Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming originally developed by Rudolf Steiner that employs what proponents describe as "a holistic understanding of agricultural processes". One of the first sustainable agriculture movements, it treats soil fertility, plant growth, and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks, emphasizing spiritual and mystical perspectives. Proponents of biodynamic agriculture, including Steiner, have characterized it as "spiritual science" as part of the larger anthroposophy movement.
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  • Bio & The Heavy D: Qupe’s Biodynamic Grenache

    … There are a variety of different types of farmers, like grape growers, including (broadly speaking) those who work with the soil and those who work with chemicals with the soil. Biodynamic farming and winemaking, actually beyond organic, is a confusing subject for a lot of consumers, and even some winemakers I know are vehemently opposed…

    Michael Cervin/ Boozehoundz- 2 readers -
  • Mendocino County’s green wine growers

    … for his 24th consecutive annual certification inspection as an organic grower of wine grapes, herbs, and beef. His absence was understandable to all assembled, as the event was focused on Mendocino County’s organic and biodynamic grown wine grapes and the wines made from those grapes; all of the winery owners present had been through similar…

    John Cesano/ John on Wine- 7 readers -
  • Emiliana Wines – Sustainable, Organic and Biodynamic Wines

    … labels from around the world. While the majority of these labels are from Italy, they also work with wineries in Australia, Chile, Spain and even a couple of American wineries. About the winery: The Emiliana winery firmly believes that using sustainable, organic, and biodynamic agricultural practices results in better-balanced, healthier…

    Cliff's Wine Picks- 7 readers -
  • Organic Wines Uncorked

    … biodynamic Yeasts: native Vinification: less than 100 ppm of sulfites; no additives of any kind Winery: certified biodynamic facility Labeling: front or back label; Demeter logo may appear • Made with Biodynamic Grapes Vineyards: certified biodynamic Yeasts: native or organic Vinification: less than 100 ppm of sulfites; limited number of additives…

    Pam Strayer/ Organic Wines Uncorked- 1 readers -
  • Finally A Balanced View of Biodynamics

    … such a piece, and Anne Krebiehl’s posting in Harper’s entitled “Why Biodynamic Wines Need to Change Their Communication”1 takes a balanced and questioning view of Biodynamic winemaking practice rather than a dismissively judgmental one. Ms. Krebiehl is a skeptic and, like a good many of us, is disinclined to accept every claim put forward by true…

    Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine- 3 readers -
  • Tasting vintage 2012 Bergström Wines

    … © SpaswinefoodGapes Maturing in the July Sunshine at Bergström Estate Vineyard © SpaswinefoodA Sampling of Bergström Wines from the 2012 Vintage We began our tasting with a Bergström Le Pré Du Col Vineyard, Pinot Noir 2012 from the Ribbon Ridge AVA. Bergström Wines, Le Pré Du Col Vineyard, Pinot Noir 2012 © SpaswinefoodAfter our first tasting was poured we…

    spaswinefoodin Pinot Noir Chardonnay- 1 readers -
  • Benziger Winery Biodynamic on SonomaChat

    … Sonoma Mountain winery or shopping on-line, you’ll like what we have to offer! Our entire portfolio of Benziger wine is certified sustainable, organic or Biodynamic©. Not because we want to be known as “the green winery,” but because our experience has shown that great wine has green values. In our pursuit of fine wine, we follow agricultural…

    Amy Lieberfarb/ Sip on this Juicein Pinot Noir- 4 readers -
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