Celebrate Food Sovereignty Day: Miguel Altieri (Video)

    After attending a panel on afro-ecology hosted at Berkeley's Brower Center recently, I've started auditing the agro-ecology class at U.C. Berkeley starting this week. If we believe that wine is food - a concept traditionally embraced in Europe - we can think more about how wine production fits into the broader food production system.

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    A trio from Therapy Vineyards

    Photo: Therapy winemaker Steve Latchford A trio of wines has just been released by Naramata’s Therapy Vineyards includes, as usual, winemaker Steve Latchford’s excellent winemaking notes. There is detail here not often revealed by other winemakers. I don’t think it is that most winemakers want to keep secrets, but merely that consumers and wine reviews would not underst ...

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      France's Languedoc hit by worst floods in 60 years

      Decanter - - 4 readers - Two months of rainfall in just three hours has caused extreme flooding in France's Languedoc region, prompting concerns about damage to vineyards during the 2014 harvest. Image credit: Midi-Libre Officials have declared 73 communes in the Herault area of Languedoc, near to Montpellier, as disaster zones after what weather body Meteo France described as the region's worst flooding for 60 years.

      If you want a Moniker Wine, name it that… Moniker Wines

      Wine Blog - - 4 readers - MONIKER WINE: it’s not brain surgery, people, but look how long it took someone to come up with the actual moniker as a wine brand. Now that it’s out there, the rest of us are all slapping our foreheads. Leave it to the folks at Mendocino Wine Company, to branch out into the Moniker realm. I remember when I wrote about Petite Sirah being the John Wayne of wine varieties.

      Surveying the Santa Cruz Mountains: Vineyard Manager Prudy Foxx

      Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews - - 4 readers - Meeting Prudy Foxx, Santa Cruz Mountains In July 2013, The Sommelier Journal invited me to accompany their sommelier Terroir Experience through the Santa Cruz Mountains. There Prudy Foxx of Foxx Viticulture, the premier viticultural consultant for the region, hosted us for a tasting, and discussion of some of the unique winegrowing elements of the Mountains.

      What’s Ahead for Amarone? Looking Beyond This Year’s Soggy Vintage

      The Wine Economist - - 4 readers - It is a soggy vintage in Valpolicella and the Veneto generally. Rain, rain and more rain on through harvest. This is problematic and also a bit ironic for wines like Amarone, Ripasso della Valpolicella and Reciotto that are defined by dry not wet — that are made with grapes carefully air dried for weeks or months before being made into wine.

    The latest about Agriculture

      Are Family Farms the Answer?

      … — bankrupts the land, our food, our nation and our future. I don’t doubt the value of small farms as a way of life or the vision of sustainability that infuses Nelson’s writing. But I wonder if small farms are capable of feeding the planet. Is large-scale, industrial agriculture necessary for producing the massive amounts of food required for feeding…

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      A Seriously Useful Guide on Biodynamic Wines

      … about celestial energy, cow horns and howling at the moon? To quote Mike Benzinger, whose vineyards were the first to be certified biodynamic in Sonoma County, CA: “At its core, Biodynamics is an energy management system.” –Mike Benzinger, Benzinger Family Vineyards What Does Biodynamic Mean? The concept behind biodynamics is that everything…

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      John Duval creates ageworthy Syrah at Long Shadows Vintners

      …, so there was an opportunity with my agriculture degree to finish off doing winemaking at Roseworthy College.” In 1974, he graduated and got on at Penfolds as an assistant winemaker during the twilight of Max Schubert’s historic career, one that transformed the Australian wine industry by creating Grange. It’s a story reminiscent of Piero…

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      Wine Enthusiast Names New York "Wine Region of the Year!"

      … together on many fronts to improve the quality of our grapes and wines, grow our industry, and market the products. We're the 30-year overnight success." The other nominees for the Wine Region of the Year were Champagne, France; Chianti Classico, Italy; Sonoma Coast, California; and Red Mountain, Washington. In the Winery of the Year category, Long…

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      Château Beauregard-Mirouze in the Corbières,

      …, it was shrouded in mist. In the 1960s the vineyards were run by Nicolas’ grandmother, evidently une femme formidable in the best sense of the word. She planted some Syrah as early as 1967, but never bottled any wine, and otherwise did not renew the vineyards much. Her children were not interested in the estate, So Nicolas is the first member of his family…

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      Italian Winemakers Discover Global Warming Secret Weapon (VIDEO)

      … for inviting me on this trip and making it possible for me to share what I learned with all of you! Monique is the Founder and Host of Wine Oh TV and has a certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Monique is an experienced broadcast journalist and has worked at various television stations across the country and most recently at KPIX-TV/CBS 5 and KSEE-TV/NBC 24 More Posts - Twitter - LinkedIn - Google Plus …

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      Finger Lakes Riesling Hour Tasting

      … the University of South Carolina, so during football season, there will also be some Gamecock posts. If you like this post, consider joining Cliffs Wine Picks Wine Blog on Facebook and giving me a Like. Cheers! This is original to Copyright 2014 Cliff’s Wine Picks. All rights reserved. ***** Shameless Self Promotion…

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      Newspaper Column’s 7th Year Begins

      … for a drive to Southern Indiana wineries than the fall. Many wine drinkers are still afraid to try new things. When visiting a wine shop, instead of the market or local liquor store, pick up a bottle of Argentinian Malbec or Carmenere from Chile. Wine novices should try the great Rhone grapes of France grown there or in California’s central…

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      A trio from Therapy Vineyards

      … and wine reviews would not understand some of the technical details. Example: the Pinot Noir was fermented with “R2, Alpha and Indigenous yeast strains” and the malolactic fermentation was started with “SB3 Instant”. Among winemakers, those details are important. The various properties of different yeast strains can have a profound impact…

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      Celebrate Food Sovereignty Day: Miguel Altieri (Video)

      … mainstream agriculture has deeply influenced wine grape growing in the U.S., there are many issues to be addressed (although wine sovereignty and hunger are not some of them). Miguel Altieri, a world famous agroecology leader, heads the agroecology dept. at Berkeley. He's also served in senior food policy programs at the United Nations, and has been…

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      If you want a Moniker Wine, name it that… Moniker Wines

      … the John Wayne of wine varieties. I put it out to all of the members to use that as branding… And it was branded by the Mendocino Wine Company. (It’s so great when someone is actually paying attention and understands a good idea.) Owner Tim Thornhill came to an event that I was holding in Orlando at Universal Studios, being put on by the National Pork…

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      SOAHC Biodynamic Wines in BC – CHAOS Cimanydoib Seniw ni CB

      … The first biodynamic wine I tasted was at a wine tasting at the South World Wine Society. The topic was not biodynamic wines at all. I do not remember the topic, other than it was red wines from Australia, and it happened that one of the bottles was from a biodynamic winery. That wine tasted more alive and vibrant than all the other wines…

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      Refugio Ranch – a hideway for the stars

      … with blackberry cobbler and cherry pie. This is something I wanted more of in my glass, even on a hot day and would be amazing with Pumpkin Pie on your holiday table. Herb garden & insectary The view from our tasting porch All images by Thea Dwelle, all rights reserved. But if you ask nice, I might share. The experience was courtesty…

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      Paso Robles Water Wars: Can It Happen in Solano County?

      … Flickr: Michael W MurphyHere's my column from the 9/20/14 edition of the Reporter. Note: Last week's hail doesn't count! My Facebook feed is awash in a sea of grapes, images posted by local wineries of the mouthwatering harvest coming in. I love Harvest. Soon it will be time for my next favorite season: Rain. At least I hope so…

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