for this pizza.

    Wino sapien- 7 readers -
  • Gunshop cafe

    Beautiful food, but on the day we visited an incredibly slow kitchen. At least a sixty minute wait. . . The prettiest plate was clearly the fruit ...

    Wino sapien- 3 readers -
  • Postcard: The trees of Brisbane

    Perth has a large number of Morton bay fig trees, and for a long time I've associated the smell of Perth with the tree. They are Queensland natives and off the coast of Brisbane is Morton Bay and Morton Island, and so somewhat childishly I had expected to see Morton Bay figs everywhere I went in Brisbane. They are of course there to be found (out side of GOMA for i ...

    Wino sapien- 1 readers -
  • Brief notes

    2009 Rockford Basket Press Shiraz. A transient whiff of blackcurrant, though mostly and more consistently it's leather and prune. Spiced, bold and ripe in the mouth, slightly sweet and verging on Port. It's true to the house and very appealing. Cuddly and warm. 2005 Domaine A Cabernet. Black currant, and DMS. I like this more than before, but still not enough to re purchase.

    Wino sapienin Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir Riesling- 3 readers -
  • Necessity

    Late Sunday afternoon, a fridge full of partially used ingredients, three quarters of an hour, and four mouths to feed. Two strips of skirt steak, maybe 150 grams a piece from the freezer, left overs destined for an Asian stir fry which never materialised. The remains of an old pot of harissa, maybe a tablespoon, smeared over the meat with a sprinkle of salt flakes and a dusting of paprika.

    Wino sapien- 3 readers -
  • Marc Bredif Vouvray 2008

    The label is the same as before, before the word classic was added in 2009 or 10. The shape seems different, though perhaps this is just an issue with memory. It feels rounder and wrapped in washed woollens. . . fabric softener to contrast with the pineapple and rambutan. It's sweet and frontal and not for the first time I scribbl ...

    Wino sapien- 3 readers -
  • Nitrogenie

    Southbank Brisbane. A princely $6.95 for a small cup of ice cream. There's a rotating roster of flavours, with 6 - 8 being offered at any one time, though I suspect some flavours (such as the lemon meringue pie) are more perennial ...

    Wino sapien- 7 readers -
  • Vinous time travel

    A recent visit to Brisbane and open access to my sister in law's Miele wine fridge. It was an opportune time to taste a cluster of Australian classics from the the years 1984 through to 1990. Litres and litres of mahogany coloured wine, numerous soft corks, but only one tainted bottle. The storage has been perfect for the last few years, but prior to this the bottles had been e ...

    Wino sapienin Cabernet Sauvignon- 2 readers -
  • Taro's Ramen

    The corner of Adelaide and Wharf in Brisbane's CBD. It's an odd spot, to the side of an office building and in the shadow of the imposing St John's and a curtain of fig tree roots. It's very casual; outdoor seating mostly with an additional covered area to the side. Orders are transcribed to carbon paper and there are various signs with various claims; that this is the source o ...

    Wino sapien- 5 readers -
  • Saturday

    This morning the difficult task of culling some of my apple babies. They're still too green and in other parts prematurely tanned. Tart a ...

    Wino sapien- 2 readers -
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