Asteisms ~ Ingeniously Polite Insults

    … years, in my own finite knowledge world, I was trying to connect the dots between Asti, California and the word “astisms”… Yeah, I didn’t have the spelling down, nor did any search engines try to redirect me… So, for years I would drive through Asti, California and think, Astisms… Instead of Asteisms. Now, Asti, California will never be the same…

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    Gavi & Cortese – the place, the grape and a surprise

    … Tortonesi and Monferrato regions as well as in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and the wider areas of Alessandria to make the slightly more humble wines labelled as Cortese del Piemonte DOC. Outside Piemonte Cortese can be found in Lombardy’s Oltrepò Pavese region and it is also cultivated around Lake Garda where it is used to produce Garda Cortese as well…

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    Piemonte Part 1 – first taste of Monferrato

    … Vignale in Monferrato. I experienced my first wine trip to Piemonte the other week and I really enjoyed it. The countryside is beautiful, the variety of landscapes in a small area is quite extraordinary – totally flat around the Po Valley, but with the towering Alps just to the north, while the rolling hills in the south morph into a coastal…

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