• Naked Thanksgiving Wishes

    … We are thankful for so many things today. Against the backdrop of all the news of such ghastly things happening all over the world, our life seems pretty good indeed. Not everyone shares in this good fortune. Shortly after we launched this blog in March 2008, we wrote Our Adopted Olive Oil, a story about the olive tree in Le Marche, Italy…

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  • The Food Event 2014

    … the event was in full swing, there were only a few long lines for food samples (can you say Wagyu beef?). While we enjoyed a number of wines at the event, we want to call out Casa Dumetz Wines, who served up several nice ones (I particularly enjoyed their Grenache—keep in mind that Grenache is one of my favorite varietals—and their Syrah; Leah sent me…

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  • The Women of the New Wine Media

    …. Lisa Mattson – The Journey of Jordan Winery Since Lisa started working on the Jordan Winery blog in January of 2010, she has consistently produced some of the highest quality winery content that you will find online. Not only is the technical quality of the video and photography impressive, it also has a style and point of view that really does…

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