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  • Q&A with Amy Butler of Ranchero Cellars

    Without question I would list Amy Butler as one of the coolest winemakers in the Paso Robles area. We’ve known her for roughly six or seven years and are happy to call her a friend. When we first met her she was the winemaker for Edward Cellars, which has since gone out of business, but bounced back with her own projects (including Ranchero Cellars, we are wine club members) a ...

    Hoot n Annie- 3 readers -
  • Label Lust: Jane Ventura Rosé Cava

    Label Lust: Jane Ventura Rosé Cava My never-ending thirst for all things sparkling rosé led me back to an old friend with a look that stirs up feelings: Jane Ventura Reserva de la Música Rosé 2011. It’s a Cava (the term used for Spanish sparkling wine) made from Garnatxa Negra. You might have heard of this grape by a more familiar name: Grenache.

    Jameson Fink/ Jameson Fink- 6 readers -
  • Does 100 point thinking poison the mind?

    I remember when I started getting interested in wine. This was in the early 1990s, before the internet. A friend had a copy of one of the early editions of Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide, which I pored over. The sweet spot for me was the ’86A’ bracket of wines: in those days 86 was a good enough score, probably an 89 in today’s money, and the As were the cheapest wines. I was on a tight budget.

    jamie goode's wine blog- 4 readers -
  • 2014 Winedoctor Disclosures

    Here comes my annual statement of support received by me in the work I do running and writing Winedoctor, a little later than planned (I have been rushed off my feet). Having said that, looking back to my 2013 disclosures, I see I published in late January and made the same excuse last year, so perhaps this is now the norm.

    Chris Kissack/ WineDR- 3 readers -
  • A Master Sommelier Judges at a Wine Competition

    I knew I shouldn’t have accepted. Isn’t life just like that? You always know when you’re about to do something stupid, like mistake a 100-Point Chateauneuf-du-Pape for Ruby Port when clearly a Ruby Port would be lower in alcohol (hey, I passed the exam anyway), but then you do it anyway. You insert your warm meat Coravin in the wrong spongy mass.

    Ron Washam/ HoseMaster of Wine™- 6 readers -
  • grapefriend’s 8 steps to blizzard preparedness

    Juno is coming! Every year we get at least one apocalyptic snowmageddon, and to further freak people out they’re calling it potentially “historic.” Grapefriends don’t sweat it – it just means allowance to stay in a drink wine! I’ve shown you how we prep, for hurricanes, and blizzards are pretty much the same: 1) Flashlight and extra batteries: you need to be able to see you ...

    grapefriend- 2 readers -
  • Gearing Up for #BerserkerDay

    Many wine geeks spend all their free time on Wine Berserkers, a wine discussion board that was launched in 2008 after Todd French, an oenophile in San Clemente, was kicked off Robert Parker’s e-bulletin board. Today, Wine Berserkers is world’s most active wine board. It boasts nearly 20,000 members and receives nearly 9,000 visitors each day.

    David White/ Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog- 3 readers -
  • Q&A: Jean-Marc Roulot

    I met up with Jean-Marc Roulot recently. Not only does he make the excellent wines at Domaine Guy Roulot in Meursault but he has pursued a parallel acting career, with 52 credits to his name includ ...

    Tyler Colman/ Dr Vino's wine blog- 2 readers -
  • Pain & Sulfuring.

    Pain & Sulfuring. Chapter Twelve. Part Six. Contrary to public opinion, wineries didn’t start adding sulfites to wine in 1987. That’s simply the year the US government dictated all wine containing more than 10 ppm, the smallest detectable amount at the time, be labeled with the warning “contains sulfites.

    Don Carter/ winesnark.com- 2 readers -
  • Two Grenaches from Willunga 100, McLaren Vale, Australia

    Published by Simon A pair of warm-hearted but still fresh wines for Australia Day Willunga 100 Grenache 2013, McLaren Vale, Australia (£11.99 Liberty Wines, Ake & Humphris, AP Harvey Wines, The Beerhive, Buon Vino, The Cellar Buntingford, Corks of Cotham, Denby Dale Wines, Divine Fine Wines, Drinkmonger, Field & Fawcett, The Fine Wine Company, Grape & Grind, Gwin ...

    Drinking Outside The Box- 2 readers -
  • Oregon wineries take Pinot Camp concept to New Hampshire

    The New Hampshire Liquor Commission will stage a tasting, seminar and panel discussion on Wednesday, Jan. 28, akin to Oregon Pinot Camp. The seminar will be led by Gary Horner, senior winemaker at Erath Winery; Howard Rossbach, founder of Firesteed Cellars; David Adelsheim, founder of Adelsheim Vineyard; and Wendy Lange, co-founder of Lange Estate Winery and Vineyards.

    Eric Degerman/ Great Northwest Wine- 8 readers -
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  • A Eulogy: The Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Noir Yamhill 1990 RIP

    On Saturday, January 24, 2015 at approximately 6:00 P.M. the very last bottle of this fine Pinot Noir was poured. I claim to know this because the winery asserts it was their last bottle. Perhaps in some dusty cellar there rests another copy but that would be mere speculation. We must face facts, something remarkable has left the world.

    Dwight Furrow/ Edible Artsin Pinot Noir- 5 readers -
  • #WW Wrath 2012 Swan / 828 Monterey Pinot Noir

    So here we are at the beginning of 2015 and what a crackin wine to start the year. Oh, and yes it has been said one should not start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction. So where were we. Wrath Wines crackin 2012 Swan / 828 Monterey Pinot Noir. It has been awhile since a Wrath wine has been consumed, not because they are not enjoyable but there are just so many wines and so little time.

    WineWalkabout- 6 readers -
  • Red Wings and Red Rhônes 2015

    We’re always on the lookout for red Rhônes we haven’t tried before, and our explorations often take us back to Ferndale’s Western Market, where our buddy Jarred Gild has a knack for coming up with out-of-the-way selections that, more often than not, are most enjoyable with not only Red Wings hockey, but with good food as well.

    George Heritier/ Gang of Pour On Wine- 2 readers -
  • Cliffs Wine Picks – Jan 12, 2015 to Jan 18, 2015

    2006 Terre di Talamo Morellino di Scansano Tempo Riserva 2010 Two Hands Shiraz Gnarly Dudes 2009 Villa Creek Garnacha Denner Vineyard 2011 Two Hands Cabernet Sauvignon Sexy Beast 2011 Exitus 2007 Ridge Geyserville 2006 Terre di Talamo Morellino di Scansano Tempo Riserva – $13.59 This was an unfamiliar wine when I saw it on the shelf at a local wine store.

    Cliff's Wine Picks- 3 readers -
  • Da Vinci Chianti DOCG 2013

    A straightforward, glugable Chianti good with simple pizza and pasta. [I paired with cheese ravioli with two sauces, spicy vodka and marinara.] Winery: The Cantine Leonardo da Vinci is a cooperative founded in 1961 by 30 farmers in the town of Vinci in the Tuscan hillsides. Today the cooperative winery consists of 200 small growers who own and cultivate over 500 hectares of vineyards.

    the buddha in your glass- 6 readers -
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