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  • Champagne Chronicles – Day 3

    …] and Brut Prestige [now called Cuvée Volupté]. The wines don’t go through malolactic fermentation, which gives them the nerve and aging potential that most Cumières Champagnes lack. When you talk to the well-educated young Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, you understand that this is a family that cares passionately about wine.” (Source) Geoffroy is a grower…

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  • Veuve Cliquot Mail Truck pops corks in Houston

    … on the outdoor patio. This was the first stop in Houston for the Mail Truck, and Texas was just one of the many states on the nationwide tour that started in New York back in July. The inspiration behind the campaign came from the widow (“Veuve”, in French) Madame Clicquot herself. After taking over the champagne house in 1805 after the passing of her…

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  • Wine & Culinary forum: the Primum Familiae Vini tasting

    The Primum Familiae Vini are an association of top European wine domaines, and we were treated to a tasting of some of their wines, presented by Christophe Brunet, wine ambassador of the PVF and Fiona Beckett, food and wine journalist. They were providing the chat, with Fiona’s brief being suggesting suitable pairings for the wines. She did really well: it’s not a task I’d envy.

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  • What I Have Been Drinking–In Europe

    … and took a bit of a hellish trip back to Paris where a great friend, a tasty meal, and this were waiting for me. Whoa again. Given the context, this was incredible. Hell, without the context this is incredible wine. Toast, brioche, biscuits–all were present and in harmony with the delicate citrus and pear. Wow. What a treat. Out-friggin’-standing. 95-97…

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  • 27 Shades of French Wine Perfection

    … Père & Fils, is one of the oldest wine estates in Burgundy. In 1775, Joseph Bouchard acquired his first vineyards in Volnay. During the French Revolution, property belonging to the clergy and nobility was confiscated and put up for sale. Joseph’s son, Antoine Philibert Joseph Bouchard, extended the family’s vineyard holdings in Beaune including…

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  • 10 Impromptu Wine Encounters

    … skip to main | skip to sidebar Smoked lemon rinds, citrus, minerality and blazing acidity! Not bad, but not my favorite style! Score: 86 points. "Appreciating old wine is like making love to a very old lady. It is possible. It can even be enjoyable. But it requires a bit of imagination." ~ Andre Tchelistcheff Okay so diving…

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  • What to drink during the Shondaland marathon Thursday

    … unethical decisions made with Cyrus Beene, we can assume it’s really “fine” wine, similar to the wine her evil dad introduced her to years ago. My guess is really good Bordeaux, Chateauneuf du Pape, or expensive California Cabernet Sauvignons. (Photo source) And that’s exactly what I’ll be sipping on Thursday night, paired with popcorn. Hey, it’s…

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  • An Elegant Non-Vintage Pinot Noir Champagne

    …. But with time I realised it was true, Pinot Noir bringing a rich substance, an apple-on-biscuit character, Chardonnay bringing purity, orchard fruit and elegance. Here is a wine that tripped me up though. Elegant, defined, lifted and bright, I never would have though it was almost entirely Pinot Noir. Brigandat & Fils are based in Channes…

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  • Launch of the Perrier Jouet 2005 Belle Epoque Rose Limited Edition at the Gherkin

    … Launch of the Perrier Jouet 2005 Belle Epoque Rose Limited Edition at the Gherkin Posted by winesleuth in Champagne | 0 comments Sep 22, 14 Earlier this month, Perrier Jouet was in town to launch their 2005 Belle Epoque Rose Limited Edition bottle by Vik Muniz. The launch was at one of my favourite venues in London, The Gherkin. No matter how…

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