Do You Have a ‘Common Palate’ for Wine?

    …Many scientists believe that our sense of taste could be hard-wired into DNA. Not only has science proven that some of us have higher taste sensitivity, but it has also shown that even differences in our saliva can alter the way we perceive certain tastes, such as bitterness. Despite our many differences, there is a style of wine that most drinkers…

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    Are You a Wine Snob? (Quiz)

    …. Your Facebook profile includes: Purple toothed bathroom selfies at wine tastings Pets, feet, friends and photos of wine glasses taken during the sunset Mostly bottle shots. It’s pretty impressive. Interesting articles about wine and other neat things I find 9. The perfect wine is: The one that’s in my glass Something that is smooth, lush…

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    Underrated Spain: Meseta Central Wine Region

    …In the land of Don Quixote, wine plays a very important role both economically and culturally. The Meseta Central, a.k.a. Central Plateau, produces nearly half of the wine in all of Spain. It’s also home to over a dozen top wine Spanish bodegas (wineries). Super Value! If you like wines with intensity and European personality, Spain has you covered…

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