Azelia San Rocco 2007 Barolo—on impulse

    I had every intention of making it a “kale salad and kombucha” night. I even made a special trip to the Santa Cruz Farmers Market to stock up on my seasonal provisions, and to start the evening off right with a snack of sample pieces of organic apples and peaches.

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    Politics & Wine: Malibu About Face! Timing Raises Eyebrows.

    my attorney Bernie The Malibu AVA Association won their coveted AVA status August 19, one week before the California Coastal Commission announced there would be no more planting of vines permitted in Malibu.

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      Visiting Pierre Overnoy.

      Sophie's Glass - - 4 readers - Pierre Overnoy has a great sense of humor, and he smiles all the time. Steph Tissot dropped me at his house in Pupillin on Saturday morning; they hugged and kissed each other’s bald heads, and Steph said something to the effect of “see, Pierre; I’ve brought you a pretty young woman,” to which Pierre replied “yes, with a bad old man!” There was much laughter.

      Dueling Blind Barolo Vintages

      The V.I.P. Table - - 3 readers - Article and Tasting Notes by Eric Guido 2001 & 1999 Barolo Two classic vintages, both in need of time, yet just starting to show their early maturity. Why not put 2001 against 1999 in a blind tasting? We all have our preconceptions, which in some cases were shattered as we unveiled these wines.

      Wine Stories – NYC

      Girls Go Grape - - 1 readers - Hello to you and happy #wineWednesday. I hope your week has been fantastic. I had a good one – I connected with two of my BFFs on Friday night for dinner and then hosted 15 people on Saturday for a backyard BBQ. There were bottles of wine, lots of laughter and great conversation – lots of it ‘wine’ focused.

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      Dueling Blind Barolo Vintages

      …Article and Tasting Notes by Eric Guido 2001 & 1999 Barolo Two classic vintages, both in need of time, yet just starting to show their early maturity. Why not put 2001 against 1999 in a blind tasting? We all have our preconceptions, which in some cases were shattered as we unveiled these wines. What’s more, recent reports on 2001 have called…

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      Politics & Wine: Malibu About Face! Timing Raises Eyebrows.

      … blending grape.” This wine is from Lessona which is one of those “off label” Piemonte communities that grow Nebbiolo, also know as Spanna in the Italian pre-alps. These communities are Gattinara, Ghemme, Valtelina, Bramaterra and Lessona. At least these are the one we know now. Forget Barolo and Barbaresco! Go north! Here is a very good link to learn…

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      Wine Stories – NYC

      … the night was falling into a ‘favourite moment’ category when he started with a liqueur/aperitif! It was time to order and we both said what we wanted and Alfredo asked if we wanted wine for our meal. David said, “Yes, I think we should order a beautiful bottle of Barolo.” I almost fell off my chair. How the heck did he know about Barolo? Never once did…

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      Azelia San Rocco 2007 Barolo—on impulse

      … of francese bread, and a few more of Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor—although, evidently not enough of any of that, judging from my “next-a.m.” headache. But it was all worth it. Azelia San Rocco Barolo 2007. Azelia San Rocco 2007. Barolo DOCG. Serralunga d’Alba. Don’t be fooled; while the winery is in Castiglione Falletto, the vineyard, San Rocco, sits…

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      Visiting Pierre Overnoy.

      … of excellent old Barolo that took eight hours to come around, I wasn’t quite in accordance. On the other hand, reduction is a huge issue with Jura wine, especially with Ploussard, and I do take it as a sign of quality when the wine is fresh as a daisy (and not smelling of farts) when it exists the bottle. The aromas were lovely right out of the gate…

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      Flavio Roddolo: A True Langhe Legend

      … that way. Roddolo's one and only Barolo Ravera was a 2008. Without hesitation, I bought one of those since it is one of my favorite vintages. Like all his wines, this one needs to be cellared for quite a long time IMO! Lastly, we tasted his 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. A little smoother than the rest, it was a nice change from the usual local varieties…

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      A Final 2010 Barolo Visit: Burlotto

      …Burlotto – to give the estate its full name, Commendatore G. B. Burlotto – is a long-established Barolo producer that I have been late in coming to appreciate. For the last few years at Nebbiolo Prima (the annual blind tasting in Alba at which about 300 producers show their new releases to invited international wine […]…

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      Sipping through Italy: Fontanafredda

      … We were guests of Palm Bay on this exciting journey through Italy. After four days of wandering Rome and Milan, we finally met up with the rest of the South Florida group as they arrived thirsty from their overnight flight from the states. A relaxing bus ride through the northern part of Italy landed us in Alba, within the region of Piedmont…

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      More Fine 2010 Barolo Visits: Paolo Scavino

      …It was very hard to find a bad wine, even a mediocre one, among the 2010 new releases that I tasted in Alba back in May, so that made my afternoon visits to individual producers (the blind-tasting sessions ran all morning) very pleasurable indeed. One that I particularly enjoyed was to the Paolo Scavino estate…

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      A wine made when Nixon was President reminds us just how sexy 'old' can be

      … of which memories are made. Fortunately, there were more wines to taste. There, on the counter, sat three very large bottles that towered over the others around them. Each was a Barolo, the famous wine from the region of the same name in Piedmont in northern Italy. Not only that, they were from the 1970s -- a ‘79, a ‘76 and a ‘70 to be precise…

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      Piemonte Part 1 – first taste of Monferrato

      …, but some quite obscure. As soon I told people that I was going to Piemonte they jumped to the conclusion that I would be visiting Barolo, but actually my destination was the much less well known Monferrato region. Monferrato covers the provinces of Alessandria and Asti, I was visiting the bit in Alessandria. For most of the time was I based…

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      Notes on 2010 Barolo - more than 110 wines

      … Barolo landscape, early May morning (Photo ©Tom Hyland) I recently tasted more than 125 examples of Barolo from the 2010 vintage at the Nebbiolo Prima event in Alba, Piemonte. This event is held each year for a select few dozen journalists (about 70) from around the world, who taste the wines blind over the course of several…

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      Thirsty Thursday: Gaja, Dagromis, Barolo DOCG Italy 2007

      … of Gaja’s divine robe with: Dagromis, Barolo DOCG Italy 2007: a mere $70. Gaja bought the Gromis (hence “Dagromis”) family’s ancient vineyards in 1995: one in Serralunga and the other in La Morra. Both vineyards neighbor Gaja’s oldest holdings. They only grow Nebbiolo. The soil of both vineyards is primarily calcareous clay and marl; altitudes range…


      Bold, beautiful Damilano Barolos

      …. Because of they are so highly valued, Barolos are typically sold in the U.S. for no less than $50-$60 and often for far more. Yet this tasting began with the Damilano Barolo Lecinquevigne 2009, a relatively new project for the winery. At $35, it is a “gift for the market,” according to Paolo. The wine was ruby with slightly browning at the edges from…

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      Dinner with Piedmont Winemaker Gianpaolo Manzone

      … Gianpaolo Manzone represents the sixth generation of his family involved in the wine business in one aspect or another. His family has two plots of land that add up to 24 acres under vine. In addition to being the winemaker, Gianpaolo is also the vineyard manager for this property which sits is in two different town’s right in the midst…

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