Champagne (French: [ʃɑ̃.paɲ]; English /ˌʃæmˈpeɪn/) is a sparkling wine produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France following rules that demand secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle to create carbonation. Some use the term champagne as a generic term for sparkling wine, but the majority of countries reserve the term exclusively for sparkling wines that come from Champagne and are produced under the rules of the appellation.The primary grapes used in the production of Champagne are black Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier, and white Chardonnay.
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  • France: Champagne Dumangin

    … This quirky independent Champagne house was created and has been run by the Dumangin family since the 1880s. Quirky in that their Champagnes are much drier than most of the big brands and own-labels – the dosage levels (added to all traditional method fizz, except for 'Brut Nature' or 'Zero' styles, as a sweetener essentially) in the five I've…

    Richard Mark James/ Wine Writing- 5 readers -
  • Six exquisite wines this week including a stunning, inexpensive Champagne

    … NV J.P. Secondé, Brut Intégral, Champagne, France (£24.10, & tel. 01823 339032). Before you go out and buy a big name fizz for the next month’s entertaining consider the extraordinary value you get from the smaller, one-man-band operations. This is an epic wine with tangy citrus notes and a stunning dry…

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  • Dom Perignon Champagne 1998 Vintage Tasting Sparkles

    … When I think about Dom Pérignon Champagne, I think of luxury and pleasure. Now, more-so than ever, that opinion has amplified beyond pleasure into absolute bliss. After attending a private tasting of the soon-to-be-released to Ontario, Dom Pérignon P2-1998 with Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy, I have an entirely new excitement for the potential…

    Natalie Maclean/ Natalie MacLean- 2 readers -
  • A Bubbly Trio

    … A triplet of non-vintage Champagnes, ringing in between $30 and $40, will grace the Chairman’s Selection lineup for the winter, pouring added class into your holiday gifting, cellaring or mealtime consumption. All are slated for limited distribution in the state. Already in stores, the Alfred Gratien Brut Classique is redolent with nuttiness…

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  • Thursday Sips & Nibbles

    … for an updated list of available bottles. 4) On December 8, at 6:30pm, Legal Harborside will team up with Lacey Burke, Brand Ambassador of Ruinart, for a four-plus-course champagne dinner. Producing champagne since 1792, Ruinart is the oldest established champagne house in the world. Founded by Nicolas Ruinart in the renowned region in the city of Reims…

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  • A Great Week in the Life for GGG

    … Hi wine lovers and happy wine Wednesday! I have had an eventful week that I want to share with you… First of all, I received wonderful, wonderful news that my sister and the love of her life are engaged! (insert happy dance here) I am so incredibly happy for Jessica and Stephen – they are a very awesome couple who light up when…

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  • A Piper-Heidsieck Rare Experience in the VIP room of Whisky Mist

    … A Piper-Heidsieck Rare Experience in the VIP room of Whisky Mist Posted by winesleuth in Champagne | 0 comments Nov 19, 14 Last week I made it back to London in time to attend the launch of the Piper-Heidsieck Rare Experience in the VIP room of the Mayfair nightclub, Whisky Mist. The champagne houses have started to concentrate their efforts…

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  • Drink More Pink Bubbles.

    … fermented.” This picture sums up how drinking this wine will make you feel. Yah-hoo! Trust me. Drink more Pink Bubbles! Like this: Like Loading... Related This entry was posted in Champagne, Drink, Food, Wine Shops and tagged Ash, Best Wines Online, Bubbles, French Wine, Jousset Rose Petillant Naturel, Montana, Patton Penhallegon by Joanie Karapetian, Italian Wine Geek. Bookmark the permalink.…

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  • What We Have Been Drinking—11/17/2014

    … with just a hint of oak, this was a classic White Burg. I would have only enjoyed it more if it were a standard sized bottle. Outstanding. 91-93 Points. NV Gosset Champagne Grand Rosé Brut: Retail $65. I bought three of these way back in 2008 and had the first one a just a month after buying them. It was less than stellar. I was so depressed I…

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  • 6 Must Try Sparkling Wines for the Holidays

    The Christmas holidays and New Years Eve are fast approaching, and with that, you will probably be invited to parties, or invite people over to your party. But what wines to serve? I always like to have at least one sparkling wine at my parties, usually served at the start of the evening. There are a ton of choices of sparkling wines, covering Champagne, Cava, Cremant, Prosecco, and more.

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  • Le Champagne à table

    … semaines, six restaurants offrent un plat pour s’harmoniser avec le célèbre Champagne. En découvrant l’un de ces six accords vous pourriez vous méritez une expérience culinaire d’une valeur de 1000$. Jusqu’au 22 novembre, photographiez votre repas et partagez la photo sur Twitter ou Facebook en utilisant le mot-clic #XploreNicolasFeuillatte pour…

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  • International Champagne Week

    … As many of you know, International Champagne Day (ICD) was a couple of weeks ago, created, I guess, as a reason to pop open a bottle of bubbly, but we already put away more than our fair share of champagne in the Drunken Cyclist house. Yes, we pop bottles for special occasions, but we also consider Tuesdays (or Thursdays, for that matter…

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