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  • Mother Muscat

    Mother Muscat It is often said that Muscat is an ancient grape, known to antiquity since perhaps 3,000 BC. It is just as often claimed that Muscat was one of the grapes described by Pliny the Elder and his contemporaries as Apiane, name so after the fact that they were so sweet as to attract bees (api in Latin.

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  • Winemaking in Ticino, Switzerland

    After reviews of the broader wine region and the industry structure, I will now, as promised, examine the wines of the Ticino region. One of the limitations of our assessment effort was an inability -- due to inclement weather and the short duration of our stay -- to walk the vineyards and engage with viticulturists on their strategies and cultural practices.

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  • Daily Wine News: Raw Revolution

    “Although this attention has been long overdue for the category as a whole, one of the most compelling developments of the nascent sherry renaissance has been the emergence of a new style known as en rama, which roughly translates to ‘on the branch’ or ‘raw.’” In Grape Collective, Zachary Sussman writes about Sherry’s “Raw Revolution.

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  • Making The Yuletide Not-Very-Dry With

    Ah, holiday wine pairing articles. I know, most of you hate ‘em. Trouble is, when it comes to wine drinkers, that vitriol puts us squarely in the minority. Many, many drinkers search for this kind of thing at pretty much every holiday, so it’s up to wine-writer-folk-types to try to make the dreaded duty of holiday wine matchups interesting (a daunting task, when so much of i ...

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  • Touring the Texas Independence Wine Trail

    There is a wine trail in the state which is turning into a destination to visit and that is the Texas Independence Wine Trail. The wine trail is conveniently located near I-10 about 90 minutes from either Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, and it makes a perfect day trip. We recently visited some of the wineries on the wine trail.

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  • Top 3 Takeaways: Burgundy’s HdB 2014

    Attention Burgundy Lovers! Top 3 Takeaways: 2014 Hospices de Beaune | Burgundy The highlight for any Burgundy lover, 2014 marked the 154th annual Hospices de Beaune auction, celebrated every third Sunday in November. Named for Beaune’s charitable hospital founded in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin, Chancellor to the Duke of Bourgogne Philip the Good, the auction features wines from Do ...

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  • Winebits 361: Thanksgiving 2014 edition

    Thanksgiving wine suggestions from around the Internet: • Keeping it simple: From Real Simple, part of the Martha Stewart magazine empire, “affordable” wines for Thanksgiving. And who says we’re not making progress on the cheap wine front? The recommendations include so many wines that I’ve reviewed here that I think the author may have visited the blog once or twice.

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  • Easy Duck Confit Recipe: Substituting Olive Oil for Duck Fat

    Easy Duck Confit Recipe: Substituting Olive Oil for Duck Fat by Todd Knoll on November 25, 2014 In the Jordan Winery kitchen, there is always a batch of duck confit in some stage of preparation. One of the key ingredients in a traditional duck confit recipe is the duck fat, which isn’t easy for most home cooks to source pre-made.

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  • Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt

    Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt, The Compete History of Presidential Drinking, by Mark Will-Weber, is a well researched and documented history book, the likes of which we’ve yet had revealed. Enlightening, frightening, and really captivating, This book will never be pried out of my stiffly clutched arms.

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