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    • Book Review: Madeira: The Mid-Atlantic Wine, by Alex Liddell

      If I wanted to know anything (or everything) about Madeira, I would pick up this new, fully revised edition of Alex Liddell’s 1998 book. Liddell is a recognized expert on the island of Madeira and its wine, and his knowledge and passion come through in the level of detail he employs. An exhaustive, scholarly work, Madeira: The Mid-Atlantic Wine is full of statistics, charts, ...

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    • Book Review: Wood, Whiskey and Wine, by Henry H. Work

      Did you know it takes two hundred years for a French oak tree to reach maturity? Or that, even then, each tree only yields enough staves—staves that must first dry outdoors for two years—to construct three barrels? It’s no wonder why oak barrels are so expensive! Henry H. Work’s Wood, Whiskey and Wine is an enlightening study of this humble wooden receptacle.

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    • Not That Easy Being Green (Wine): Review of Two Books

      Britt & Per Karlsson, Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture. Floris Books, 2014. John Kiger, A Vineyard Odyssey: The Organic Fight to Save Wine from the Ravages of Nature. Rowman & Littlefield, 2013. It’s really not that easy being green if you are a winegrower or wine maker.

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  • A Bottle of White? 30th Anniversary of Kevin Zraly’s Wine Course

    … Zraly’s wine guide. The U.S. wine revolution is only about 50 years old. People like Kevin Zraly and books like this one took a budding wine culture and helped nurse it into full bloom. The publication of this 30th anniversary edition of Zraly’s book is cause for celebration and, like a wedding anniversary,both looking back and pondering…

    Mike Veseth/ The Wine Economist- 3 readers -
  • Book Review: Dial M for Merlot, by Howard K

    …. It does not exist. And after finishing the book, I am still uncertain whether Howard K has written fantasy or if he expects us to believe that a Trekkie virgin can suddenly become the object of every good-looking woman’s desire and the boon companion of so many wealthy altruists of the vine. Justin James is a Fed-Ex employee who loves science…

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  • 2014: Favorite Wine-Related Items

    … to each issue. If you are not reading it, you should be. Favorite Wine Book: A comprehensive book about Spanish Rioja, The Wine Region of Rioja by Ana Fabiano, is an excellent resource. It possesses great photography, is easy to read, and provides lots of insight into the wine makers of Rioja. My favorite sidebar of the book was "Voice of the Vintners…

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  • My Favorite Fiction of 2014

    … What were some of my favorite fiction books of the past year? Back in December 2011, I started a blog column, Authors, Alcohol & Accolades, which asked some of my favorite authors about their preferred drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. There have been 11 editions of this column so far, with more to come in the future. The inspiration…

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  • New book digs into Walla Walla Valley wine roots

    … wanted to sell – sometimes because Costco had the ability to undercut her orders. Some distributors even told her it wasn’t worth their effort to bring wines across the state and if she wanted something, she could come get them herself. “It was a good excuse to move on,” she said. “It is supposed to be fun, but it became a big pain.” Writing…

    Andy Perdue/ Great Northwest Wine- 1 readers -
  • Sherry by Talia Baiocchi

    … modern renaissance. The history lessons extends back to the Phoenicians, covering a number of highlights across the centuries. You'll learn how Sherry was popular in the U.S. during the 19th century, with cocktails like the Sherry Cobbler and restaurants pairing Amontillado and Turtle Soup. There is also mention how U.S. wineries started making…

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  • Book Review: Best White Wine on Earth

    … by a chapter on “Riesling’s Lone Rangers” that goes east (Eastern Europe) and south (Chile, Argentina and South Africa). It is hard to complain about coverage in a book that spans so much territory, but I wish there had been room for more detail about Chile and South Africa here. I’ve had some stunning wines from both places, especially the South…

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  • Book Review: Drinkers Guide to Healthy Living

    …, beer, tobacco, many much-advertised patent drinks served at soda-water fountains, most patent medicines, and even coffee and tea.” Facciani’s book presents a survey of the scientific research linking alcohol consumption with both health and lack of it. Since new studies seem to appear every week, this list of studies was obviously dated as soon…

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  • The Origins of Ceviche, Tempura and Fish & Chips

    …, The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu by Dan Jurafsky. The book explains and expounds upon various food-related words, as well as examining the role of words in everything from menus to restaurant reviews. It is part history and science, psychology and etymology. If you love food, it is an excellent read, one which will intrigue and interest…

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  • Rant: Menu Secrets & Sacrificing Choice

    … counter intuitive but it is reality. As I mentioned last Monday, I've been immersed in a fascinating new book, The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu by Dan Jurafsky. The book explains and expounds upon various food-related words, as well as examining the role of words in everything from menus to restaurant reviews. It is part history…

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  • Kanpai, It's Sake Day!

    …. 1) Tomorrow, and tomorrow only, you can get a FREE copy of the e-book of my first Tipsy Sensei novel, Gods, Demons & Sake, This exciting, supernatural thriller pits Nate Randall, a Boston-based Sake expert, against a terrible Japanese creature which seeks an ancient artifact of great power. In his quest to thwart this evil, Nate encounters…

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  • Wines of California: Book Review

    … Wines of California: Book Review Of course, Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen are the coolest guys. In this book the "World Wine Guys" take readers on a fab trip into California winemaking, history, and geography. You will also find some great recipes from local chefs, yet what I liked best of all are Mike's and Jeff's fun, easy "voice," that makes the book entertaining to read rather han a chore. Send to a Friend Twitter Facebook Digg StumbleUpon …

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  • Book Review: The Curious World of Wine

    … ones related to his experiences researching this book, and to find out what he couldn't include within the time and space restraints. I thank him for providing a resource that will help with my blogging, my own dinner parties, and, of course, impressing random wine experts and trivia teams. FCC Disclosure: This was an advance review copy (ARC…

    Random Oenophile- 2 readers -
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