5 Tips to Pick Wines for Thanksgiving

    No other holiday celebrates the gift of wine like Thanksgiving. Wine is a taste of the harvest along with all the delicious dishes on the table. But actually choosing a bottle can feel like a thankless task, especially with so many flavors to match. Relax. Have a drink. And try some of my suggestions for great wines to pair with Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings that Lea ...

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    Cinsault: A Master Class

    You've really got to hand it to the smarties at LoCa. Earlier this year they put together what has to be the most compelling projection of an AVA's terroir ever to land on our doorstep. The gist of it was this: one sub-appellation, one variety, specific winemaking standards/constraints, from six different vineyards.

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      Canadian Wine Harvest 2014: BC, Ontario, Quebec, NS Winemakers Weigh In

      Natalie MacLean - - 5 readers - Join us Friday morning on Global Television as we discuss how the Canadian wine harvest is going from coast to coast. In the meantime, here are reports from the field: winemakers from British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia give their impressions of how the 2014 harvest is looking so far. Tantalus Vineyards David Paterson, Winemaker, Tantalus Vineyards, British Columbi ...

      27 Shades of French Wine Perfection

      MyWinePal - - 5 readers - At a certain quality level of wine, which typically comes from wineries that have decided to spend the extra effort on selecting grapes from the best vineyard plots, hand picking and sorting the grapes, and letting the grapes express themselves in the wine without an over agressive human hand, you get shades of perfection (note that I am not talking about 100 point wine rating scores).

      Yvon Métras (Beaujolais)

      Wine Terroirs - - 5 readers - Yvon Metras in his chai Fleurie, Beaujolais Yvon Métras has roots (several-generations deep) in the Beaujolais wine farms and he began to vinify his first wines in the family domaine in 1988 but in the early years he was mostly selling his grapes to the coopérative. Influenced by Marcel Lapierre, Yvon Métras changed his winemaking/growing practices and joined the vibrant group ...

      Wine of the Day October 14, 2014 - - 4 readers - 2013 Bow & Arrow, Melon, Johan Vineyard, Willamette Valley, Oregon. Bow & Arrow Wines of Portland, Oregon are a boutique hand craft winery making some wonderfully creative wines that are inspired by the natural wines of the Loire Valley, I have been impressed and entertained by all the efforts I’ve tried to date and highly recommend sampling these innovative wines.

    The latest about Beaujolais

      Daily Wine News: Skinny Jeans

      … that.” I agree. “It’s an ideological thing, alcohol level. It’s polemical. Good wine just tastes good. It’s not a political decision.” W. Blake Gray chats with David Ramey. “Pennsylvania plans to destroy 2,447 bottles seized from Arthur Goldman, a Philadelphia-area lawyer who was charged this year with illegally reselling wine.” An illegal operation…

      4 readers - By David White/ Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog

      Light and Lovely Reds of the Hudson Valley

      … Franc Moving up in weight class is Cabernet Franc. This is a grape that can do quite well in the North East, including on Long Island and in the Finger Lakes. Here in the Hudson Valley, winemaker Ben Peacock gets a fuller-bodied wine than Carlo’s delicate Bacos – but still with a far lighter style than any California Merlot, for example. The fruit…

      3 readers - By Diane Letulle/ Wine Lover's Journal

      Wine of the Day October 20, 2014

      … 2013 Domaine du Vissoux, Beaujolais Vieilles Vignes, Cuvee Traditionnelle, France. Pierre-Marie Chermette’s Vissoux old vine Beaujolais is a Gamay wonderland and one of the best non Crus I’ve ever tried, this is serious and beautiful wine that offers joyous fruit and intriguing complexities. The 2013 Pierre-Marie Domaine du Vissoux Cuvee…

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      Matching Cheese and Wine

      … consider a Cabernet based wine from the New World. Chèvre Brie – A goats cheese brie. See either category. Cimbro – Cow`s milk cheese from north of Verona, Italy. Amarone della Valpolicella Classico is the wine to try. Colby – red Bordeaux, Champagne, Riesling. Comte – Grüner Veltliner or a Pinot Noir for a red. Jura whites also, as from…

      4 readers - By Andrew Barrow/ Spittoon

      Yvon Métras (Beaujolais)

      … Yvon Metras in his chai Fleurie, Beaujolais Yvon Métras has roots (several-generations deep) in the Beaujolais wine farms and he began to vinify his first wines in the family domaine in 1988 but in the early years he was mostly selling his grapes to the coopérative. Influenced by Marcel Lapierre, Yvon Métras changed his winemaking/growing…

      5 readers - By Bertrand Celce/ Wine Terroirs

      Wine of the Day October 14, 2014

      … sampling these innovative wines. Bow & Arrow would certainly feel right at home with Thierry Puzelat and the wines of Touraine, as they make a very nice Cheverny like Gamay and Pinot Noir blend called Rhinestones, as well as straight Gamay and Pinot Noir, again these are done in the Loire style, not trying to be either Beaujolais and Burgundy, plus…

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      Cinsault: A Master Class

      … to Pinot, but with less insanity-inducing fringe flavors and more grip and tenacity. It would stand up to a hearty chicken dish and wouldn't overwhelm salmon. If you're familiar with better Beaujolais, you'd be on the right track. Despite the obscurity of the grape, here are four bottlings all from the same vineyard - not in France, but in Lodi…

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      le rubis 75002 bistrot cafe leopold bellan

      … restaurant scene backround info and mention that Carmarans' Le Rubis took over a space on rue Léopold Bellan formerly occupied by natural wine bistrot L'Hédoniste, which restaurant I'd always found to be well-intentioned but overpriced. Le Rubis chef Roberta Tringale's straight-faced cuisine is practically an inversion of L'Hédoniste's aspirational…

      3 readers - By Aaron Ayscough/ not drinking poison in paris

      Jean-Claude Lapalu (Beaujolais)

      … Jean-Claude Lapalu tasting the press juice Saint-Étienne-la-Varenne (Beaujolais) Jean-Claude Lapalu is a Beaujolais vigneron whose parents and grandparents were growers selling their grapes to the local coopérative; he too became a grower in 1982, selling his grapes to the coop to make a living, but in 1995 he also took over a domaine (a rental…

      2 readers - By Bertrand Celce/ Wine Terroirs

      A Visit to Middle Earth: Tasting with Ganevat.

      … breakfast juice. (Note: this is Ganevat’s press after evicting the Gewürztraminer seeds and stems. If you look beyond our friend Pierre you can see Fan-fan’s very distinct head in the background.) Apparently Fan-fan has several négociant projects going on in Alsace, Beaujolais, and Côte-Rôtie, but since the wines are made in Rotalier, he can’t…

      1 readers - By Sophie's Glass

      A Taste Place – Bechthold Vineyards Cinsault

      … it’s medium-bodied with very good acidity, a creamy texture and baked cherry, strawberry, and baking spice flavors with a lingering finish. 14.5% alcohol. Aged 12 months in neutral French Oak (89 pts.) 2013 Turley Cinsault Bechthold Vineyard Red color with fresh, clean but restrained strawberry, raspberry and sweet wood aromas. On the palate, it’s…

      3 readers - By Martin Redmond/ ENOFYLZ Wine Blog

      Taste Ontario’s polarity of personality

      … to prominence. The increasingly genuflected niches occupied by Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Red Meritage Blends upped the ante and their game. Finally and with much market grab ado, Sparkling, Gamay and Syrah crossed the bridge to be more than gratuitously represented. This is what happens when Wine Country Ontario, the LCBO and the winemakers do…

      1 readers - By Michael Godel/ Godello

      5 Tips to Pick Wines for Thanksgiving

      … are my five quick tips for choosing a terrific Thanksgiving wine: 1. Start with bubbly. Sparkling wine is a great aperitif to sip while you wait for the turkey to finish cooking. It adds a celebratory note to the meal and goes well with starters like soup and salad. 2. Consider the turkey. Unlike most poultry and game birds, turkey meat is very dry…

      6 readers - By Natalie Maclean/ Natalie MacLean

      Remi Dufaitre (Beaujolais)

      …Laurence & Remi Dufaitre Saint-Etienne-des-Oullières (Beaujolais) Beaujolais is with Anjou (and the Loire at large) the most dynamic French wine region on the artisan-wine scene, and it has probably a lot to do with fact that the few winegrowers who initiated the natural wine culture with the guidance of Jules chauvet (Breton, Lapierre…

      4 readers - By Bertrand Celce/ Wine Terroirs
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