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    • 14 Best Wines of 2014 (Or 14 Wines I Wish I Had More Of)

      Gravity towards reflection is common this time of year. The lull between Christmas and New Years gives a lot of us the time and head space to take inventory and look back on life's ups and downs. Sitting squarely in the "up" corner is the river of wine that has passed through these lips. What follows is a list of some wines I wish I had more of.

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    • Weekly Wine Journal | Best of 2014 List

      2014 was another great year for The Weekly Wine Journal. Traveled to Napa for the Taste of Howell Mountain again this year. Also attended the Arizona Wine Grower’s Association Festival on the Farm at South Mountain. Dined at a lot of nice restaurants with great wine lists and also met a lot of wonderful people in the wine industry.

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  • The Most Viewed 1WineDude Articles Of 2014

    … Premiere Napa Valley 2014 Shocked. Seriously, WTF? The message here is that you like reading about wines that are made in such small quantities and fetch such high prices that you are unlikely ever to taste them! 2) Robert Parker, Wine Advocate Apologize For “Boorish, Bullying” Behavior My return to April Fool’s action was fun to write, and turned…

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