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  • Thanks to cold snap, Northwest ice wine harvest comes early

    …. Stuckey never saw those kinds of conditions in her native Australia. “You never see snow much in the Barossa Valley,” she said. “It snows about every five years and melts when it hits the ground.” It’s an experience she’s glad to take part in. “It’s fun,” she said. It’s quite an unusual concept that you would want your grapes to freeze and make wine…

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  • Wine of the Week 27 – amazing value dry Riesling

    I love Riesling. It is one of the best white grapes in the world and it produces such a wonderful variety of wines that it pains me that more consumers do not love it as I do. It still seems to evoke laughable images of the 1970s and Liebfraumilch for many people, but what those people have to remember is that all the things they find funny about the 1970s now, were not funny then.

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  • Chatto Pinot Noir 2013

    …, of course, be invoked, and having done so I shall dismiss it without answer. Who cares? It’s drinking fabulously right now. Chatto Price: $50 Closure: Stelvin Source: Gift This entry was posted in Australia, Red and tagged Pinot Noir, Tasmania by Julian Coldrey. Bookmark the permalink.…

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  • Naked Wines’ Latest Marketing Campaign a bit See-Through?

    … I just received the latest email marketing campaign from Naked Wines (the UK office – now that they have a presence in the US and Australia this probably needs to be stated), and I’m a little disappointed. I’ve always thought highly of their marketing savvy. The move to rate wines not by stars or points, but simply by whether you would buy…

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  • Pinot Noir Around the World

    … differences. In this wine class at SFWC, Master Sommelier Gillian Ballance described Pinot Noir as “charming – exhibiting grace as well as power.” She took us through a varied flight of Pinot Noir from places like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, in addition to Burgundy, Oregon and California. First, a well-aged Pinot from Central Coast: Calera…

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  • German Wine in Singapore

    … and restaurants in Singapore is amazing. Today, the interest is shifting to other red wine regions. “But more importantly, white wines are increasingly popular and after the Sauvignon Blanc boom, finally fine Rieslings or Grüner Veltliners are offered by the glass in some of the top restaurants” says Michael Thurner, who founded Austria’s Fine…

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  • If You Don’t Know…Now You Know! 6 Santa Barbara Winemakers to Watch

    … always traveled alone, that way I can decide on a whim to go or stay or whatever. Have you worked at any other labels? The list is long: Beckmen Vineyards Flying Fish Cove (Australia) Fiddlehead Cellars Stolpman Vineyards Palmina Kaena Casa Cassara Below are labels I worked on while at Stolpman: Evening Land Piedrasassi Parr Selection (Raj Parr…

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  • Book Review: Best White Wine on Earth

    … by a chapter on “Riesling’s Lone Rangers” that goes east (Eastern Europe) and south (Chile, Argentina and South Africa). It is hard to complain about coverage in a book that spans so much territory, but I wish there had been room for more detail about Chile and South Africa here. I’ve had some stunning wines from both places, especially the South…

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    … 'Twas a busy decade, but enjoyable, living on top of the Botanic Hotel through the 'nineties ... until The Fringe arrived and put an end to slumber ... photo Leo Davis The qualities of various rackets: industry is one thing, but the din of vagrant artists will kill you by PHILIP WHITE Handling the noisy agri-industrial nature of life…

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  • Comparing the same wine sealed with cork and screwcap

    … The closure debate has moved on quite a bit since the days when it was practically pitched warfare between the screwcap advocates (mainly Australia and New Zealand) and those who liked the traditional solution of natural cork. Now there’s a sort of truce. For commercial wines, few have a problem with screwcaps. They’re taint free…

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