Cabernet Franc

    I. Am. A Canadian wine drinker. And I have no idea what that means. Searching for clarity in a murky sea of diverging identities from coast to coast

    I am a Canadian wine drinker. Yes, I drink Canadian Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, that’s a given, but L’Acadie Blanc, Léon Millot, Marechal Foch and even Zweigelt all find their way into my glass from time to time. Hell yes, I am Canadian and I never discriminate, so if I see a Nebbiolo, Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara or anything appassimento, fill me up.

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    A Quick Visit to Knob Hall Winery in Maryland Wine Country

    While traveling west on Route 70, a little past Hagerstown, I stopped for gas at the Clear Spring exist and checked theCompass to check my surroundings. And to my benefit Knob Hall Winery was only a short drive away. I first crossed paths with the winery at the the 2013 DrinkLocalWine.

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      Cornerstone Stepping Stone Cabernet Franc

      Enobytes - - 8 readers - Posted on 02 September 2014. Wine Review: 2011 Cornerstone Stepping Stone Cabernet Franc, Napa Valley, California The 2011 Cornerstone Stepping Stone Cabernet Franc is another great wine from the Napa Valley. Plush and soft, it opens with red fruit flavors evolving into a palate of silky raspberry and tobacco with herb notes that play softly in the background. Give this one a try.

      Red Willow Vineyard: Hallowed ground in the Yakima Valley

      Great Northwest Wine - - 8 readers - Red Willow Vineyard’s most prominent feature is the small stone chapel that sits atop a steep hill overlooking the western Yakima Valley. (Photo by Andy Perdue/Great Northwest Wine) WAPATO, Wash. – In just about every conceivable way, the 140 acres of wine grapes here at Red Willow Vineyard are hallowed ground. Here is where Washington’s first Syrah was planted.

      DeBarge Winery

      the drunken cyclist - - 7 readers - A few days before I left on my seven week odyssey (2 1/2 weeks in CA followed by 4 1/2 weeks leading bike trips in Europe) I got an email from a winery wondering if they could send me some samples of their wine to try. Not all that unusual.

      Great Wine Made in Southern Ohio?

      Pursuing Pinot - - 6 readers - Yes, indeed! On a recent trip to Cincinnati, I had the pleasure of dining at Abigail Street, a wonderful tapas-style restaurant. Perusing the menu, there was a section titled “Wines on Tap” (more about that below). We asked our server about the wine of the day and learned that it was a Cabernet Franc made at a local vineyard called La Vigna Estate Winery located about 45 miles east of Cincinnati.

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      Cream Ridge Winery for My 30th Birthday

      … grape juice quality. It was slightly tangy, but definitely sweet. My tastes lean to the sweeter side, so i liked it. It was a little too sweet for some of the others that were with us. Cabernet Franc – I found the Cabernet Franc to be interesting. It had a roasted characteristic and it gave off a flavor of black cherry with a hint of licorice…

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      Spotlight Winery: Parducci

      … that is drinking great. Meaty cherry, violet, oak, and vanilla. 2010 Reserve Parducci Cabernet Franc, Estate, $32, 13.5% – Just 13 barrels produced. Soft, woody, remarkably soft tannin. Spiced red berry. 2009 Parducci Coro, Mendocino County, $38, 14.5% – 45% Zinfandel, 30% Syrah, 20% Petite Sirah, 5% Grenache. Soft. Bright cherry, raspberry, and plum. 2007…

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      Now for Something Completely Different: DUBLIN

      … were excellent. We drank a bottle of Les Mauguerets Lacomtrie St Nicholas de Bourgueil from Pascal Lorieux made from 100% Cabernet Franc. Harvest is in the beginning of October. Destemming takes place and then total maceration for 5/6 weeks with daily pumping over in stainless steel tanks. The wine went very nicely with the steak. Duck Mousse Another…

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      Do You Have a ‘Common Palate’ for Wine?

      … to have more fruit-driven flavors. SAVORY: Cool Climate regions and cool vintages tend to produce more savory tasting wines. Also, certain varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese tend to have savory flavors. COMMON PALATE: FRUIT-FORWARD Crisp vs. Smooth If you enjoy the creaminess that milk adds to coffee then you’ll…

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      Harvest 2014: Week 7- Bring on the Bordeaux

      …This past weeks heat wave has really kicked things off in the Bordeaux world. We started bringing in a significant quantity of Merlot and some Cabernet Franc last Thursday and it will only continue through the next few weeks. So far we are seeing good quality but very high Malic acids. At harvest the pHs and TA’s look great until you factor…

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      #WBC14 Pre-tour: Discovering the Diversity of Paso Robles in 24 Hours

      …, Malvasia Bianca, Rose, Merlot, Cabernet, Chadonnay, Zinfandel, Viognier, Malbec, and Syrah. We were greeted by General Manger and Director of Winemaking Chrissy Whittmann and two refreshing wines their 2013 Central Coast Floyd Rosé and 2013 Paso Robles Verdelho. The Floyd Rosé (Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Sangiovese) is named after their resident…

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      Martha Clara Shines With 6025 North Fork 2010 and Pinot Noir 2012

      … pretty. Bright ripe cherry and some dark berries dominate the nose and palate. Lovely finish. Great long lasting fruit. The other wine I tried was the Martha Clara Estate 6025 2010 Vintage. All grown on the North Fork of Long Island. The wine is made from 42% Merlot, 39% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Cabernet Franc, 5% Malbec, 5% Petit Verdot. It's…

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      Kick-Off the Weekend at Water Tower Wines!

      … Red Alexander Valley 2010 ($21.99) and the Wisdom Bwise Red Wine 2010 ($22.99). In the end, the Eco Terreno with its blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot – a perfect combination — was the clear winner! It definitely left me wanting more! So with the Wisdom Bwise in second, that left the Buena Vista “The Count” Founders Red 2011…

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      Getting (un)lucky on Saturday night

      … acceptance of an invitation to any wine function). The casserole was by now getting a bit chilly. And I was getting irritated. I abandoned syrah in favour of cabernet franc (with cab sauv and bloody merlot!) in the form of Boekenhoutskloof’s The Journeyman 2005. Ah. Relief. Bliss, even. No cork taint. No fizziness, just a brilliantly good wine…

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      Three from Mr. Ridge

      … after a powerful thunder storm rumbled through the metro Detroit area, forcing us to spend an evening with only candlelight to navigate our domicile, candlelight that I had to resort to in order to write notes on a lovely 2007 Tawse Cabernet Franc that Alan Kerr aka Canadian Zinfan had gifted to me many months ago. It would have made a cute little…

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      Sideways 10th Annivesary

      …. The rustic barn-like structure is easy to miss, having no resemblance to a winery. Don’t be fooled by appearances. This boutique winery has some of the finest wines in the entire region. The Pinot Noir is their flagship wine, but the Chardonnay, Syrah and Cabernet Franc are also very good wines. Foxen is located approximately 12 miles from Fess Parker…

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      Malbec, Who’s Your Daddy? Prunelard (at l’Institut de la Vigne)

      … The 12 principal indigenous south west grapes range from better known Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Tannat and Colombard (and their forebears), to the lesser known Fer Servadou, Duras, Negrette and Gros Manseng, to nearly vanished Prunelard (the ‘father’ of Malbec—also locally known as Côt). And you thought Gewürztraminer was tough to say: Mouyssagues…

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      Michael David Winery

      … Davide Chardonnay Michale David Sauvignon Blanc Petite Petit Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon Earthquake Cabernet Sauvignon Earthquake Zinfandel Lust Zinfandel Rage Zinfandel Inkblot Cabernet Franc LIMITED SEATING Contact your local WineStyles to RSVP! Filed under: Winery Spotlight Tastings Tagged: local wine event, local wine tasting, lodi wines, michael…

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      Imagine Moore....Great Wine!

      … colors are often achieved at the price of off flavors that overly extracted Blaufrankish can produce. This was not the case. It was soft, drinkable, complex red wine. Lovely. Hats off to Tim and his folks on this one. Wisdom is a Chinon-styled Cabernet Franc tinged with a small dollop of Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine spends11 months in oak…

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