• Biodynamics Posters Now Available!

    … Biodynamics Posters by Hawk Wakawaka! You people are sure nice. I finally got pushed into figuring out how to have posters printed, as well as how to sell them cause people kept pestering me. Geez, I’m slow sometimes. So, by request — Biodynamics Posters now available! 13″ x 17.5″ on matte white poster paper. $30 plus shipping. Ships…

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  • English and Welsh Wines: A First Glance

    … on my radar, I decide to look for an opportunity to try English and maybe Welsh wines on our next trip to the UK. Such an opportunity presents itself this spring. A visit to a favourite place in London, The Royal Academy of Arts, established in 1768 and housed at Burlington House in Piccadilly, followed by lunch with a long time friend at their new…

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  • Giving Grand Cru Pinot Noir d’Alsace its due

    … and a charge of wood spice. Its black cherry waft brings Burgenland to mind, that and the elastic, silty grit by way of some vines grown on gravelly soil. What sets it apart from everywhere else not called Burgindy is the lack of any sort of varnished note. Purity prevails. Domaine Zind-Humbrecht @TrialtoON Pinot Noir 2012 To Olivier Humbrecht…

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