Gavi & Cortese – the place, the grape and a surprise

    … and famous. As for the place name it seems that in ancient times the local people were cave dwellers and Ga Va means land of holes in the local Ligurian dialect. The rolling hills and vineyards of Gavi. The area is in Piemonte now, but historically was more associated with Liguria and Genoa, which being on the coast needed more white wine to partner…

    By Quentin Sadler/ Quentin Sadler's Wine Page

    Piemonte Part 1 – first taste of Monferrato

    …Vignale in Monferrato. I experienced my first wine trip to Piemonte the other week and I really enjoyed it. The countryside is beautiful, the variety of landscapes in a small area is quite extraordinary – totally flat around the Po Valley, but with the towering Alps just to the north, while the rolling hills in the south morph into a coastal range…

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