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  • For the avoidance of doubt – a note on wine writer ethics

    A note on wine writer ethics I have recently been invited to attend a wine conference/tasting event and I accepted this invitation in good faith. It transpires that in addition to attending I was compelled to visit a number of wineries outside of this event in order that the event organisers could ‘recou ...

    Matthew Jukes- 9 readers -
  • Wine critics and wine writers

    On Friday I wrote a piece for Tim Atkin’s website on the future of wine writing, considering the differing roles of critics and writers. In it, I suggested that if the future of wine writing is a move to wine criticism, where wines are assessed outside their context, then it’s not one I’ll welcome. My vision of hell is to spend my time in an office working my way through hundreds of samples.

    jamie goode's wine blog- 6 readers -
  • Pick My Next Bottle – 2007 Syrah Showdown

    The November installment of Pick My Next Bottle focuses on some of the very best domestic Syrah producers. As I mentioned in the first installment, the purpose of this series is to provide insight into specific wines or producers you may currently have in your cellar. The winning bottle will be opened with Thanksgiving dinner and a Bottle Note will be published the following week.

    Tom Lee/ Zinfandel Chronicles- 8 readers -
  • Pinot Noir Finale For The 2014 Thanksgiving Dinner Recommendations

    Pinot Noir finale for the 2014 Thanksgiving dinner recommendations will sum-up Pinot Noir red wines to be recommended (or not) by New Hampshire's wine taster for the common man or woman who may like an opinion of locally bought wines. I consider this a BIG responsibility, as many have disagreed with my judgments, but many more have found those judgments straight and true.

    Dennis Tsiorbas/ New Hampshire Wine-man- 9 readers -
  • Back to Linden Vineyards

    We hadn't visited Linden Vineyards in a while, so we headed that way after lunch in Front Royal. On the drive in we noticed that Jim and the crew had ripped out a patch of vines. We later found out this had been Cabernet Sauvignon and would be replaced at that spot with Chardonnay. View from Linden's tasting room porchRegular tastings at Linden are $7 per person, but waived for ...

    Wine About Virginiain Cabernet Sauvignon Riesling- 6 readers -
  • Sparkling wine for Thanksgiving

    Sparkling wine is a great way to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast. (Photo: Bernat Casero) While we often wait for holidays or another special occasion to pop a bottle of bubbly, it’s actually a wine that is as versatile at the table as any you’re likely to find. For your Thanksgiving table, a bottle of sparkling wine is ...

    Great Northwest Wine- 6 readers -
  • Niner Sauvignon Blanc

    Niner Wine Estates farms from three separate locations—Bootjack Ranch (on the eastern side of Paso), Heart Hill Vineyard (on the western side of Paso), and Jespersen Vineyard (in Edna Valley to the south). The 2013 Niner Sauvignon blanc came from the Bootjack Ranch on the Eastern side of Paso where it is really dry and warm.

    Pamela Heiligenthal/ Enobytesin Sauvignon Blanc- 6 readers -
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