Central Coast

The Central Coast is an Australian peri-urban region in New South Wales, located on the coast north of Sydney and south of Lake Macquarie.The Central Coast has an approximate population of 321,500, growing at 1% p.a. making it the third largest urban area in New South Wales and the ninth largest urban area in Australia. Geographically, the Central Coast is generally considered to include the region bounded by the Hawkesbury River in the south, the Watagan Mountains in the west and the southern end of Lake Macquarie in the north.Politically, it is administered as two local government areas: City of Gosford and Wyong Shire.
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    • Wine of the Week

      Here’s a syrah wine that gets to the nitty-gritty of the grape. The Bonny Doon Le Pousseur Syrah 2012, derived from four cool climate vineyards in the Central Coast appellation, offers reams of spicy black fruit and whole tomes of briery-brambly-underbrush structure. True to the grape’s youngster mode, the emphasis is on spiced and macerated blackberry-blueberry-plum scents and ...

      Fredric Koeppel/ Bigger Than Your Headin Syrah- 2 readers -
    • Pinot Noir Around the World

      The world of Pinot Noir stretches way beyond Burgundy – though each new world version is compared to the French mother lode. Known the world over as a finicky grape, Pinot Noir is difficult to maintain since it ripens so early and is prone to rot due to its thin skin. Genetically unstable, many different clones exist and can have marked differences.

      Wine Maven in Trainingin Pinot Noir- 2 readers -
  • San Luis Obispo County: Slipping into Fall

    …A dazzling autumn Avila Beach sunsetDuring the year, San Luis Obispo County expresses itself through plenty of regional traits: sun, fog, wind, (occasional) rain, surf, sand, sunsets, seasonal crops, wine and festivals—to name just a few. These Central Coast idiosyncrasies help us define the SLO Life, and this time of year the signs of autumn…

    Elizabeth White/ Elizabeth in SLO- 2 readers -
  • 2014 Cambria Scarecrow Festival

    … Although the California drought rages on, whimsy runs rampant along the Central Coast. Once again, the unconventional town of Cambria is hosting its annual month-long scarecrow festival in San Luis Obispo County, bringing out the kid in everyone. In its sixth year, hundreds of offbeat characters line Cambria's east and west village streets…

    Elizabeth White/ Elizabeth in SLO- 1 readers -
  • Layer Cake Central Coast Chardonnay 2012

    … The Layer Cake Central Coast Chardonnay 2012 is sourced from vineyards in Monterey (south of San Francisco) and Santa Barbara (just north of Los Angeles) in California. Even though northern California is cooler than southern California, both regions have similar climates due to the influence of the Pacific Ocean, cool breezes and morning fog…

    CHEAP WINE FINDERin Malbec Chardonnay- 6 readers -
  • Turiya Wine

    … I always get excited when I hear about a new winery, and taste their wines. This time was no exception. The best resource for finding new wineries and winemakers is from those that you already trust. I had been hearing some “buzz” about a winemaker that was doing small production, red wines, in Lompoc, California. Doing some basic research I…

    The Sommelier Updatein Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Malbec- 5 readers -
  • Why Mike Sinor is a Better Winemaker Than Me

    … of. Ancient Peaks wines range from $15 to $50 and the Merlot is one of the better ones you’ll find on the Central Coast at around $17 (winning a gold medal at the Central Coast Wine Competition - which I judged at) which also shows that wine needn’t be expensive to be good. So if you have not tried Ancient Peaks wines - they are waiting for you…

    Michael Cervin/ Boozehoundzin Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Merlot- 1 readers -
  • "In the Ghetto"

    … Center at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Highway 1 lies a nondescript collection of single-story, corrugated metal buildings that has been transformed into a growing wine destination in Santa Barbara County. There's no shortage of wineries and wine tasting rooms in this renowned grape growing and wine producing region in California's Central Coast…

    Central Coast Uncorked- 6 readers -
  • Bottling Day 2011, Jaffurs Wine Cellars

    … Under relatively clear skies and with a cool ocean breeze to their backs, the team at Jaffurs Wine Cellars, along with dedicated wine club members and volunteers, got to work bottling hundreds of cases of Santa Barbara County Syrah, Grenache and Pinot Noir. The Mission Bottling truck was set up in the driveway of the winery while volunteers were…

    Central Coast Uncorkedin Syrah- 8 readers -