Drinking bourbon, spitting Kahlua, recent southern presidents

    … from Out There. Way Out There. His only lasting literary legacy may be the mismatch of singular verbs with plural objects (“There’s many people…”), now standard American usage. We all knew W wasn’t really Southern, of course, more the scion of a Connecticut Yankee in LBJ’s court whose avowed interest in pork rinds was embarrassing. Accepting…

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    Returning Home from Cava to Champagne

    … in Barcelona which meant racing through Charles DeGaul Airport in Paris to make our connecting flight on time. We made it with only minutes to spare. Our first two legs was with Air France, so I naturally asked for champagne once we were at cruising altitude. In economy, Air France was serving Champagne Pannier Selection Brut. The yellow color champagne…

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    Flight Home with Wine on Delta

    … on the first leg of our flights home from Portland. Both Kathy and I selected a salmon salad with a white wine. The wine was an Elmgrove Estates 2012 Chardonnay. The yellow colored wine had 13% alcohol. The wine reminded me of pears with a hint of citrus and caramel. The full-bodied Chardonnay had a refreshing finish. The salmon salad had a small piece…

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    Dinner at a Winery Taproom

    … Dinner at a Winery Taproom Portland, Oregon has one of the best food scenes in the country. Last evening we had dinner at Cooper Hall Winery & Taproom. Most of the building in the Central Eastside Industrial District is used for the winery including production area and space for barrels and tanks. At the time of our September visit…

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