Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming originally developed by Rudolf Steiner that employs what proponents describe as "a holistic understanding of agricultural processes". One of the first sustainable agriculture movements, it treats soil fertility, plant growth, and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks, emphasizing spiritual and mystical perspectives. Proponents of biodynamic agriculture, including Steiner, have characterized it as "spiritual science" as part of the larger anthroposophy movement.
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    • Parés Baltà Calcari 2013 (Spain) - Wine Review

      Tonight's white wine is organic & biodynamic and comes from a family-owned winery with traditions dating back to 1970 (although you wouldn't have guessed it given the very modern look of the label.) It is available by Consignment only via Trialto Wine Group. PARÉS BALTÀ CALCARI 2013 - DO Penedès, Spain (#781286) (XD) - $16.95 Tasting Note: ...

      Jason Solanki/ Vintages Wine Picks & Reviews- 5 readers -
    • Thankful for Organic: Healthier Holiday Wines

      When planning the first Thanksgiving in 1621 the Pilgrims undoubtedly were unconcerned about mis-matched Martha Stewart place settings, football or pesticides and chemicals in their food. Much has changed about Thanksgiving including a progressive attitude for sourcing organic turkeys, and the side dishes of our national dinner.

      Michael Cervin/ Boozehoundz- 1 readers -
  • Bio & The Heavy D: Qupe’s Biodynamic Grenache

    … to it. But why? Yes it has elements of an “airy fairy” quality, lunar aspects and some mystical elements, which I’m not getting into here. Of course, if treating the earth you farm with the utmost respect is bad, well, I then clearly don’t understand farming. Anyhoo…organic wine, biodynamic wine – all great ideas that minimize our impact on the land…

    Michael Cervin/ Boozehoundz- 2 readers -
  • A Taste of Domaine Saint Jean du Barroux

    … Jean du Barroux l’Argile 2010 Review Domaine Saint Jean du Barroux l’ Argile 2010 The 2010 L’Argile is a blend of 75% Grenache, 15% Syrah, 5% Carignan and 5% Cinsault, fermented in concrete vats. The French word, Argile, I believe translates to Argillite, is a sedimentary rock composed largely of clay minerals, that absorbs water. So to me…

    Karl Mywinepal/ MyWinePalin Syrah- 3 readers -
  • Mendocino County’s green wine growers

    … for his 24th consecutive annual certification inspection as an organic grower of wine grapes, herbs, and beef. His absence was understandable to all assembled, as the event was focused on Mendocino County’s organic and biodynamic grown wine grapes and the wines made from those grapes; all of the winery owners present had been through similar…

    John Cesano/ John on Wine- 7 readers -
  • Emiliana Wines – Sustainable, Organic and Biodynamic Wines

    … labels from around the world. While the majority of these labels are from Italy, they also work with wineries in Australia, Chile, Spain and even a couple of American wineries. About the winery: The Emiliana winery firmly believes that using sustainable, organic, and biodynamic agricultural practices results in better-balanced, healthier…

    Cliff's Wine Picks- 7 readers -
  • LCBO Vintages release – September 13, 2014 (WVN 200)

    Wines of Ontario is the subject of the main feature at Vintages this weekend. This is a feature not to be missed: it is big, with some 22 wines from 18 wineries on offer; the selection is diverse from both a price and provenance perspective, and the quality is high. The Vintages catalogue for this release is thick with some 15+ pages of content updating the reader on the fa ...

    W John Switzer/ The Winesights Reader- 1 readers -
  • Organic Wines Uncorked

    … We publish information about wines grown from certified organic or Biodynamic vineyards that are generally made with sulfites (which are usually added in small amounts to preserve the wine). That includes these certification types: ORGANIC WINE CERTIFICATIONS • Made with Organic Grapes Vineyards: certified organic Vinification: less than…

    Pam Strayer/ Organic Wines Uncorked- 1 readers -
  • Finally A Balanced View of Biodynamics

    … such a piece, and Anne Krebiehl’s posting in Harper’s entitled “Why Biodynamic Wines Need to Change Their Communication”1 takes a balanced and questioning view of Biodynamic winemaking practice rather than a dismissively judgmental one. Ms. Krebiehl is a skeptic and, like a good many of us, is disinclined to accept every claim put forward by true…

    Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine- 3 readers -
  • Tasting vintage 2012 Bergström Wines

    … When I arrived at Bergström Wines the tasting room was buzzing with excitement on a sunny July afternoon. This Willamette Valley family winery is known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. The winery uses biodynamic methods in all of its six estate vineyards. In fact Bergström Wines prides itself in that it uses sustainable farming practices…

    spaswinefoodin Pinot Noir Chardonnay- 2 readers -
  • Benziger Winery Biodynamic on SonomaChat

    … Biodynamic Wineries are something that I am still learning about and I was thrilled to have Benziger Winery host our most recent SonomaChat with their “Pinot Experience”. Not only was the hospitality level at top notch but the whole event took place in the historical family home with Chris Benziger himself seated at the head of the table right…

    Amy Lieberfarb/ Sip on this Juicein Pinot Noir- 4 readers -
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