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  • Friday Feature Photo: The Setting Sun Over Portugal

    Photographer: Ryan Opaz Capture Date: November 29, 2014 Location: Figueira da Foz, Portugal About: As legend has it, Figueira da Foz is named after a fig tree which stood at the quay of Salmanha where the fisherman used to dock their boats; while Figueira derived from the word “fagaria”, which means “opening, huge mouth”. Regardless of its namesake, I think ...

    Gabriella Opaz/ Catavino- 3 readers -
  • Breaking News

    I am not one that looks to “break news”—there are plenty of other blogs out there that aim to do that. I am much more focused on telling a story or two, hopefully eliciting a laugh or at least a smile. As a result, I generally prefer wines from smaller operations—where it is not uncommon to have face-to-face interactions with the owners/winemakers.

    the drunken cyclistin Pinot Noir- 8 readers -
  • 2012 Cave Springs Sauv Blanc

    2012 Cave Springs Sauv Blanc Pale in color with a mild citrus nose. On the mid palate the wine matches the nose with some lovely citrus notes to match the nose. On the medium length finish the wine leaves a hint of the citrus notes to linger in the mouth. This is a smooth, gentle, well made, food friendly Sauv blanc.

    John Galea/ Canadian Wine Guy- 3 readers -
  • Which sommeliers select Silver Oak and Opus One?

    I like Vino Volo. Sometimes I get a decent glass of wine and a good sandwich at airports, like Newark, where there was previously no food worth eating. Even for airports, Vino Volo's prices veer quickly from I-guess-that's-OK to are-you-kidding? Perhaps they're able to gouge the business traveler crowd, who can expense anything they consume in airports.

    W. Blake Gray/ The Gray Report- 3 readers -
  • Two Gems in Napa

    When I started getting into wine, I was living in Marin County (Sausalito, to be precise) and I would make it up to Wine Country as much as I could afford on my teacher’s salary. Invariably, I would spend my time in Napa for a couple of reasons. First, Napa is relatively easy for those directionally challenged (like me)—there are two main “drags”: Route 29 on the Western side ...

    the drunken cyclistin Cabernet Sauvignon- 5 readers -
  • Washington continues to attract California winemaking stars

    Force Majeure has completed construction on its new winemaking facility, brought on California winemaker Todd Alexander and hired star Napa Valley consultant Helen Keplinger. (Photo courtesy of Force Majeure) WOODINVILLE, Wash. – America’s most famous – and most important – wine region is pretty full. And that is pushing winemakers into new frontiers, including Washington.

    Andy Perdue/ Great Northwest Wine- 3 readers -
  • Packing for a Booze & Food Filled Trip!

    Packing for a Booze & Food Filled Trip! Packing for a booze and food filled trip can be tricky, especially when traveling to the Caribbean. What to wear, what to bring, and how much to pack is essential to making your trip enjoyable. As I write this from Aruba, where I work annually, I have come to learn that there are certain things that are necessary to make your sun, s ...

    Sara Lehman/ Somm In The City - 1 readers -
  • Heron Hill 2010 Reserve Blaufränkisch, Finger Lakes

    Blaufränkisch is a grape with its roots deep in Austria and Germany. It has taken hold in the Finger Lakes and the results are tasty indeed. During our latest visit to the Finger Lakes, we noticed widespread offerings of Lemberger, which is another name for Blaufränkisch. In my mind Blaufränkisch allows the Finger Lakes winemaker to produce a complex, medium bodied red in an ...

    Toledo Wines and Vines- 3 readers -
  • Why the Wine Curmudgeon doesn’t like the Super Bowl

    Am I the only one who thinks this pairing looks silly? The Wine Curmudgeon doesn’t like the Super Bowl. This is not just because I was once a sportswriter and soon tired of sports’ hypocrisy, and especially the NFL’s obsession with money. And more money. And even more money. Or that, living in Dallas, more people attend Cowboys games than usually vote in mayoral elections.

    The Wine Curmudgeon- 6 readers -
  • 2009 Betz Family Winery La Serenne – Bottle Notes

    Betz Family Winery was founded in 1997 by Bob & Cathy Betz. Critical acclaim from local and national wine publications has put Betz Family Winery at the forefront of Washington wines alongside Cayuse, Leonetti and Quilceda Creek. The winery was sold to Steve and Bridget Griessel (with Bob Betz remaining on as the winemaker), and I fully expect quality will remain high for years to come.

    Tom Lee/ Zinfandel Chroniclesin Syrah- 5 readers -
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