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    Everyday is a Celebration

    Life is full of special occasions but it seems like we're too busy or something to notice. Most of us are guilty and wine lovers perhaps more than others of designating certain occasions "special occasions " and most occasions not special enough. That's a real downer if you ask me.

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    Wonders of Wine and Food

    Free My Wine A new Harris Decima poll shows that Canadians want the federal government to remove the limitation on importing wine from other provinces ...

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    Remembering Paolo Rapuzzi of Ronchi di Cialla

    Pouring some Ribolla out for the lost. Enjoyed a bottle of 2012 Ribolla Gialla from Ronchi di Cialla on the beach earlier this week in memory of Paolo Rapuzzi the legendary producer of indigenous varieties from Friuli ...

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    Winemaker Greg La Follette

    Winemaker Greg La Follette in his Barlow tasting room in Sebastopol About winemaker Greg La Follette Greg La Follette, an esteemed winemaker, is most known for his passion for making the finest Pinot Noir in the land. In addition to his own winery and label, Greg is a vastly sought-after consulting winemaker.

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    Budget Wine: Skeleton Malbec Mendoza 2013

    There is a debate among wine critics about whether we should write negative reviews. Most say they don’t have time to waste on bad wine. But film, art, and music critics write negative reviews and so do consumer guides.

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    Weekly Interview: Marti Macinski

    Each week, as regular readers know, we pose a series of questions to a winemaker. This week, we’re featuring Marti Macinski, the winemaker at Standing Stone Vineyards, a bucolic family-run winery in the Finger Lakes Region. Both Tom and Marti had established careers prior to entering the wine business. Tom was working at IBM; Marti was practicing law.

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    Wine of the Day August 22, 2014

    2012 Silvestri, Barbera, Carmel Valley. Alan Silvestri, famous award winning composer who has scored many movies and recently was nominated for another Emmy for his music in Cosmos, owns this small estate deep in Carmel Valley.

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    Serendipity Winery and its neighbour

    Photo: Therapy Vineyards hilltop winery Wine tourists on the way to Naramata often remark on the unusual proximity of Serendipity Winery and Therapy Vineyards. The Therapy winery is perched on the crest of a hill while Serendipity seems to be buried into the base of the hill. It always strikes me a great location for a cable car ride.

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    Resolution (?) to our October 2013 burglary

    Above: one of my Austin restaurant clients had his contractor board up our front door after the burglar broke it down. The date was October 9, 2013, two days before Tracie P’s birthday, when two men burglarized our home in Austin in broad daylight. I had left earlier in the morning for my weekly commute to Houston (where we now live) and Tracie had taken our daughters to the grocery store.

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