• The Heart and History of Aldo Conterno.

      Sommeliers tasting Barolo with Justin Wilson of Massanois and Franco Conterno of Aldo Conterno winery. The fine folks at Terroni in Los Angeles recently hosted a tasting with Franco Conterno of the estimable winery, Aldo Conterno. It is moments like these when I realize how truly special the people in the hospitality industry are.

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    • Giuseppe Rinaldi: one of the last defying traditionalists of Barolo

      Giuseppe Rinaldi: one of the last defying traditionalists of Barolo Giuseppe (‘Beppe’) Rinaldi is of the rare vinous breed in the Northwestern Italian Piedmont. As one of the last traditional Barolo makers he strives to preserve his father’s and grandfather’s lifelong wisdom acquired through decades in winemaking as well as the wine’s cultural heritage.

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    • A Splendid Examination of Barolo and Barbaresco

      A Splendid Examination of Barolo and Barbaresco January 6, 2015 at 10:54 am Wine journalism, as we know it, is a dying art. The reason is simple; most wine publications these days specialize in points – the ultimate sound bite – as a way to attract readers. They’re easy to understand and much quicker to peruse.

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  • A Disturbing Trend in the Wine World

    … growers are running out of space in Marlborough New Zealand, where 75% of New Zealand’s wines are produced. Demand for vineyard space is being fuelled by rising exports of New Zealand wine, which hit NZ$1.3bn annually last year and could rise to $1.5bn in 2015 buoyed by a record 2014 harvest, according to trade body New Zealand Winegrowers (NZWG…

    Dwight Furrow/ Edible Arts- 5 readers -
  • Regarnir la cave

    … Après le temps des Fêtes et les multiples réunions de familles et d’amis, l’amateur de vin se retrouvera souvent devant une cave significativement plus vide qu’au début décembre. Faudra penser à la regarnir, tant qu’à y être, le faire de manière intelligente… Surtout, ne pas paniquer à la vue des emplacements vides dans les racks. On ne…

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  • Jacques hits a homer

    …, savoryness, and a long, tannic finish. Fifteen years on this wine is still a baby. Two of the greatest Barolo vintages in the '80s were 1988 and 1989 and Vigna La Delizia is one of Fontanafredda's most prestigious crus. This bottle represented both the vintage and the cru exceedingly well with tobacco, balsamic, and truffle notes accompanying elegant…

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  • 2001 Paolo Scavino Bric del Fiasc Barolo Hanging out with a...

    … 2001 Paolo Scavino Bric del Fiasc Barolo Hanging out with a cinghiale while quaffing this Barolo. This guy might need a few more years to rest. Cherries, earth, truffles, wood, anise, and old leather on the nose. Ripe red cherries (dried cherries too) on the palate with anise, truffle, wood, and earth notes. Tart fruit and nice acidity. Tannins are present and drying but not aggressive. Alcohol is a bit out of balance even after decanting. 3/5 bones $$$$$ Nebbiolo 14.5% abv Barolo, ITALY …

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  • A Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

    … Berri” 1988 Poderi Marcarini made from 100% Dolcetto from pre-phylloxera vines. The vineyard is over 100 years old and because the soil is sandy and the particular microclimate of the vineyard, the vines are phylloxera free. They are not spliced onto American rootstock but are native vines. The vineyard is 0.5 hectares; there are 4,400 vines per…

    Charles Scicolone/ Charles Scicolone on Wine- 1 readers -
  • Peace, Love & Pizza @OGSgtPepperonis #BYO #NebbioloNight

    … mushrooms. Just gorgeous. The infamous Cheeseburger Pizza. You know you want this. Meatballs. To. Die. For. We had unusual Nebbiolo from unusual places. Boca. Carema. Valtellina. Ghemme. Gattinara. We also tasted a lot of the Langhe. Interestingly enough, I thought somebody would bring a Nebbiolo from California, but nobody did. I guess we are all…

    Joanie Karapetian/ Italian Wine Geek- 4 readers -
  • Barolo bar at Maialino NYC

    … What better way is there to spend a late afternoon in New York than looking out into Gramercy Park and tasting through this epic list of Barolo by the glass at Bar Maialino. Tasting these big name Nebbiolo's side by side was a soothing experience that was a much needed contrast to the usual chaotic tasting room scene one hurdily darts through…

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  • Buying Wine: Our Favorite LA Shops

    … to open. The “giftor” says the wine is outta whack while others find it full flavored and jummie. It is full and tannic. Worth buying once the price drops which it will. Sit on it at least a year. 13% 2012 Bucci Verdicchio Classico dei Castelli di Jesi $20 ($48 on the list): Delicious white wine. The 250% markup on the wine list is normal. The wine…

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  • Studio Time with Rinascimento

    … needs at least 3-5, and then it’ll be a beauty. 2010 vintage available at Empire Wine, Wine Library and Saratoga Wine. G.D. Vajra Barbera d’Alba 2011 (limited availability) A slightly more modern Barbera, with higher alcohol (14.5%) and some up front cherry flavor, but still retains that old-world character of earth, mushrooms, and locker room on the nose. Decent acid, food-friendly. A well-made Piedmontese Barbera is simply impossible to dislike. Categories: Red Wine Rose Wine …

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  • Approachable 2010 Barolos

    … will need time; this is true for any Barolo vintage, as Nebbiolo, the grape which is used exclusively in the production of this wine, has high levels of tannins. Barolo is just meant for enjoyment down the road in most instances; that may be five to seven years, it may be 10-20 years, the finest examples may even be at their best in 35-50 years. To me…

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  • 1971 Barolo Fontanafredda at Maialino NYC

    … Uncorking this 1971 Fontana Fredda Barolo this weekend at Maialino in New York City was reminiscent of opening a coffin in The Langhe and experiencing Nebbiolo zombies awakening from the dead to slowly climb into the glass. At first this wine smelled of rotten corpse, soil and maybe some tar for the sake of tradition. Slowly opening…

    'na cica de vino.- 1 readers -
  • A New Book on Barolo & Barbaresco … plus a Related Item

    … The University of California Press has just published Kerin O’Keefe’s Barolo and Barbaresco: The King and Queen of Italian Wines (346 pp, maps, photos, index: $39.95). I’ve been wanting to announce this ever since, over a year ago, I read the manuscript for the Press and enthusiastically recommended publication: To my mind, this is the most…

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  • A Peek at the Wines of Attilio Ghisolfi

    … When you take all the different grapes and styles into account, the diversity coming out of Italy can make your head spin with delight. Despite the variety, Barolo and Barbera remain among the most recognizable. Attilio Ghisolfi features both of those, and more, in their portfolio. The original nine acres of land that Attilio Ghisolfi farms…

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