Biodynamics Posters Now Available!

    … Biodynamics Posters by Hawk Wakawaka! You people are sure nice. I finally got pushed into figuring out how to have posters printed, as well as how to sell them cause people kept pestering me. Geez, I’m slow sometimes. So, by request — Biodynamics Posters now available! 13″ x 17.5″ on matte white poster paper. $30 plus shipping. Ships…

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    English and Welsh Wines: A First Glance

    … 2010 was a refreshing complement to our fish lunch. Subsequent exploration of Chapel Down winery reveals that it is one of the top English wineries. It won several trophies in the annual wine industry 2014 English and Welsh Wine of the Year Competition. This competition is organized by the United Kingdom Vineyards Association (UKVA), and apparently…

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    Giving Grand Cru Pinot Noir d’Alsace its due

    …The Vineyards of Domaine Albert Mann photo (c) “Pinot Noir, like Riesling, is a mineralogist.” You won’t find a rare or carefully considered older vintage of Pinot Noir tasted and discussed at a Millésimes Alsace Master Sommelier class. Nor will it be featured in a magazine article’s varietal spotlight…

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