[Wednesday's] Meritage – Wine Quiz Answer, Merlot is Back, Harvest Everywhere, About Yelp and more

    Botani Moscatel Seco Sierras de Malaga DO 2008 Meritage time! Let’s start with the answer to the wine quiz #115: Grape Trivia – Muscat. In the quiz, you were supposed to answer 5 questions about one of the oldest cultivated grapes – Muscat.

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    Daily Wine News: Mostly Psychological

    Flickr, Frank Fujimoto. “The primary position that I hold is that a winemaker should be able to make whatever style of wine she or he chooses and that includes alcohol levels.” Joe Roberts sits down with Siduri’s Adam Lee. “It seems that the effects of the Riedel glassware are psychological more than scientific.

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      The delightfully aromatic Bourgogne Rouge from Domaine Michel Juillot

      Hogshead - A Wine Blog - - 7 readers - The delightfully aromatic Bourgogne Rouge from Domaine Michel Juillot There is so much to drink out there that I am late to the game on this lovely wine from Domaine Michel Juillot. This site may not be awash in tasting notes but for what does show up you can be assured that I followed the wine to the bottom of the bottle.

      New Masters of Wine hail 'dream come true'

      Decanter - - 7 readers - A further six students, including four women, have made it through the notoriously gruelling Master of Wine exams to earn their place in the wine world's elite club. The Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW), has announced its newest members as Anne Krebiehl, Nastasha Hughes, Robin Kick, Louise Sydbeck, Rob MacCulloch and Nicholas Paris. There are now 319 MWs globally.

    The latest about Burgundy


      …I've sniffed and cooked with fresh and dried Bay leaves before, but never sequentially or with intent. The larger green leaves have a softness and roundness to the their scent, they seem more complete, though milder and warmer. More nutmeg and cinnamon and less point. The dried leaves are sharper and more focused - with menthol, eucalyptus, cloves…

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      27 Shades of French Wine Perfection

      …) Bouchard Père & Fils (Burgundy white & red) William Fevre (Chablis) It is very rare that you would get to try these wines on their own, and even rarer when they are together in the same location for you. Below you will find some historical information about each winery (from their website) and a few of my favourite personal shades of perfect…

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      The Short List: Grey Day Blah Banishers

      … up her Short List of favorite grey-day blah banishers. Cheers! RN74: Bergman’s Bourgogne: A personal glimpse of Burgundy, one interview at a time. Burgundy Report: The definitive field guide to Burgundy, Ah-Zed. Francophile: The Good Life France: Go-to guide for ex-pats seeking The Good Life in France. Becoming Madame: American attorney turned…

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      Discovering Burgundy, a week in Pugliny Montrachet

      …In Puligny Montrachet A week in Puligny Montrachet We are spending a week in Burgundy. We have rented a house surrounded by small vineyard plots in the village of Puligny Montrachet. We arrived on Saturday with temperatures in the low 70′s. All the grapes have been harvested and the vineyards are beginning to turn color. Learning the wine…

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      September 27th at VINTAGES rolls into October 2nd with Taste Ontario

      … from a season’s relentless, though moderate, gentle sun, from start to finish. No shortage of ripe fruit and certainly not wanting for the micro-oxygenated slow release of a prized barrel. This might be the two-bit Kistler bottling but it offers up exemplary Sonoma fruit with the temperament and conceit of high caste Burgundy. The style is culled from…

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      A visit to Maison Joseph Drouhin

      … in the world comes from Burgundy, the part of France of which Beaune is a part. But the Chardonnay grapes do equally well here, too. I hoped to taste excellent samples of both, as well as get a memorable experience for the 35 euros I shelled out for my 10:30 a.m. tasting. The original press room at Joseph Drouhin Photo by Meg McKenzie Now, morning…

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      Idaho Wine Girl goes to France!

      …Le vin, c'est moi! A bust of the Duke of Burgundy in Dijon. Photo by Meg McKenzie As the train pulled into Dijon, I was deluged with emotion ... and anticipation. Having been living in Asia for the previous six months -- where, let's face it, the wine culture is self-described as "emerging" -- I was like a thirsty camel biding its time…

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      It’s locals that are key to travels

      …: Osteria sotto le Mura. We missed the place, because there were no signs, but another local, a cute rotund septogenarian walked us to the restaurant once I asked. With Maurizio of Vignamato, Le Marche While we visited my host family in Burgundy (my host brother and I have known each other for 25 years this year!), they went on a mission to make me try…

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      Some Select Wines & Spirits Portfolio Gems

      … the Burgundy region in France, this wine has a light citrus nose. The minerality in this wine jumps out at you on the palate, together with it’s citrus, apple and vanilla flavours. Smooth, round, and peppery. Rating: G A Schmitt No 11 Riesling 2013 G.A. Schmitt No 11 Riesling, 2013, Germany (SPEC $12.99) – LIght flowers and lychee aromas. Off dry, light…

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      Lunch with Olivier Bernstein

      … in winemaking and viticulture at Beaune. He bought an old farmhouse in the Roussillon, and with 8 hectares of vines formed Mas de la Deveze in 2002. But his true love was Burgundy, and in 2007 he started a micronegociant operation under his own name. He buys grapes solely from premier and grand cru vineyards, and in 2012 he purchased his first vineyard parcels…

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      Unnatural Sports R So Not Like Natural Wines

      … a Burgundy. We had a 1985 DRC La Tache like this. Lynne is right. Only buy wines ready to drink. Done. Finito. Nuff said. 13% 2004 Paul Lato Duende Pinot Noir $TAFI: The legend of Paul Lato has been documented on this blog several times. HE has achieved “old guard” stature in Santa Barbara wine country. He has a loyal following. His wines no longer suit our…

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      Michel Chapoutier, Bila-Haut Rosé

      … from the Languedoc-Roussillon area in France. And while many people first think of Bourdeaux, Burgundy or Champagne when they think of French wines, the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region produces a third of all the wine made in France and it’s the biggest wine region in the world, with 700,000 acres of vines. This wine is more specifically from…

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      Knudsen Vineyards — from vineyard to bottle

      … of the Willamette Valley. Page began by explaining the history of the vineyard over a glass of Argyle sparkling wine that was produced from their grapes. When Cal Knudsen and wife Julia Lee went to Europe in 1968 they became smitten by the wine bug. In particular Cal fell deeply in love with Champagne (who wouldn’t?!) and Burgundy, two regions…

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      LCBO Vintages release – September 13, 2014 (WVN 200)

      … to the northern frontier of Burgundy. This maker grows grapes organically and follows biodynamic practices, unusual for the appellation. The resulting wines are known for their sense of place; that is, they are not blended to taste the same from one year to the next. This is an evolved wine with enormous complexity and character. It is intense with toast…

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