Biodynamic Wine

Biodynamic wines are wines made using the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic refers to both the agricultural methods and the handling and processing of the fruit post-harvest.
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    • Bio & The Heavy D: Qupe’s Biodynamic Grenache

      There are a variety of different types of farmers, like grape growers, including (broadly speaking) those who work with the soil and those who work with chemicals with the soil. Biodynamic farming and winemaking, actually beyond organic, is a confusing subject for a lot of consumers, and even some winemakers I know are vehemently opposed to it.

      Michael Cervin/ Boozehoundz- 2 readers -
  • Bar Prima: Upper East Side

    …. The Mushroom Bruschetta over fresh baked bread is outstanding, while the Apple and Walnut one is perfect for fall. Prosciutto, fresh Mustard, and Olives are also available here and are a must try with the wines. If you’re confused or overwhelmed, do not worry because the knowledgeable and friendly staff will surely help you and your palate navigate…

    Sara Lehman/ Somm In The City - 2 readers -
  • Mendocino County’s green wine growers

    … for his 24th consecutive annual certification inspection as an organic grower of wine grapes, herbs, and beef. His absence was understandable to all assembled, as the event was focused on Mendocino County’s organic and biodynamic grown wine grapes and the wines made from those grapes; all of the winery owners present had been through similar…

    John Cesano/ John on Wine- 7 readers -