Alquimie: The Most Ravishing Drinks Magazine in the World?

    … side, however, they’ve developed a sleek website. Fortunately, the authors, sourced from the founding team and journalists around the world, write articles as compelling as they look on paper. The current edition (its third) tackles a diverse landscape of topics ranging from coffee, Armagnac, whisky, and little-known Swiss grape varieties. Food…

    3 readers - By Lauren Mowery/ CHASING THE VINE

    A Perfect Day Trip through the heart of Armagnac

    …The Four Musketeers at Cathedral St. Pierre, Condom If you’re planning on traveling in France---and if not, why in the world aren’t you?---it is possible you might be overwhelmed by tourists with the same idea. But it’s not necessary if you plan wisely and well. And one of the wisest decisions you’ll make is to go to Armagnac. Armagnac…

    4 readers - By Hoke Harden/ Elixir Vitae

    Let Us Now Praise After-Dinner Drinks

    …I know summer is not supposed to be the time for thinking about, much less consuming, brandies, but I can’t help it: I’m addicted. For me, nothing completes an enjoyable dinner as well as a fine digestivo – or digestif, if you prefer. Whichever you call it, those names indicate exactly what that little tot…

    By Tom Maresca/ Tom's Wine Line