British Columbia Winery Tour: Interviews at Six Okanagan Wineries

    British Columbia Winery Tour: Interviews at Six Okanagan Wineries What a pleasure to travel to British Columbia and visit wineries up and down the Okanagan Valley. I had my handy audio recorder with me and captured six interviews with six fantastic folks while on a media trip put together by Wines of British Columbia.

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    Wine Review: Santa Margherita Valdadige Pinot Grigio 2013

    Pinot Grigio is the most popular imported white grape variety in the U.S. Frankly, I just don’t get it. It’s not aromatic and on the palate is largely a mouthful of acidity—refreshing to be sure but so is water and I don’t pay $12 for a glass of water. The problem is not the grape. The very same grape when vinified in Alsace is complex, fleshy, and hedonistic.

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      ¡Mucho Gusto! Get to know #Riesling

      Señorita Vino - - 6 readers - One of my favorite wine-tasting-gone-wrong stories happened a year after starting my blog when I was invited to join a group of women bloggers on a day of vino tasting in the Santa Ynez Valley. In the tasting room of a winery whose name I won’t mention, the gentleman pouring our wine opened a bottle of Riesling and said, “You girls will love this one because it’s sweet.

      An Efficient Riesling Tasting

      From Vinho Verde to Barolo with Love - - 5 readers - I recently had a wine tasting using the Society of Wine Educators’ tasting rationale. We tasted through six Rieslings from different regions, starting with the driest and going to the sweetest. Sticking to the form was a little like writing a lab report. It was somewhat frustrating to have to describe the flavors and aromas with the general terms given rather than using the word ...

      “Hock, Moselle And The Rest”

      Winecast - - 4 readers - “Hock, Moselle And The Rest” by Tim Elliott on October 7, 2014 I recently began rereading George Saintsbury’s classic, “Notes on a Cellar-Book.” The 1920 volume was one of my first wine books read back in the early 1980’s that I had not thought much about since. With time – and much more context and experience with wine – I am finding the book a fascinating window into lat ...

    The latest about Alsace

    • A Seriously Useful Guide on Biodynamic Wines

      … special compost preparations with natural ingredients to bolster their vineyards. This is where things start to get controversial. CONTAINS SULFITES: Certified biodynamic wines contain up to 100 PPM sulfites How to Find Biodynamic Wines Biodynamic wines must be certified. The strict rules and regulations are overseen by 2 governing bodies…

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    • Tales From: Russian River Valley–Halleck Vineyard

      … that is tough to spell, pronounce, and to do right. Having “grown up” a bit in Alsace, home of some of the best Gewürz in the world, I was a bit dubious. After the Sauvignon Blanc, I should have known better. 2012 Halleck Dry Gewürztraminer: Retail $30. Completely dry. Aromatics off the chart lychee, passion fruit, and dare I say hawthorn? (Yes, I have…

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      …, the writer tells himself, thoughtfully. The Droggies a few years back Paracombe Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris 2014 $20; 13.5% alcohol; screw cap; 90 points These Paracombe whites are like three pastels lying side-by-side in the middle of the big collection. As a colourblind synæsthete, I'm hardly reliable about which section of the pastel box, but if you…

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    • Domaine Ostertag Clos Mathis Riesling 2012

      …. . . but in the end I opted for the known unknowns that I would not be able to find at home. Heavily scented and texturally like perfume. Slate, stone and lime, but also citrus blossom, lanolin and spice. It feels sweet and curved, thick and slightly unctuous with a very firm grip. Musk, citrus pith and rose petals. It's interesting but mostly I'm unmoved. Click here for the original context …

      Wino sapien
    • Traveling Winers Weekend Wine Picks – 27 Oct 2014

      … Explore a new wine this weekend! Whether you’re into dry, sweet, red, white, Italian, French or even “Hops”, consider trying our suggestions below! Traveling Winers Weekend Wine Picks Tom Joe “Hops ‘r Better” Winer Wine: Muscat Canelli Type: White Vineyard: Whitewater Hill Vineyards Buy local Delightful floral nose reminiscent of honeysuckle…

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    • Finger Lakes Riesling Hour Tasting

      … to the forefront in the wine world when Semi-Dry Rieslings from Dr. Konstantin Frank’s and Fox Run Vineyards each won a Gold medal in Strasbourg’s Rieslings of the World Competition in Alsace. The major varieties of grapes planted in the region are Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer. Each of these has over 100…

      Cliff's Wine Picks
    • Sierra Salinas Puerto Salinas 2009

      …. Categories: Red Wine About Jeff Alexander A co-founder of Pennsylvania Vine Company, Jeff has written about wine and related pursuits through his Main Line Vine blog and, where he is also known as the Philadelphia Wine Examiner. Based outside of Philly and father of a future gourmand, Jeff is a photographer, runner and PR pro who…

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    • A Hungarian With Serious Stones (István Szepsy Recent Releases)

      … “resplendent” with “sultana, tea, flowers, dried fruits, spices, caramel, coffee, buts, toffee, toast, orange peel, dried apricots, citrus.” You get the idea. This wine… this wine… f*ck me, this is just about perfect for 6P Aszu; extensive, pure, fresh, luscious, and downright brilliant. I also wrote, one the day, that no detail of this wine seemed…

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    • Speechless in Swabia: Tasting with Jochen Beurer.

      …, and Beurer), I’d found Beurer’s the hardest to fathom … until going there when it all began to make sense. I guess Swabia is normally defined as the area around Württemberg, however it’s clear that Swabians were present — in varying numbers and at various times in history — in Alsace, Hungary and Croatia, Switzerland, parts of Baden, parts of Bavaria…

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    • Matching Cheese and Wine

      … cheese from Burgundy. Dry and salty with a sweet and sour taste. Try with a Mersault or a Sauvignon Blanc. Danish Blue – Sauternes is a good match as are other sweet wines. Derby – similar in taste and texture to Cheddar. Go for the fruit juice of a decent Shiraz. For a white try a Chenin Blanc. Double Gloucester – A good quality tawny…

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    • British Columbia Winery Tour: Interviews at Six Okanagan Wineries

      … a taste of my experience there when I previously told you about the electric Riesling at Tantalus Vineyards. There’s more from this winery, but first let’s get to know Andy Gebert, Co-Owner of St. Hubertus Estate Winery. He poses with grapes: And pours us Chasselas, which is a white wine grape I’ve never tasted outside of bottles from France’s Alsace…

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    • Sommelier India Issue 5, Oct-Nov 2014 Released

      … which discusses the contents of the latest issue of Sommelier India. Subscribe to Sommelier India and receive this special issue at your doorstep. Sommelier India is written by some of the best wine writers in the world and is for Indians who enjoy wine and the good life. For iPad or Android subscriptions, go here. I am clinging to the belief…

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