• Serendipity: Biodynamics -vs- Wines from Jura #MWWC13

      Serendipity provides the lucky theme for this 13th Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. So, what role does fortuitous chance play in wine? Well, one theory thinks we can control nature’s chaos: biodynamics. Imagine organic wine-making on astrological steroids, based, weirdly, on lectures given by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s.

      WAYWARD WINEin Chardonnay- 3 readers -
  • English and Welsh Wines: Post Script

    … We returned recently to the Royal Academy of Art in London to attend the Anselm Kiefer exhibition and, as suggested in my last post, to follow it up with a tasting of the new RA English wine selection of Davenport Limney Estate sparkling wine. A quick refresher about this English wine is that it is produced from Pinot Noir and Auxerrois grapes…

    elizabethsvinesin Pinot Noir- 2 readers -
  • Biodynamics Posters Now Available!

    … Biodynamics Posters by Hawk Wakawaka! You people are sure nice. I finally got pushed into figuring out how to have posters printed, as well as how to sell them cause people kept pestering me. Geez, I’m slow sometimes. So, by request — Biodynamics Posters now available! 13″ x 17.5″ on matte white poster paper. $30 plus shipping. Ships…

    Hawk Wakawaka/ Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews- 6 readers -
  • English and Welsh Wines: A First Glance

    … I am idly glancing at the Cyprus Mail newspaper one day earlier this year and come across an article about English sparkling wines. In a moment of quiet reflection, I realize that I am mainly writing about French, Canadian and Cyprus wines but not paying attention to what is happening with wines in my homeland! With United Kingdom wines now…

    elizabethsvinesin Pinot Noir- 3 readers -
  • Giving Grand Cru Pinot Noir d’Alsace its due

    … letter, an “H” or a “G” in place of Hengst and Pfersigberg. Phillipe Blanck of Paul Blanck & Fils does the same thing with an “F” for Furstentum. It’s a wink-wink, say-no-more kind of approach. A grand parade of life-giving packaging. The brothers Barthelmé and Mr. Blanck know what excellence lies in their Pinot Noir holdings and understand…

    Michael Godel/ Godelloin Pinot Noir- 6 readers -